PSN Apparently Refusing Credit Card Payments For Many Users

Another PSN issue, just what we needed.

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Sony announced that last month was its biggest ever, as far as revenue generation from PSN goes- but if they want to keep it that way, they really need to fix this problem. Apparently, in the wake of the new Flash Sale that Sony is holding on PSN, people are complaining that the PSN Store simply will not accept their credit card information- in many cases cards that were working on PSN just fine until recently.

The issue has cropped up on multiple game related forums throughout the internet, including NeoGAF. In the past, the issue could be resolved by simply editing the address on file until it was identical to the billing address for your card, but that seems to be ineffective this time.

For now, the best thing to do is probably just getting PSN Prepaid cards. And really, given Sony’s patchy track record with security, I would be hesitant about getting my credit card information on their servers in the first place.

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  • Iron Bean

    I hope paypal will work without issues.

  • Michael


  • XbotMK1

    You should always try to use prepaid cards regardless of platform and avoid giving out your info online all together because thieves steal info in many ways. You can’t always blame companies every time because there is no such thing as perfect security.

    And you might want to actually start reporting when Xbox Live has store bugs or problems as well if you want this website to be taken seriously. I’ve noticed that there have been many reports from other websites of Xbox Live store bugs or problems similar to this and yet Gamingbolt doesn’t report.

    • Robert

      What bugs? I never experience any bugs on Xbox Live

    • XbotMK1

      But many people have experienced problems on the Xbox Live store. I never experienced the bug that is being reported in this article, yet does that mean it doesn’t exist?

      You Microsoft fanboys are complete jokes.


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