PS4 vs. Xbox One: Who Won 2014?

With hardly any innovation in gameplay mechanics, 2014 is the year of stalemate between PS4 and Xbox One.

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It has been officially more than a year since the much anticipated current generation consoles – PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launched. What has changed for each of the companies? Where are they headed? What’s to look forward too? Who was ahead of the competition in 2014? Well, here we are to discuss each and every aspect of the two consoles, how they compete with one another and what’s on the horizon.

The Exclusives:

How did the content fair in terms of exclusive games for  Xbox One and PlayStation 4? To be quite frank, neither of the consoles really had anything that made us scream and say “This is Next-Gen” and many of the popular titles such as Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Destiny, Watch_Dogs and Titanfall were all cross-gen except a few that pushed the potential of the new consoles. Sony had inFamous: Second Son which was a solid sequel to inFamous 2 and Drive Club from Evolution Studios which pushed the visual boundaries. However, gameplay wise, we don’t really think that they made a major impact.


DriveClub had great potential to be a good game, but it launched with major server issues and the PS+ Edition is still not available to this day as Sony promised, and undeniably that’s a huge problem. Drive Club is a decent racing game and is probably one of the most amazing looking games you’ll play this year, but server issues and the missing PS+ edition at launch were a huge let down for fans.

The Xbox One had Halo: The Master Chief Collection, which was supposed to be Microsoft’s biggest draw of the year year, along with Titanfall which was a cross-gen title, and the crazy over the top third person shooter, Sunset Overdrive. Titanfall was a ton of fun, bringing something unique to the multiplayer experience, however it was hardly an exclusive to the Xbox One as the game also saw release on PC, which is technically the better version.

Halo: The Master Chief collection had an amazing amount of content, including all 4 major Halo games. However, just like DriveClu,  the game was marred by some major problems since its launch back in November. The multiplayer didn’t work and was unplayable for a month, which is just unacceptable no matter how good the single-player content was. Achievements were also glitched and there were many other small bugs in the single-player campaigns that made the game feel like a huge buggy mess that wasn’t tested properly or was just rushed for a holiday release.

The amount of time it took them to fix it made many people regret their purchases and just wanted to get their money back. Fortunately 343 Industries and Microsoft recognized their mistake by announcing a free remastered version of Halo 3: ODST for all players who own the collection.

sunset overdrive

Sunset Overdrive and Forza Horizon 2 were probably the most successful of all the exclusive titles that Microsoft published this year. Sunset Overdrive is a third party exclusive that was developed by Insomniac games, the masterminds behind Spyro and, Ratchet and Clank series. The game was fun, unique, good looking, fluid and most importantly not broken. If you own an Xbox One and you’d ask me what game I must buy as a Xbox One owner I would tell you to go out and buy Sunset Overdrive and call it a day.

Overall, majority of the games that we’ve actually enjoyed this year weren’t pushing anything new gameplay wise. It’s unfortunate that none of the exclusive games on both platforms really wowed us with advanced gameplay mechanics, except the superb Nemesis system from Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor.

The year also saw a consistent inflow of remasters on both platforms and several multiplatforms games such as Assassin’s Creed: Unity (a severely broken game at launch), Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Far Cry 4 and Dragon Age: Inquisition, which was by far the best game of the year. 2014 had its share of brand new IPs like Shadow of Mordor and The Evil Within as well. So it wasn’t exactly dull as far as new IPs are concerned.

OS Updates And Features:

The PlayStation 4 received a major firmware update back in October which added dynamic themes, customization options for the XMB, and most importantly the Stream-Share feature which in our opinion is extremely impressive. The fact that you could directly connect to your friend and have them watch you play as if they were sitting next to you is intriguing. Virtually handing them the controller to help you out through a level or have them try out the game before buying it at almost lag-free connection (depending how far you are from each other) is quite an amazing feat to achieve and we are interested to see where this goes next. We are hopeful that more games will support this feature next year.

