PS4’s GDDR5 Memory Apparently Has No Advantage Over Xbox One DDR3 Memory In Case of Audio Streaming

“For us, it hasn’t really been an issue,” says Audiokinectic executive.

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Here is a bit of interesting information. Around the launch of PlayStation 4, Sony were praised for including 8GB of GDDR5 memory in their latest console. On the other hand, Microsoft went with a slower DDR3 memory for the Xbox One. However, it seems that in case of audio streaming the difference does not matter.

“For us, it hasn’t really been an issue. We’re just happy that in both cases, we’re pretty much streaming or loading everything either from memory or from the hard disc, rather than a DVD or Blu-Ray,” said Mike Drummelsmith, Senior Sales Representative of Audiokinectic, a audio middleware [Wwise] which is extensively used in games.

Mike  also spoke about the challenges that developers face in transitioning from last to current gen and how they make matters easier for them.

“What we’ve seen is a great ‘easing’ on that front. The amount of currentgen remasters and cross-generation titles is pretty telling. For our products, teams have found a very easy transition from Gen7 (PS3/X360/Wii) to Gen8 (PS4/ Xbox One/WiiU). They can do more with the tools provided, since they have so much more CPU and memory room to work with. We continue to support the older platforms (we currently support around 15 platforms), so we’ve had to make sure that the transition was as seamless as possible.”

What are your thoughts on this matter? Let us know in the comments section below and stay tuned for our complete interview with Mike Drummelsmith in the coming days.

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      well, you might want to take a look at this:

      Same card, different memory. One uses DDR3, the other GDDR5 and the gap in performance is considerably big.

    • This article is talking about the ps4 and Xbox. Esram is not included so the gap between the two systems are little to none. Right now. Seems like to me the Xbox has more options when it comes to development.

    • Jecht_Sin

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    • DizzyZane

      That’s in graphical performance, which requires more bandwidth but isn’t so heavy on latency. For gaming, CPU RAM matters far more due to access times for physics calculation etc.

    • Lacerz

      It’s simply a matter of optimization. With an Xbox One Unity bundle, more time was put into the optimization on the One, even though it still has issues. Once both are patched, they should both hit a consistent 30 fps.

    • Hopefully for you. This is very similar to what happen at launch with the Xbox but of course the Xbox didn’t have their SDK kits ready. Now as the kits are updated more and more there’s definitely a difference in performance.

    • andy

      Sure it does, most launch titles on PS4 all ran at 1080p without fuss. Says alot of what the console is capable of and what we can expect from it i.e. lots more 1080p games, which PS4 owners got so far in 2014.
      The only console that has been CONSISTENTLY disappointing in the “advantages” dept since launch, no since well before launch, is the Xbone.

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    • andy

      “For us, it hasn’t really been an issue.
      We’re just happy that in both cases, we’re pretty much streaming or
      loading everything either from memory or from the hard disc, rather than
      a DVD or Blu-Ray”

      Haha where does he go into intricate detail about GDDR5 not being better at handling audio over DDR3 like that other dev DID? You will just clasp onto to any kind of title of an article at all, won’t you?
      However he IS happy that both consoles came from the start with a mandatory hard drive, like the PS3 then I guess, THE CONSOLE THAT DID 7.1 SURROUND SOUND 8 YEARS AGO.

  • Dhir Shah

    There is a difference between audio streaming and audio rendering.

    For my computer, playing/streaming a flac 24bit 192khz audio file, takes up about 5-10 MBps of bandwidth (minus overhead cost of software and algorithms which consoles don’t have much of).

    These memory chips ddr3 and gddr5 have a bandwidth of 60GBps and 170GBps ish respectively.

    Makes sense.

    Then you have audio rendering which is 3d mapping of sound and depth and what not while playing a game. This takes up a whole bunch of gpu/cpu power

    • d0x360

      None of this article makes sense. Unlike the ps4 the Xbox has a dedictadd Xbox chip that handles all audio. It NEVER touched esram. Never. Never never never.

    • Psionicinversion

      PS4 has TrueAudio which processes audio as well so theyve both got chips just bit different

    • d0x360

      No the ps4 has no dedictaded audio chip. Go look at the ifixit report. It uses the CPU for audio. That’s it.

    • Psionicinversion

      are you sure about that because the TrueAudio DSP cores are fitted into the GPU chip, there not separate?

    • d0x360

      Good lord…it has no dedicated audio chip. Period. The end. No going to argue with you. The Xbox is capable of better audio without question. Its just the way it is. The GPU is the same between both one just has more compute units.

      Good night have fun, read up.

  • JimmyNice

    Has ANYONE been complaining about their audio streaming? I mean does anyone really care? Audio’s good on all. How about improving graphics so they are equally good

    • Salama

      Processing power is needed for audio also. Audio is good yes but the more it needs resources the more it takes away from the graphics and physics.

  • d0x360

    Jesus Christ another one? First gddr5 is bad for CPU tasks. Second thr esram never NEVER touches audio in the Xbox. Just the GPU. The Xbox has a audio chip the ps4 does not. The audio chip uses the ddr3.

    For the love of GOD. Stop asking dumb questions. Whoever your tech guy is needs school and needs it BADLY.

    • demderp

      PS4 has dedicated audio hardware.

    • Salama
    • bardock5151

      PS4 does have an audio chip but I’m pretty sure it’s the standard AMD version. Xbox has the proprietary shape processor and is superior as well.

      I would post a link but all of them are from that point in time when every site and fanboy was waiting for cerny to sit on their face.

    • Guest

      The PS4 has TrueAudio, its built right into the APU. And Shape was mainly for detecting voice for Kinect.

    • bardock5151

      And still it’s a better audio processor.

  • Mike

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  • DizzyZane

    GDDR5 has no advantages over DDR3. In fact, in many cases, it’s actually worse. Take a look at Linus’s video .

    GDDR5 is slower and higher latency than DDR3.
    GDDR is higher bandwidth, but useless in the case of keeping things in check.

  • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

    blah blah blah


    Well for “audio streaming” like the article speaks of may not matter much, but go ahead and do a comparison of how each responds when doing other things like moving textures and or more serious rendering effects.

    All I’ve read in the comments section, but a few exceptions are all opinions.

    There are many reasons and advantages to using GDDR5 over GDDR3 and that has been proven before.

    And people like “DeeBoy” need to stop hating and do some research. Here’s an article with some easy info to follow, so as to not throw off the ones with fanboy learning curves.

    And I feel that this article should drive even more home as these systems use a unified architecture like these cards have for themselves.

  • asadachi

    Wow, gamingbolt’s staff is full of idiots to let this crap get published. Everybody with a brain knows this and it still doesn’t matter.

  • Thad Vanity


    This article’s author should confess to a complete lack of professionalism…..

  • Salama
  • Guest

    Who thought it did? Damn Gamingbolt, could you be any dumber? You people are embarrassing yourselves


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