PS4 Won The Hardware Race In January in the US

This in spite of the Xbox One price drop.

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Microsoft may have made the Xbox One price drop to $349 permanent and official in January, but that was not enough for Sony to reclaim the first place crown for hardware sales that it has largely held in the US ever since its launch back in November 2013. The PlayStation 4 once again was the top selling console in the country for January 2015.

The Xbox One was in second place, claiming its best performance for the month of January ever, meaning it sold at the very least 140,000 units; the Wii U came in in an expected last place, with a respectable 61,000 units sold.

The PS4’s dominance in the hardware field came in site of Xbox One apparently having claimed the lead in software sales for this period. It will be interesting to see how things go in February, especially given that February is seeing the launch of new hardware (New Nintendo 3DS) that might shake things in the hardware charts up again.

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  • Starman

    According to SONY … and no one else …. another attempt to play with numbers , and give the illusion of top of sales to sway ppl to buy the POS…

    So , what do they do ? …..they make deals with retailers , ship out and sell a sh*t load of consoles to retailers and claim sales , you all know what they do but , you still support them in their deceitful ,misguiding way of business … DESTROYING the integrity and essence of the industry …

    • rodney patrick

      But what I fine funny about this article is that they say Sony sold more yet show no numbers but has MS numbers and the WI u.lies,lies and more lies.lets save the playstation

    • Starman

      EXACTLY …if they claim this ,,,WHERE ARE SONY’S NUMBERS …??????

    • John Doe

      No, this is according to NPD and retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Bestbuy, etc. Keep reaching pathetic Xbox fanboys. lol

  • HisDivineOrder

    Poor Microsoft. Can’t even sell more Xbox One’s at this point at $50 cheaper. If only they had faced reality from the start and LAUNCHED lower without Kinect, they wouldn’t have this stink of epic fail on them that makes them the “alternative” to the “real” console. Once you become the el cheapo alternative to the “big guy,” your battle becomes SO much harder.

    Cheaper alone won’t do it.

    • Starman

      Knock it off fanboy , but you wont question the fact they never show sony’s numbers …

    • John Doe

      How are you calling him a fanboy when you are a fanboy? NPD knows the numbers but they leave it up to Microsoft and Sony to tell.

    • Starman

      I don’t believe nothing they say , for one they’re not recognized by the USA government , they’re independent freelance … so you need to stop fanboying , FANBOY ..

    • macebiblo

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  • kreator

    Until we see #’s, M$ won january!

    • John Doe

      Spoken like a fanboy in denial. Microsoft lost January. NPD and Microsoft allready knows the numbers. Even Microsoft acknowledges that they lost. You Xbox fanboys are quite pathetic.

    • kreator

      The only person pathetic here is you!


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