Xbox One UI (3)

Although, my biggest gripe for PS4 is that we have yet to see Friends Online Notification feature implemented. This is something that the console should have had since day 1, especially in a digital-proof world that we live in today.

The Xbox One’s OS has been updated much more frequently than the PlayStation 4. Every month Microsoft always had some sort of update to their operating system which improved the usability as well as the accessibility of the console. Both consoles had a decent share of updates to their operating systems. But overall, we feel like Microsoft has been paying more attention to OS updates than Sony despite their impressive firmware update in October.


PlayStation 4 had quite a successful year in the industry since it launched last year. The PS4 sold over 13.5 million units over the course of the entire year and is still climbing strong. Meanwhile, the Xbox One finally broke PlayStation 4’s selling streak in November thanks to the ever-popular and much hyped Halo: The Master Chief Collection and numerous console bundles.

xbox one esram

The Xbox One had a very tough time trying to catch up to PlayStation 4 primarily due to graphical disadvantages such as the resolution.  However the difference is becoming smaller with each multiplatform release. According to Microsoft, the Xbox One is close to 10 million sales as opposed to Sony’s 13.5 million. Microsoft’s draconian DRM plans from the initial Xbox One days still haunt them and there is no doubt that this has played a massive part in the console’s lagging sales compared to the PS4. If it wasn’t for that we think the sale numbers would be more neck to neck than they are now. But from a top level, both consoles are starting to get close to each other and 2015 might very well be deciding year about who takes the lead in the console wars.


Every time a new console-generation launches the first year or so is usually very slow, but despite the lack of wow factor in games released this year, it’s amazing how quickly both these consoles are selling. Another thing that sets this generation apart from previous generation is the every growing library of indies games. Both Microsoft and specially Sony, realize that having a strong indie catalogue is as important as having a strong line up of 1st and 3rd party games.

uncharted 4 rise of the tomb raider

So who actually won 2014? As far as sales go, the PlayStation 4 has the lead here but as far as games goes, it’s hard to judge a winner. The Xbox One clearly had a better line up in Q4 but Sony had decent games all around the year. Judging purely from a software perspective it’s a stalemate. But this is just the start, we absolutely cannot wait to see what’s in store for us at E3 2015 and beyond.  Both consoles have some big games lined up for 2015 which includes Bloodborne, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Fable Legends and Quantum Break.

Let us hope that we don’t see the trend of broken titles and over excessive remastering of last gen games continue in 2015.

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  • Nettrick Nowan

    After having purchased both systems, I do recommend the Xbox One to gamers on a budget, some of whom play on smaller format TVs. But the hardware disparity between the two consoles, that was hinted at with the reference to the Xbox One ESRAM issue, still persists. Personally, I have no problem recommending the PS4 to my more visually discerning friends with deeper pockets.

    • Charles – The Great and Powerf

      You are wrong. Graphics are up to the developer. AND NOT A LIMITATION of the hardware in XBox One.

    • andy

      Yes it is. Have you been asleep this year? You think that the resolution and limitations in graphics in MGSV GZ on Xbone was because Konami wanted it to be like this on that console???
      Its the eSRAM bottleneck problem that can’t be avoided of course. Why did Capcom solely design next gen game Dead Rising 3 to run at 720p 23fps on Xbone then? Why did the talented Insomniac Games team target 900p for next gen only game Sunset Overdrive? The Beta of next gen only Halo 5 runs at 720p. It CAN’T be a coincidence that all these games are disappointing at reaching 1080p on 8 year old displays mate.

    • is4u2p

      Yes it was! They admitted the only game they built from the ground up was the PS4 and the XO was a lazy port.

    • Tokes Alotta

      You can’t see any difference in visuals. People should choose by which games they prefer, and online gameplay. And maybe media consumption, also other online activities. Sony has been improving, and the PS4 is the best competition any Xbox has had. Thank goodness for competition

    • andy

      Of course, for example, PS Plus is the best thing to EVER happen to………………..Xbox Live subscribers lol.

