Quantum Break May Possibly Run At 1080p On Xbox One

720p or 1080p?

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Quantum Break

Since it was announced this summer, Quantum Break has been one of those games that was being held up as a real leap forward when it comes to the quality of graphics on the Xbox One. Despite that fact, as is generally the case with games being released these days, there was some concern that those graphics weren’t going to be as sharp as some people thought they should be.

More than one report indicated that the game was going to be running at just 720p, which would of course be well below the graphics quality that people would expect when talking about the new flagship for graphics quality. It now appears those reports had circulated based out of some confusion around just how much of the game was going to have that 720p resolution. A presentation by developer Remedy Entertainment at this year’s SIGGRAPH 2015 included a picture that possibly confirms the game will run at 1080p.

Those that are still worried that the game might not look as good as Microsoft and others are claiming can take heart in the fact that it won a couple of awards at SIGGRAPH 2015. The IP won the award for Best Console Graphics award as well as Best Rendering Technology at the same event. Take a look at the image below where it states that the game is running at 1080p but a part of the game is rendered at 720p. Confused? So are we. We have followed up with Remedy to get more clarification and will keep you updated.

Quantum Break launches on April 5, 2016 exclusively for the Xbox One.

Quantum Break

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  • red2k

    Its 1080p. In fact all of the confision demostrate how much the people is misleading about the resolution. In a game engine you have different assets and process runing at a different resolution. Thats why for example you can have 4k textures on a game runing at 1080p. In the case of QB they calculate the reflections at 720p but the game is rendered at 1080p. That would happens even on PC because its the developer method. The resolution that the people and companies normally refer is the native or final resolution.

    • E.J457

      Look at Forza 5. 1080p at 60 frames with baked lighting and card board cut out crowds. Microsoft allways lies with these games.

    • Mark

      What did they “lie” about? Lol

    • Mark

      And I guess Evolution Studios “lied” to us also because they’ve also some cardboard cut-out crowds and stripped the game of having internal car damage physics?

    • E.J457

      I don’t think Driveclub uses any card board cut out crowds or trees. You can see in photo mode.

    • Mark

      Well I’ve seen a couple shots from posted early around launch, but whatever. Still Driveclub has their own cutbacks of sorts, so should we deem them “lying” too?

    • sgt_hammertime

      Have you seen the crowds in driveclub? Stickmen

    • red2k

      Look Forza 6 with 3d crow, 450, Drivatars runing at 1080p 60fps… Return to play the Order at 800p with your beloved black bars 😉

  • XbotMK1

    It looks like Siggraph is blowing Microsoft or it’s run by Microsoft shills. They voted Ryse best gwafix and now Quantum Break when neither game is close to being the most impressive this gen.

    As for Quantum Break being 1080p, whoopdty do. Any game can reach 1080p on Xbone, if there are visual sacrifices.

    Siggraph = Joke lol

    • Mark

      Well for one, Siggraph is far from a joke. But, I have yet to see where Siggraph awarded Remedy, I’ve looked up their award receipients and saw that “Best Game” went to Assasins Creed. If u have the link, post it.

    • Psionicinversion

      hahah more desperation from the ultimate sony defender, cant take that xbox games are destroying playstation games in the tech department

    • E.J457

      Do you realize how dumb you sound?

    • E Seminolus

      Huh? You live under a rock?

    • E.J457

      I really don’t understand how Siggraph would come to that conclusion either.

    • Guest

      Nice damage control, derp…hocking your biased subjective opinion as fact over industry professionals and experts.



      All these rumors are using “soloxboxone” like source…


      “SOLOXBOXONE”, an xbox sick fans website..

      PS: Even on SIGGRAPH oficial website, and QB twitter account doesn’t appeared these QB “awards”, and they didn’t even were mentioned… So…

    • red2k

      Yeah …. They celebrate a conference with the best programmers to disscus a crap game… That make sense.


      Proven otherwise…


    • sgt_hammertime

      Stop being buthurt, it hasn’t even been confirmed yet still running your mouth like a latrine

    • ?????

      Hello, Walking Salt Dispenser. :^)

  • Mark

    I can find no Siggraph page that shows Remedy was awarded that. All I found was “Best Game” for Assasins Creed, I think for the mass amount of geometry in it. But can someone post a link for the Remedy award?

