Publishers Will Choose To Decide How They Want To Upgrade Their Games For Xbox Scorpio, Phil Spencer Says

It seems like very little restrictions exist on developers when it comes to Scorpio.

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xbox one scorpio

While Sony, it sounds, had a lot of guidelines for developers on how to utilize the extra power that is available in the PS4 Pro for their games, it doesn’t sound like Microsoft will be putting much limitations or restrictions on developers for their upcoming Xbox One Scorpio at all.

Speaking on Twitter (via NeoGAF), Xbox head Phil Spencer confirmed that developers and publishers will have full freedom to choose how they want to utilize all that extra power in the new console. “Publishers will decide how they want to upgrade, we will work with them to ensure platform supports their plans,” he said.

He also confirmed that Scorpio will greatly benefit from current PC development. “Most devs are already targeting higher specs with their PC builds,” Spencer said. “Teams have art assets and engine to use power. For shipped games that later come to Scorpio I’d expect teams would bring PC builds tuned for 6TF GPUs on PC.”

Of course, in practice, Scorpio is unlikely to be too different from how the PS4 Pro will turn out, especially since it, too, bans Scorpio exclusives entirely- but at least the benefits and enhancements to existing games should be more substantial, if nothing else.

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  • lagann

    Good. I definitely do not want ms to force devs to make it 4k while sacrificing visual quality.

  • Riggybro

    Here’s how it will play out:

    2016 to 2017 “no one left behind!”

    2018 people start complaining that Assassin Creed 8, COD XXIV is being “held back” by XB1 specs. MS allow a couple of exclusive Scorpio games to seep through “as an experiment”.
    Sony announce PS5 with 10 TFs.

    2019 majority of releases now exclusive on Scorpio. MS release statements that somehow twist earlier words “no one left behind” to mean something else.

    2020 Next gen 12TF XB released “No Scorpio owners left behind!”

    2023 Xbox move to subscription based streaming “Windows 12 family”. No more box under TV consoles.

    2024 at 2:42pm The apocalypse.

    • Nadinewturner3

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  • teac77

    Publishers don’t upgrade games. Developers do.

  • Mr Xrat

    That’s how it is on the Pro as well.

  • Gamez Rule

    So to play ALL games released you’ll need the MS Scorpio console as Xbone cannot play all games this gen on the older hardware. And now this news has come to light people cannot rule out console exclusives being made for Scorpio ( non VR Titles )

    Time will tell.

  • jayblazer

    Does anyone really want there to not be exclusives?? I don’t care that I just bought the one three years ago. I want games that will showcase the power of the Scorpio. Heck just do it like we always have and make it available on both systems separately.


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