    • ShiroDust

      Yup, unless you sit up close to your t.v. (within a few feet, roughly 4ft max even with a 41-42 inch T.V.) or have an extremely large t.v. the difference is not noticeable between 1080 and 720.

    • Surg

      Wait…so you’re ok running at 720p on a next gen gaming console, which is the same resolution the previous console ran on? You do know the reason for the 720p or 900p resolution on the XO is because it can’t run at 1080p without fps issues? That to me, is a serious deal breaker, considering these machines are going to have many more years of use ahead.

    • is4u2p

      What issue? The Last 3 multi platform games looked as good on the XO and actually ran at more stable frams rates than the PS 4 so, there goes that theory. PS4 is a waste of money right now.

  • Charles – The Great and Powerf

    Stop being wrong. I mean stop. I’ve played Halo: Master Chief a ton online and really enjoy the arena play. Nothing comparable to this drive club that simply never worked. Compare it to Forza that I wanted to teach my wife to drive on and you will see that XBox One blew PS4 to pieces. There is nothing like XBox One. There are books written by doctors on XBox Fitness! Who new a games console would be the next health wave! There is NOTHING THAT CAN HOLD A CANDLE TO XBox One. AND THE ESRAM IS THE REASON WHY XBox ONE has better graphics capabilities than PS4. Nothing like a fast lane on the highway of graphics. Just doubling the lanes and keeping the same speed limit doesn’t get graphics processed faster. It just gets the amount of graphics processed at the same slow speed they always have been. Putting a fast dedicated lane for graphics makes XBox One a more capable system! PS4 LOST LOST LOST. WAKE UP!

    • andy

      I pity you, the fact that you actually believe this last gen looking cartoony game (and I gave you this link so you can actually compare it to 360 yourself)
      is better than this (this isn’t even screens after the, over talked about, weather update, this is unfinished Beta footage)
      And I’m not talking about bullshots either, just pure ingameplay footage.

      What game on Xbone has looked ANYTHING close to Driveclub, Killzone Shadowfall or Infamous Second Son so far AND of course at 1080p unlocked fps that never goes below 31?
      What do you think PS4 games are going to look like when the console is even better optimised and better dev tools and skills are created too?
      Have you ever even compared 1st year PS2 games in 2000 to 2001 to games released in 2004 on??? How do you actually believe Xbone is going to fare when alot more games come to Unreal Engine 4.
      Just so you know there are still games on Unreal 3 that run at 900p and such on Xbone, even Mortal Kombat X and Batman Arkham Knight are Unreal 3 games. You think that isn’t shocking and alarm bell ringing when games like this can’t achieve a basic 1080p resolution on Xbone????

      So again, I will just take pity on you ^_^

    • The Mind of Ish

      ryse …btw killzone not 1080p

    • is4u2p

      Doesn’t matter if it doesn’t play right and isn’t open world. Forza is open world and Drive Club is a controlled track which is much easier to predict.

      XO won the games battle this year based on the quality of the quantity. PS4 had like 2 good exclusives and TLOU which isn’t exclusive.

      XO also won on multimedia features.

    • 2M
  • TristanPR77

    The PS4 is the clear winner commercially speaking. It means a lot of people has decided for a PS4 over an X1. Cannot judge by software because it varies from people to people on their tastes but if anything, the PS4 is also the winner on software sales meaning that most people bought games on PS4 than on X1.

    • Omar

      I should hope more people bought games on PS4 since they have a 7+ million system lead. Question is…..what’s the attach rate comparison? That’s where the real money is.

    • Psionicinversion

      1.9 apparently dunno what it means but that’s what it is

    • Omar

      Is that the attach rate on PS4 or on XB1? 1.9 means that the average system owner of that system owns 1.9 games. U take the total number of software of every title sold for that platform and divide it by the total number of systems sold. Last Gen, Xbox led this handily, selling much more software than Playstation. I wonder if that dynamic has changed.

