PS4/Xbox’s One Resolution & FPS Are Genuine Issues When Deciding Which To Buy

Alessandro Martinello, Creative Director at Swordtales believes that studios don’t need to run their games at 720p when they can achieve all the visuals they want.

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Swordtales is currently working on Toren, a puzzle platformer that will instantly remind you ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. The game uses the environment as a constant threat as the player finds himself against time and mortality.

GamingBolt recently got in touch with the game’s creative director Alessandro Martinello and were able to ask about his thoughts on the on going resolution and frame rate debate between the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

“I think this is a genuine debate and a deciding factor for which hardware you want to buy,” he said. “But it doesn’t make sense when it’s a choice of a studio when its game can be more beautiful. Nowadays, I hope that all studios don’t choose 720p because your game can have all the visuals that it wants to achieve.”

He also confirmed that Toren will be running at 1080p and 60fps on the PlayStation 4. Besides the PlayStation 4, the game will be coming to PC but will be skipping the Xbox One. For more on the game check out the gameplay video below.

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  • starscream1180

    exclusives and online playability are far more important than the minimal differences with a few multiplatform games among these consoles.

    • Mark

      This! Funny, last gen I owned the 360. Heard it had the better multiplats from time to time. I cared not. Lol. This is what I would’ve cared about tho; 360 version running 60fps almost all the time, while the PS3 version runs 30fps almost all the time. Now that is what would make me stay away from the PS3. However, this wasn’t reality. Like I said, I was having alot of fun last gen with COD, Mass Effect, Elder Scrolls, Gears etc, to even have cared about superior multiplats. But that’s my opinion. I understand some people feel good about locking up the console that will probably have the edge multiplat wise. But to make noise about a few different frames, few different textures, makes me ask “That’s something to brag about”? Lol.

      Exclusives, online features, controller, etc., are what will make a big impact on our purchase. Can’t play Halo? That’s big. Can’t play UC4? Important. What kind of controller do u like? PSN or Live? These are critical! Haha

    • starscream1180

      exactly bro , i enjoy the xbox controller alot more ,most my friends have xbox live , i love the halo and gears franchise… so my go to is xbox .. i like the playstation alot also , but these minimal bullshit differences between a few games isnt even a factor and it shouldnt. i have friends that bought ps4 bc its sellingmore …lmao im like r u kidding me …

    • Mark

      U know what almost everyone’s missing, atleast the ones takkin about some lame resolution, is new rendering techniques (Physically Based lighting, advanced Ambient Occlusion, etc). When u look at Forza, when u look DriveClub, both games use real time weather with the advanced lighting combo. I know Forza uses Rayleigh Scattering for atleast 2 bounces of light. And THAT is why we’re like “dam!” when we see Quantum Break, or the Order. Next gen is just getting started. And imo, with the PS4 having a great API already (OpenCl) and DX12 giving the X1 full support, studios will start multi-threading and, well, we’re already seeing some lights out stuff with QBreak. So imo, we should pay attention to new algorithms based off of heavy research being carried out by a number of graphics experts.

    • demfax

      It seems most people are ignoring attempts to downplay PS4’s stronger hardware and buying PS4s anyway. Sorry. Consumers decide what’s important and they disagree with you 2:1.

    • starscream1180

      its my opinion … but thanks for chiming in.

  • Dirkster_Dude

    Title of article: “PS4/Xbox’s One Resolution & FPS Are Genuine Issues When Deciding Which To Buy” — So a developer skips the XB1 because they can’t achieve 1080p? I don’t really understand how the article even talks about this being a genuine issue when you buy a console. All this really tells me is the developer didn’t have the resources or skill to achieve 1080p on the XB1 in the time frame allowed for game development.

    • Dark Archer Z

      They are too lazy that why, i think this game could run better on xbox one and current gen as well but they choose ps4 i can’t really understand these developers if destiny can run 1080p 60fps why this not,

  • d0x360

    Indeed they are important factors to consider. I had that issue with destiny. Bungie says they will have parity and I tend to believe them but you never know.

    I ended up buying the Xbox one version for 2 reason. First the Facebook like social features built into the Xbox one are great for a game like destiny. It’s also nice to be able to access those features while playing via snap.

    The other reason was game sharing. I have 2 Xbox ones (and a ps4 amongst other consoles) in my house. If I buy destiny digital on the Xbox one both xbox’s can play the one copy at the same time online with each other. That’s a big deal for me since otherwise I’d have to buy 2 copies of the game and I’m not really into buying the same game twice.

  • ambleThought

    Consumer value is the argument. Why pay $499/$399 for a console that is the same power graphically as the current system you own? It mattered last gen, it matters this gen, and it will matter until your 20/20 vision is lost.

  • Section8

    No, they’re not. Just look at sales between xbox 360 and ps3 exclusive games. People didn’t buy a 360 or ps3 because of these factors. And technically this won’t be the factor for ps4 or xone. It’s 99% games. Most smart people, or people who can afford it, have both.


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