  • E.J457

    lol That guy is dumb. Paying for a network doesn’t mean you have unlimited download speeds. Also, the use of wifi 802 has no effect on PS4 or Xbox One download speeds. Wifi 802 simply has a higher bandwidth but neither console takes advantage of it. That guy sounds like a Microsoft fanboy who doesn’t understand what he or she is writing about.





    It only took me 30 minutes to download 2 gigs on PSN two days ago. Somethimes it varies. The PS4 also lets you play games before they finish downloading which I think Xbox One lacks.

    • Mark

      Pfff, that’s ur proof? One person here or there? It seems u didn’t care to read the rest of the responses below the authors lol. They almost unanimously disagree with the slow speeds.

      U wanna SEE a good speed test? Here u go. But I know I know, Red Dragon’s an Xbox fanboy….oh yeah, read the replies, from this video AND the first link I posted u.

      Also, it is good u get great speeds, but there’s great evidence to suggest MANY on PSN aren’t getting this too. #BetterPSN is real and alive.


    • 2econd gpu unlocking

      LOL The Chinese guy thinks its funny

    • Mark

      So when will our GPU unlock?!

    • 2econd gpu unlocking

      We agree it’s currently too powerful and the NDA may extend further
      until late 2019

    • Mark

      Lmao. Or atleast until the cloud takes off in 2021.

    • 2econd gpu unlocking

      We may even agree on keeping the second GPU locked out all generation
      If the cloud is used instead.

  • nova

    As usual, GamingBolt is reporting the same stupid rumours without verifying sources reliability.

    They don’t learn from their mistakes : http://gamingbolt.com/metal-gear-solid-5-and-pes-2016-reported-to-run-at-1080p60fps-on-xbox-one

    Result : http://gamingbolt.com/metal-gear-solid-5-xbox-ones-1080p-resolution-statement-was-a-misunderstanding-new-screen-released and http://gamingbolt.com/pes-2016-is-not-1080p-on-xbox-one-after-all

    There is not a single mention of QB winning an award on the Siggraph website which is the only verifiable source.

    Also, there isn’t any single official confirmation about the QB’s resolution by Remedy. Any upscaled game has a final image at 1080p…

    Either, it’s bad journalism or click bait articles…


      THIS!!! +1

      QB was not mentioned in SIGGRAPH list awards!!


      You’ve said everything… CLICK BAIT!!!

    • nova

      That might be true though, but until there is a verifiable source, this information about QB winning an award should be taken with a grain of salt.

      However, i’m 100% certain QB doesn’t run at 1080p. Otherwise, Remedy would have said it since several months. As simple as that.

      At best, they try to reach 1080p…

    • Alistein

      You say until there is reasonable evidence then you proceed to say you are sure QB doesn’t run at 1080p. Where is the logic in that. You are also subject to your own statement , until you have reasonable you can’t say you are sure.

    • Mark

      Let’s look at The Order and Ryse, both under 1080p, and both astounding visually. People think 1080p is the BEST part of graphics, it’s only part of it. Quantum Break delivers where most games cannot, period.

    • nova

      Wrong example. The Order has the same pixel density than full 1080p since there are black bars.

      The Order is not full 1080p but looks like a full 1080p game due to its black bars.

      I agree though. Resolution alone doesn’t make graphics.

    • Mark

      Nah, until The Order runs full screen, in real time on the hardware, unlike movies, then I’ll agree. All Santa Monica had to do was provide a black bar free option, and people would shut up about this. And I’d say this about any game. So nah, game looks gorgeous, but too much “cinematic” tricks, I remain skeptical about that and not that I care.

    • nova

      My logic is simple. Why would Remedy hide such a positive fact ?

      If they don’t say anything about resolution, it’s simply because the game is sub-1080p.

      We had the same scenario with Uncharted 4 and their 60fps target. For a long time, ND didn’t say anything about fps and they finally admitted the game is running at 30fps.

    • Alistein

      You totally missed the point. You pretty much said reasonable evidence was needed then went off without providing said evidence making your statement unbalanced. Also Remedy is hiding nothing as far as I know they have not announced what resolution the game will run at you are simply assuming you know. ND said they were targeting 60 but would settle for what was best and that works which seems to be 30fps , Remedy on the other hand have yet to announce anything concrete.

    • nova

      If they don’t make any announcement, it’s because the game doesn’t run at 1080p. As simple as that.

      When your game is 1080p, you are proud and you say it.

      Each time a game is able to reach that resolution on XB1, it’s like a worldwide event…

      MS would never miss such a marketing argument. After all, they want to prove their console can compete with the PS4 ?