    • Psionicinversion


    • Omar

      Yeah, I kinda figured. Xbox gamers seem to buy more games which suggests more commitment to the platform per system owner. That’s why the gaming hours released by both companies are so close together despite the gap in system sales. But does this mean Xbox owners have more fun? I don’t know the answer to that question. Its subjective.

    • is4u2p

      Our personal attach rate is like 12:1 as we have had no less than 12 titles for the XO this year.

    • John Pombrio

      Interesting financial statement by SONY in the latest quarterly company statement. The Game and Network Segment showed that the sales of games for all of SONY’s consoles and handhelds was the same this quarter than it was the same quarter a year ago. This was BEFORE the launch of the PS4. SONY sold a ton of consoles and the PS+ fees made them a tidy profit but the games sale figure was essential the same last year as this year’s 2nd quarter.

      Not much good for SONY to sell a lot more consoles if it does not make the company more sales of games which have a much higher profit margin.

    • Starman

      we don’t play hardware and sales , you fkn idiot fanboy …. INNOVATION ‘TF’ , ‘SSOD’ , ‘FH2’ GET THE FK OUT OF HERE with that P.O.S. 1980’s console …

  • Omar

    I’m starting to notice that quite a few sites pose questions in the headline making it seem as if they’ll provide a definitive answer (in their opinion of course) but they seem to wind up leaving it up to the reader. Kinda makes no sense. Are the titles click bait while the articles just to give perspective?

  • Guest

    PS4 vs. Xbox One: Who Won 2014?really u dont know

  • SirMaximusTR

    Xbox One!

  • It really depends on your definition of “won”… The Xbox One clearly evolved and improved more than the PS4, but it also needed to more than the PS4.

    PS4 undoubtedly sold more, but the XO did a phenomenal job “closing the gap” that Sony set so early on.

    XO’s monthly updates, unbundling Kinect, AAA lineup… Heck, the price is also in XO’s favor, as is the online infrastructure and public opinion. Resolution has also become a non-issue, where it was the chief focus of 2013/early 2014.

    Software is subjective, so that can’t really be taken into account. Sales numbers? Well, if you’re Sony or Microsoft, Sony has the upper hand. Public opinion? With the reversal that Microsoft has had over the past 12 months, they easily take the cake. Price Point? Xbox One scooped that one up, especially this holiday. Online infrastructure? Xbox One’s updates easily outpace the PS4’s. (And let’s not even bring up online security…)

    So who won? We did. We all have amazing platforms, and amazing games to play on said platforms.

    • is4u2p

      No, the PS4 was actually lacking a lot more than the XO at launch and both needed to evolve but, it appears only the XO did what it needed to do.

    • Well, XO needed to “popularize” itself… The things it needed fixing were mostly PR related… And it remedied those swimmingly! You’re right about content (or the lack there-of) though.

  • andy

    Very good, shockingly not biased, article from Gamingbolt 🙂
    Hmm my only gripe is if you are going to say Xbone is almost at 10 million sales, you have to say that PS4 is almost at 17 million sales (because it is).

    • john smith

      The PS4 is NOT at 17 million sold! Jeez, you fanboys and your bullshit.

    • andy

      And neither is Xbone close to 10 million. THAT is my point 😀

    • is4u2p

      Actually it is as the sell through this holiday season has been great for the XO so, 11 Million shipped likely means 10 Million sold.

    • Shawn

      And 11 shipped does not mean 10million sold lol. So you’re saying Sony worldwide lead is down to 3 milion ?.

    • is4u2p

      Don’t you get it, it is financial jargon that does not guarantee sold to consumers. It is just how they’re reporting the info but, they don’t really know what’s sold through because not every company reports back to them unless their product isn’t selling at all.

      Reality is yes, they’re likely about 3 Million units apart based on Financial Reports from Q3.

    • is4u2p

      No it actually isn’t close to 17 Million sales and there isn’t a single Sony report claiming that.

    • Shawn

      Same goes for Microsoft there’s no statement regarding 10million sold through consumers.

    • is4u2p

      You’re right, just what was reported on their financial reports from September which was something like 10.5 Million Shipped.

