PS4’s 20 First Year Exclusives Doesn’t Include The Last of Us Remastered, “Ports” – Sony Employee

Also, we’ve got some bad news for Folklore fans.

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We’re now roughly six months into the PS4’s first year and we’ve seen some fairly interesting exclusives release, the most recent being inFamous: Second Son. However, there are still complaints about the relative lack of exclusives, especially considering that before launch, SCE Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida announced that 30 games were in development for the console with 20 of those releasing within the console’s first year. Out of those 12 will be new IPs.

The question is, does that include certain titles The Last of Us: Remastered – a PS4 edition of Naughty Dog’s PS3 title that has been significantly revamped in terms of visuals?

A NeoGAF member named “Demonite”, who works as an employee at Sony, although his actual identity is unknown, did offer some rather interesting clarification on the list. In response to a comment about whether The Last of Us: Remastered Edition should be included, he stated that, “I didn’t include ports to that list.”

So it’s safe to assume that the 20 games doesn’t indeed include games like The Last of Us: Remastered, which has been designated as a port in this case.

Also, Sony filed two new trademarks recently for Intwined and Kill Strain. Folklore: Intwined confirmed? Well, at least we know what it’s not as Demonite stated that, “I loved Folklore, but its not going to be that.”

What are your thoughts on the 20 games in Sony’s PS4 list? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Kevin Kirby

    Because it’s IndieShitStation 4

    • You are flat out wrong

      I guess you can’t read, can you, pleb?

      Bored of Titanflop already?

    • Jason Mounce

      More games is more games. No need to get mad bro just because Xbone has no games. As flat out said, you tired of Titanflop already?

    • Kevin Kirby

      LMFAO!!! How Sony Ponies have gone from claiming they love the first party exclusives to now we are Indie gamers? It’s such a lie we all know you want exclusives but guess what MS has more first party AAA caliber big budget exclusives out currently and more slated for the future. have fun with your trashy low budget indie games LMFAO!!!

    • datdude

      LOLOLOLOL!!! I guess this guy can’t read!!! That list is a killer, and it’s victim is dat xbone!!!

    • uptownsoul

      “MS has more first party AAA caliber big budget exclusives”??? WHAT?!?!? Poor Xbot, Microsoft doesn’t make many 1st party exclusives. Dead Rising 3-developed by Capcom, Ryse-developed by Crytek, Titanfall-developed by ReSpawn, Sunset Overdrive-developed by Insomniac, Quantum Break-developed by Remedy…No the only 1st party game you have out if Turn10’s Forza 5 (and Rare’s Killer Instinct, and Rare is releasing playable characters at a snail’s pace). No Microsoft has to PAY the keep away game. Because we all know that multi platform games will be way, way, way better on the PS4

    • Kingdom17

      And using terms like Ponies and Failstation do nothing more than degrade your own opinion, making it worthless and childish, as it is, most people can have an actual conversation rather than spewing such drivel.

    • Jason Mounce

      “MS has more first party AAA caliber big budget exclusives”

      Lol. Let alone this article in itself tells us Sony has 20 First Year exclusives – so, please be so kind as to show me what Microsoft has up their sleeves that equally are 20 or More, Exclusive games that are relevant to everyones interest and isn’t Kinect-related?

      I know they have Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, ‘The Next Halo Maybe’ lol – D4….. and That’s it. So, please tell me where all these ‘MORE First party big budget exclusives are’.

      Especially, protip, the exclusives I mentioned above are made by Third-party studios at that just incase you didn’t know that too. (As am sure desperate Xbone fanboys will list an entire catalogue of useless Kinect games, or make a list of a lot of 2nd and 3rd party exclusives and then claim them to be 1st party just because Microsoft is Publishing, but not developing them) to fuel their petty and groundless argument.

    • dandrefalcon

      Looking at that list like 65% of it are games no one will play n if they do its cause there is nothing else to play. People need to stop this fanboy war $h!+. When we both no neither the ps4 nor the xbox 1 have that many good games n few good one to come so far. We just need 2have fun gaming no matter what system u playing on.

    • Jason Mounce

      That’s a Partial truth.

      Just because you’ve never heard of those games, doesn’t mean that’s the same perspective for everyone else. Many do more research on game names or series-names that you may not like or care about etc. Like say, Conception 2 on Vita, I saw it everywhere, don’t know what it is, I frankly don’t care – but many still are opposite of my reaction, so, they cannot be dismissed because people like me aren’t Royal-We on what is, and isn’t ‘Gaming’. So, you saying ‘65% of those games are Nothing’ is – ignorant. Just the same as just because Super Meat Boy was an indie game, that no one should care about it because no ones heard about it – but when people DO hear about these games, it’s due to ‘Word of mouth’ of those who’ve greatly enjoyed it rather than PR marketing and advertising.

      In the end, everyone has different preference, the only problem is where people – like in religion, try to force their preference down other peoples throats in order to boast and stroke their ego and reassure themselves that their choices in life were the best and that everyone has to come to realize it and that everyone else is wrong when anyone chooses to disagree with them. I choose to make fun of these people not due to any Console-preference, but the frustrations I have at the unethical, immoral or completely ignorant, idiotic amounts of illogical bs that people actually say just to stroke themselves off, I’m not one to sit there and let my faith in humanity get crippled when I witness ignorance, I tell them off and try to teach them a lesson and if that fails and they’re too dense, I leave it with a ridiculing remark just to at least show that someone out there has a distaste for their behaviour – better than ‘ignoring’ the problem.

    • Michael Norris

      What does MS have?Nothing

    • CervantesPR
    • Michael Norris

      Dude you need to get a life.

  • blobz

    More indiesnare welcome but wanna see more triple AAA games

  • Moris Molino

    Still nothing to date that will get me to buy either console. Maybe a Last Guardian release date might be enough for me. Sony… you listening?


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