      Forza 6 is 1080p : already confirmed by the developers since months.

      Use your logic…

    • Alistein

      Again you’re making baseless assumptions. If I recall correctly Crystal Dynamics didn’t announce ROTTR until the usual suspects started spreading false rumors that it was not 1080p, if they weren’t pestered they might hsve held on longer before declaring it. This is Remedy they take their time they will announce when they want to maybe even sooner if they’re pestered like Crystal Dynamics.
      Also when was MS in the marketing argument you speak of , if I’m not mistaken the whole 1080p is a Sony thing as Sony has pushed the 1080p very hard and tried to make it a staple of ps4.
      Lastly MS is in business to make money not necessarily to outrun Sony. Take Target, Giant and Best buy for example do you think any of these could outrun or compete against WALMART? Obviously not instead they work towards making profits and not trying to engage WALMART competition wise. While I can’t say I know for certain their actions seems to proof and justify the above.

    • Orion Wolf

      Well said.

      It’s like people forgot about this:


    • Alistein

      You know we have people this gen that know little to nothing about game development making baseless assumptions and spewing it out to the public as if it was authentic. I blame the media because in every other media you have journalists who are trained but game journalism is just bad they have totally segregated the game community with utter nonsense and click baits.

    • Orion Wolf

      Indeed, too much pointless click bait articles are written everyday. Ad the fact some journalist actually mail each other what topic to write about and which not to… well there goes gaming “journalism”.

      There are barely any ethics left; it’s all just to support
      an individual (author) and/or the site they write articles for, but doing that without considering the impact such articles have, albeit small in the greater scheme of things.

      Articles on popular sites sway public opinion and perception much more than people give them credit for. They are the reason why people buy things that they might not actually need or want, but what the authors deem worthy or at least better than what the competition is offering.

      Like an article on giant bomb giving GOW Ultimate a 2/5, but GOW3 remastered gets a 4/5?! Moreover, GOW Ultimate (according to the article) has no visual upgrades to speak off … so I should take an article like that as serious and/or professional gaming journalism?

      btw I’m wondering where is the DF analysis/comparisons of this:


      I have a (strong) feeling there will never be an article that discuses/analyses/compares this game.

    • Alistein

      Couldn’t have said it better. DF is just plain terrible they go through all this analysis only to discard it at the end. You should read the metal gear 5 analysis pretty much journalism at its worst.

    • Orion Wolf

      I’ve read about it, the framerate is a lot better on the x1 version (and the ps4 version has some other issues, which aren’t present on the x1 version), but they gave the win (or at least that’s my interpretation of it) to the ps4 version because of … you guessed it … 1080p.

      btw this might interest you:


      “90% of XB1 games are sub-1080p.”


      P.S. A friendly advice, don’t engage with Jurim-killzone. No matter what fact you use, this guy won’t hear of it – talking from (recent) experience.

    • nova

      If CD didn’t made the announcement before, it’s probably because they were still optimizing the game to reach 1080p. They weren’t certain to be able to succeed. After all, it’s a cross-gen game using the same engine than the TR remaster which was already 1080p on XB1…

      How many sources said ROTTR MIGHT run in 900p ? 1 source ? That’s what you call “pestered” ? Let’s be serious…

      Didn’t we have rumours on QB resolution too ? On how many websites ? Just type ” Quantum Break 720p” on Google and you will see… so, where is the official confirmation from Remedy ?

      Didn’t GamingBolt ask confirmation to Remedy : “We have followed up with Remedy to get more clarification and will keep you updated.”

      Where’s the Remedy’s answer ?

      If MS want to make money, then they have to convince people buying their console instead of a PS4… that’s how works buisness…

      We all know QB won’t run at 1080p unless Remedy is ready to make massive compromises.