      Sony’s claims 13.5 Million Sold Through… The Problem is, Sold Through doesn’t actually have to mean Sold to Consumers as we learned from Steve Jobs when he altered Apple’s reporting.

      Sold Through could very well mean you’re reporting shipments into the channel as being sold because you anticipate they will never return to your warehouse inventory.

      So, the truth is Sony is likely somewhere around 14 Million now and Microsoft around 11 Million but, both are killing it over previous generations of consoles.

  • John Pombrio

    What amazes me is that SONY let MS get away with dropping the price during the critical holiday season without bothering to match it. As the sales figures clearly showed, the lower price was solely responsible for MS winning in the US and UK markets for November and coming within 6% of PS4 sales worldwide during that period.

    Did SONY feel that it had such a superior box and game lineup that it did not need to compete? Or did SONY management feel that it would lose face from its shareholders for making such a big deal over PS4 sales lead last quarter if they dropped the price? Could SONY simply not afford to lose money on the console? For some reason, this was a no no for SONY to match prices and MS took full advantage of the situation. Will the momentum continue with MS? Will MS keep the lower price come January? Interesting times ahead.

    • is4u2p

      They did lower the price several times in December but, by then the damage was done. Of course, Sony cannot afford a price war.

  • lubba

    Give me RE4 and 5 remake and they both win.

  • GuardiansFan

    I own an xbox one and a wii u and i would say in terms of games i want to play the wii u is #1 for me this year….

  • is4u2p

    I had both at launch and ditched the PS4 because features and quality games were both lacking where as the Xbox One had no lack of titles to play all year and wasn’t as defendant on Multiplatform games.

    Of course the timed exclusives also allowed the games to be played months ahead of anyone else and some 3rd party exclusives never made it to the PS4.

    Xbox One still has this lead and the only people who don’t believe it are those that bought into the PS4 and never tried the XO for themselves beyond using it at their local best buy.

    • Surg

      I bought into the fact that the ps4 has a gpu 50% faster and plays all its games at 1080p. If you enjoy your next Gen gaming at 720p or 900p on the XO because of its hardware limitations then enjoy, but you’re no less a fool for buying the worst of the two. And the proof is in the number of units sold to date.

    • is4u2p

      Seriously? You’re not getting 50% Faster GPU… This has been done to death! You’re getting about a 15% improvement in real world benchmarks using the PC Hardware. So, lets talk about who the fool was that thought 50% more transistors actually meant 50% more performance.

      Here’s another example… The P4 had way more transistors than the P3 and yet, the Core 2 series went back to the P3 design for the core because it was simply more efficient.

      Now, as any PC gamer can tell you, you’re better off with lower resolution and higher quality textures as well as better AA than you are at lower quality textures and higher resolution. This has been shown in several games where the lower resolution XO game actually looked better than the PS4 versions.

      Also, many reviewers noted that the PS4 version of COD AW didn’t run as smoothly as the XO.

      Sorry but, resolution that sacrifices frame rate or image quality isn’t a very good trade off.

      And until we see the sales numbers from Q4 (Via Sony and Microsoft) every source out there is just speculating and some of them ridiculously inaccurate (VGCHARTZ) according to official sources.

    • Surg

      Seriously what you ARE getting is 1080 gaming all the time as opposed to 720-900p most of the time. A fancy entertainment system that cannot sustain 1080p as a next Gen console would be a great deal for $250 bucks. At its current price it is a ripoff considering the alternative. Sorry if the truth hurts buddy.

    • is4u2p

      Oh and that’s another thing… The PS4 doesn’t play all its games at 1080P… In fact, about a third of them are running at lower resolution than 1080P but, you’ve got 50% more transistors so, that doesn’t matter!

  • Jecht_Sin

    Share Play is the most (well, the only) revolutionary feature. The PS4 has it, the Xbone doesn’t. The PS4 is the more powerful console. It crushed the Xbone in sales. So, who is the winner?

