PS4 Version of Oculus Rift Concept Looks Pretty Darn Amazing

And it has a Share button!

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It’s been confirmed by Sony that the company has development kits for Oculus Rift, the VR headset for video games, and that perhaps the PlayStation 4 may feature support for the same in the future. However, what would such a device look like? Look no further than T3’s edition of Concept which tries to PlayStation-ize the Oculus Rift.

And hey, it looks pretty damn cool. Along with the usual Oculus Rift features, such as a 960×1080 resolution for each eye, a 110 degree diagonal field of view and 15-20 millisecond latency, it has a Share button on the right side of the headset and plenty of PlayStation branding. As if anyone who saw you using the device with the PS4 needed to see an enormous “PlayStation” logo on the headstrap. But it helps differentiate it from the typical Rift headset.

All said and done, Oculus Rift will perhaps be commercially available next year while the PS4 goes on sale this Holiday season. So we’ll only see the effects of VR support in PS4 games in the next 3-4 years.

Source: T3

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  • LupineMP3j

    Pretty cool. The biggest problem I see is getting developers on board, however; Move could have been great had Sony A: marketed it better, and B: given devs a reason to implement it. I don’t see devs being eager to create content for Rift on PS4 (barring multiplatform titles) unless there’s a wide market–and unless Sony refrains from treating it like another add-on instead of a real-deal controller.

    • Indy Sigur

      if Oculus Rift hit the ps4 then Move will fly off the shelves dont you worry. However, maybe Move was never really marketed strongly i agree, but it is still sold to millions households and mine is one of them.

      By the way Move is an add-on, not a primary controller.

    • LupineMP3j

      –which is why it’s floundering.

      Sony’s entire mentality was “Add Move to make a game great.” It was an afterthought, and when devs DID “add Move” it usually felt clunky and unnecessary. Believe me, I know–I bought Move as well. When you’re at a conference and you have people in suits on stage smiling and congratulating each other because they added point-and-click functionality with a MOTION controller to a freaking basketball game, you know something’s wrong.

      The only game that really attempted to put Move at its heart was Sorcery. That was promised really, really early in Move’s life, and we waited so long for it, and when it finally came out it was underwhelming.

      It’s a shame, really. I think Move’s technology is superior to Wii’s and to Kinect’s. It could have taken off, but devs haven’t had a reason to invest in it yet.

  • Fisher James

    Combine this with the Emotiv EEG headset and we have some epic stuff goin’ down!

  • Hi69

    There’s already so much available for the PC and its still months from release, just check out

    But PS4 support would be awesome..

  • DoUbLeZz (Lydon)

    This will be sweet. ..wish I could talk to. Sony! I got an idea that could completely outilize the move! Or u the mov3 with the control in unicine

  • Ziff

    I don’t see it happening, unfortunately, because the Rift requires a lot more horsepower than you think. It needs:

    1. 60 frames per second, and even that’s still kinda jittery on the Rift. 30 fps might look OK on your TV, but when you’re staring at a jumbotron viewer tracking your head movement, 30 fps will make you want to hurl chunks. Moreover, any frame rate hitches break the immersion.

    2. A field of view of 110 degrees. This is a BIG performance killer for both CPU (which is weak on both new consoles) and GPU, simply because there’s more crap on the screen. Most console games don’t go above 70, with good reason. But any lower than 110 on the Rift and you risk tunnel vision and more motion sickness.

    3. High resolution.The dev kit is 720p, but blown up in your face it looks like you’re staring at an old SD screen. Text is unreadable. The 1080p model will look better but still won’t be perfect. HD is not a luxury on the Rift, it’s an absolute necessity! Already we’re seeing new console games sacrificing resolution to have snazzier graphics (e.g. BF4) so there goes that requirement.

    Any single one of these specs on their own is doable on consoles, but all three combined will bring them to their knees. Sure, you could design a graphically inferior VR game that meets these specs and have it run well on consoles, but really who’s going to drop $300 for a goofy visor that won’t let them play the newest GTA or CoD on it? More importantly, what game developer will be willing to sacrifice that much graphic quality on a new game just for full Rift compatibility?

  • person

    I was going to buy an xbox one but if they’re selling this I’m defiantly buying a ps4

  • Tom Fahey

    Hang on a sec – the guys at Oculus said themselves they’re more interested in PC and mobile as opposed to consoles – what is T3 doing releasing concepts of their product? I know if I was Palmer Luckey, I would be royally p*ssed off right now, and looking to give someone a proper b*llocking.


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