      1080p will always mean massive compromises on XB1. You can even do 4K/60fps on XB1 as long as you are fine with PS2 graphics…

    • Alistein

      Just give it up you’re circling round thesame thing. Again stop acting like an insider you don’t know why it took CD time to announce and not all multiplatform titles are 1080p, they didn’t have to make it 1080p. There were several sources assuming it would run at less than 1080p not necessarily 900p. Sources like gamespot and ign not to mention people on twitter and even one source is enough.
      My point exactly there is no official confirmation after all this game comes out next year more than 7 months away so why even hype resolution. If anything it seemed to me that the cast of characters and the live action scenes were what was hyped at Gamescon.
      The Remedy answer will come at their own schedule better yet if it bugs you so much email them and ask.
      Do you live of assumptions like the bandwagon online community, how can you say we all know, speak for your self. I don’t know unless QB announces it. You also contradict yourself when you say there is no confirmation then go on to say we all know.
      1080p may ormaynot involve sacrifices. Unless you know where the target of said game is. There were games that had less than 1080p rez on X1 that could if developed exclusively now could be 1080p due to better SDKs , experience and better understanding of the hard ware. I’m no developer but have read up quite well on some of direct X12 features. It seems with DX12 some of those sacrifices could be worked on but I won’t go to much there less the hype.

    • nova

      Blah blah blah…

      Uncharted 4 and Zero at Dawn will come later than QB. They don’t even have a release date unlike QB… yet, we already know their resolution.

      Once again, use your logic.

      90% of XB1 games are sub-1080p. The Remedy’s silence on the subject say everything.

      Choose your poison : basic technology at 1080p or 900p with impressive engine.

      I’m pretty sure Remedy won’t choose the first road…

      End of the discussion.

    • Alistein

      What fact your opinion is based on assumptions which means nothing. Remedy is not every developer their track recod is strong which is what your assumptions should be based on. There are games on both side that have less than 1080p rez . The order 1886 was presented in 800p watchdogs and battle field didn’t hit the 1080p among others it’s all subjective. There us enough for and against either platform.
      Do you work for Remedy you write like you do or atleast like you can see the future. Good you don’t see any changes to come. I am however not close minded and will wait to see.


      The only thing that is clear in those siggraph slides, is that QB resolution is 720p upscaled to 1080 non natives…


    Rise of the Tombraider runs at 1080p 30fps on Xbox One so Quantum Break will run at 1080p 30fps
    The Xbox One can do 1080p 30fps

    • 2econd gpu unlocking

      U BET and
      Fifa14,15,16 all run at 1080p, GTA V 5 runs at 1080p, Density and Alien Isolation.
      Only Konami can’t as they have been money hatted by Sony.


      You’re right bro…

      Dead Rising 3, Ryse and Sunset Overdrive runs at 900p and were money hatted by Sony as well.. OH WAIT!!!

    • 2econd gpu unlocking

      No those games we agreed with been 900p to play the weaker system for launch.
      Then we asked for the Kinect reserve and 7th core to be professional unlocked.GAF cried that was unfair and we got 1080p.


      Nice try bro…

      But Sunset Overdrive isn’t a launch title, and it used Kinect reserve + 7th core + new dev kits, and even with all this it hits 900p only!!

      So, what you’ll say now?!?!

      “We agreed with 900p in a recent exclusive game as well”?!?!

    • red2k

      LOL you questioned the resolution of Sunset Overdrive 900p but you dont say anything about Killzone runing at 720p???? LOL



      Nice try…

      Killzone runs at 1080p/30fps NATIVES in campaing, very diferent of Sunset Overdrive campaign, that uses Kinect reserve+7thcore+ultimate dev kit…and it still runs at 900p (40% less pixels than 1080p)… So…


      PS: Are you one more fake of “2gpu unlocking/PonyGafferHive-Mind” ?!?!

      Because appeared to me that two persons were typing at the same time giving me the impression that 2gpu unlocking just gave up and used his sub account!!

    • Mark

      Dude 2nd GPU Unlock is a MisterXMedia impersonator lol. U guys keep falling for it. I don’t blame u, but it’s still funny.

    • 2econd gpu unlocking

      Sony money hatting as forced 900p.
      COD will also be another money hat to force 900p

    • Orion Wolf

      Where’s a ps4 game that has the amount of zombies you find in DR3? Ah yes there isn’t one, because the more the CPU is
      used the less bandwidth is left for the GPU.

      The same with SSOD and heres a response from a dev on the whole 1080p thing:

      “900p works perfect for us. We spent a lot of time comparing and contrasting. We had it running at 1080p, we’d play
      it; we had it running at 900p, we’d play it and they didn’t look considerably different. But the things that you could draw on screen were a lot more, and we wanted to draw a lot more on screen. More action, more better. Michael Bay would be very proud.”

      The PS4 API was according to the metro redux dev far better than dx11 from the get go, so what’s up with 900p for AC
      Unity? SSOD using the 7th core? Do tell how exactly do you know this? Newer SDKs? Sure, but how do you know the game was/is using Kinect “reserves” and/or the 7th core?