    And in 2015 the PS4 has far more exclusives announced than the single 2 this article just mentioned. The Order: 1886 in February for starting which the author shamefully omitted. Rise of Tomb Rider isn’t an exclusive, but a timed exclusive. The other two Xbone games are no where to be seen, as far as I am concerned they are still TBA: Obvious Xbox fanboys are obvious.

  • lucid owner

    I think the *real* winner was PC. #PCMasterRace!

    In all
    seriousness, I would say the PS4 won for me. I don’t own either console,
    but if I were to buy one right now I would want the PS4. Nothing about
    the Xbone or it’s games really appeals to me. I don’t play console FPS’s
    or pay for online services either, so that is a big factor.

  • Simon the Chicken

    My opinion, Ps4 one the first year because of the price. Xbox One won this year because of the price. Next year PS4 will get a price drop and Sony will most likely come out with a slim version to amp the price up in some way. Microsoft is making updates that’s good for the X1 and I hope it continues. Ps4 on the other hand has done a few updates but the console still is in its beta stage. When the ps slim comes out expect the console to work much, much better and be ready for the public. I am talking you can expect to see the servers working better than how they are now. This is a huge plus on possibly waiting for the ps4 one more year. So we don’t really have any winners just a bunch of fanboys looking at numbers they will never even get a chance to touch. Xbox One has more going for it compared to Sony right now. I think if I were to wait another year I can expect the system to have little to no flaws. If I get the X1 it will hold me down till next year giving Sony time to work out its bugs.

  • Surg

    If you think it is over hyped crap, then clearly you’re not paying attention and using the wrong argument to support your bias. A hardware deficiency, and the reason for running at a lower resolution, is because the machine is incapable of 1080p without frame rate problems.

    Look at the clear differences in GPU processing power between both consoles running GTA V (search YouTube). Seems like the XO is missing a lot of textures as a result of this “lack of hardware power”. Hardware limits MATTER, and will only get worse as the years go on and games mature for both systems.

    • ShiroDust

      So it’s like I said your only argument is FPS (Frames Per Second) which = performance related. Which also means due to what I said about resolution that until PS4 starts making games so intensive that it itself is forced to go down to 720p it really won’t matter to Xbox1 users whatsoever. Also I hope you know Microsoft has servers capable of taking some of the performance load off of the console for games that are played online.

      Personally I dream of the day future consoles cease being made unless it’s a generic P.C./Console hybrid that plays all games made at that point in time and with any luck will use a 3rd party O.S. that’s free just like how we have Linux O.S. out there right now which sadly have very little support with gaming companies. Anyways I can dream can’t I. Also I see no need in the distance future (basically when I’m old and grey) for console wars to keep existing since by then the time invested to make even a single game (graphic intensive) wouldn’t really give any good incentive for game maker company’s to be forced into only one platform due to budget costs to produce just that one title. They would want to reach as big of an audience as possible. (Yes I’m a P.C. finatic over console anyday if that isn’t obvious yet.) The only games I prefer playing on console are more co-op oriented and non FPS (first person shooter in this case). Heck thanks to something observed known as “Moore’s law” even if consoles still exist in the distant future give it 2 years tops and P.C.’s will be able to run a simulator of that console anyways since the performance increases will be huge by then per every 2 years.

      I do own the Xbox1 over the PS4 for this current Gen but in the past I have owned a PS3/Wii/N64/NES as far as consoles go for me. I choose the Xbox1 over the PS4 for other reasons that have nothing to do with performance since their both current consoles with mild performance differences. Anyways until the future I dream of hopefully occurs we will continue having fanboys like you arguing over slight differences in performance that won’t make a huge deal especially since a new console always keeps coming out roughly 8 years apart. As far as things go in the meantime it’s not like were comparing a console to a previous gen here.

      To wrap things up people need to choose based on “Why” they want what they do based on controller preference(including things like kinect/Eye Camera)/software functions/performance(if it’s a big deal to them even if it’s a mild difference)/exclusive game titles/etc…


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