PSN Online For Some Users, Sony Suggests Ways To Get It Working But Has No Time Frame For A Fix

Some users have been able to connect online but Sony are working hard to fully fix this issue.

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The PlayStation Network was DDOS’d earlier today which kicked of certain functions of the system offline. Some users were not able to able the access the PlayStation Store or were not able to sign into their account at all. This has apparently affected all platforms, i.e. PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. It’s important to note that this is not a hack as DDOS disrupts the connection between the console and the network.

However it seems that some users are now able to get online and the network is once again working for them. “PSN is up and running again, just in time for my afternoon coffee,” tweeted one user. Whereas another user was happy that the PSN was back online. These are just a few examples of players who are back online. However a simple twitter search suggests that majority of them are still facing issues.

In the mean time, Sony has suggested a few ways to get your PlayStation online. “Try power cycling your network devices, then try to sign in,” says a tweet from the official PlayStation Support account. Another tweet suggests that “PSN is intermittently working, please keep trying to sign in.”

Hopefully Sony will be able to resolve this issue as soon as possible but at the moment they have no updates on how much time it will take to fix the issue. Stay tuned for more updates regarding this.

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  • Francis Jairam

    I did everything and I still couldn’t sign on to my PS3.

  • d0x360

    What are you basing this DDOS claim on? Just because a service is unavailable doesn’t mean its been attacked.

    The issue could be on Sony’s end or it could be a congested link or a down link. I checked their twitter feed as well as the blog. This looks like a normal outage. These things happen.

    Aside from that major inaccurate statement there is another. Hackers use denial of service attacks generally to hide an Intrusion into a network, to find holes in security, or to keep server admins out while they siphon information. So saying a ddos isn’t serious business gives people who don’t know any better a false sense of security. Any time a network is attacked you need to change your login credentials.

    • Guest

      That’s not how it works. XBL was DDoS’s this year, even though they have the “better online infrastructure”.

      I hate that term.

    • d0x360

      That’s not how what works? I know you dont know me but I’m a certified Cisco network engineer. I know how ddos works.

      ddos doesn’t mean there was a breach of security. Any twit can perform a ddos attack. You just use LOIC. Its simple yet also illegal.

      All that being said I still don’t know what you are trying to say.

      I don’t care if Sony got attack with denial of service. It happens. I do however care if their security is breached and user data is stolen. If that’s the case this would be the second time for Sony and no Microsoft has never had breach of Xbox live security. Nobody has ever stolen millions of user passwords and credit card data. If that’s your implication.

    • John Garrison


  • Vious


  • Thinkaboutit

    Dat greatness tho.

  • gσ∂-єує


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