      According to the leaked XDK:

      “Access to the 7th core requires the October 2014 XDK or newer.”

      And this:

      “As of October 22nd 2014, we are pleased to announce that we are removing the “preview” qualifier from this feature and any title planning to ship on the October XDK or later can take advantage of this additional processing power.”

      So where’s this confirmation that they were/are using something that was available to them for a weak before the game was released?

      KillzoneSF SP 1080p and an unlocked 30fps. However, the MP wasn’t 1080p, actually it was below 900p at least in regard to pixel density (and the reason why, you know, Sony got sued) and the framerate … well:

      “To say gameplay averages at 50fps is just bad information. On that one map it may well do, but after putting nearly a hundred
      hours into its fine multiplayer and still blasting away at it I guarantee you now it does not average out at 50fps. On some maps and in full 24 player skirmishes the engine frequently absolutely crumbles – and I’m talking sub 30fps levels of performance here. It’s pretty horrible actually – and the
      resulting drop in controller response is so huge during those moments that it can become barely playable. I’m not exaggerating here, just check the game’s official forum and you’ll see for yourself the many ongoing complaints about 24
      player engine performance. Luckily, the dev also provides a 7v7 mode and performance is all round”


      OMG… LMAO…

      “Where’s a ps4 game that has the amount of zombies you find in DR3? Ah yes there isn’t one, because the more the CPU isused the less bandwidth is left for the GPU.”

      DR3, a game that runs at 720p with graphics like old-gen… LOL

      Tell me what game runs at 720p on PS4?!?! …ROFL!!!

      And about SO, it’s easy as well, obviously they’ll state that, because they’ll not say that they choosed 900p because the console is too weak to support 1080p native for obvious reasons…

      When Killzone SF was launched, their engine wasn’t finished yet, so its explicable…

    • Orion Wolf

      Um, I’m still waiting for that game that runs the same amount of AI as you can find in DR3 on the amazing ps4.

      The game was indeed 720p, but you know the x1 was supposedly the weak console, with horrible SDKs, with an API that wasn’t nearly as good as the ps4 API so where is a game with the amount of NPCs a game like SSOD has? Ah yes, no answer there – and that’s me asking a second time.

      Btw http://gamingbolt.com/magnetic-cage-closed-to-run-at-720p60fps-on-ps4xbox-one-devs-not-fans-of-cinematic-experience

      “And about SO, it’s easy as well, obviously they’ll state that, because they’ll not say that they choosed 900p because the
      console is too weak to support 1080p native for obvious reasons…”

      Erm, what? So they couldn’t do 1080p for “obvious reasons” (even though the devs state otherwise) but:

      “When Killzone SF was launched, their engine wasn’t finished yet, so its explicable…”

      So they released a game made with an engine that wasn’t finished yet!? “It’s explicable”!? That’s your excuse mate?! OMG LMAO, indeed.



      SO is like a old-gen graphics, it’just a cpu bound game, don’t make me laugh bro, they sacrifice all the things to get a CLONE ARMY (LOL), next time, try to use better arguments like a true and powerful game on Xbone (if they exist)… ROFL… XDDD

    • Alistein

      I don’t think Sony money hatted anyone. The ps4 was obviously the platform of choice for MGS5 so it only makes sense the brunt of the development work was done there. Not to mention Konami has had issues with the excessive development budgets on the MGS series by Kojima they probably were not willing to spend any more than they have for this game and let’s be frank the game is more of thing to Sony consoles.

    • nova

      Rayman is 1080p/60fps on XB1, so QB will run at 1080p/60fps…

      Are you aware that some games are more demanding than others ?

    • gracerbonilla

      ☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣i get 75 dollars each hour completìng easy jobs for several hours ín my free time over site i located online.. ìt is an ídeal approach for makìng some passíve cash and ít ís also precìsely what í have been searching for for years now…iy……..

      …………..http://www.online1jobs1careportal/work/key... PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP

    • Starman

      actually ..this game will run at 1080 and 60 fps …mark my words

  • 2econd gpu unlocking

    We haven’t asked for full DX12 to be used yet.

  • Starman

    guarantee you , this game as well as scalbound will run at 1080p and 60 fps …phil is playing possum …he has been doing so in this new gen … but the fanboys are too blind to see what he has been doing to sony ..lol

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