Quantum Break Undergoing Optimization, May Allow Even More Polygons And Screen Objects

The game is undergoing optimization, which could allow for having even more polygons and objects and the screen. Quantum Break developers actively working to make the game look even better

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Quantum Break

Quantum Break is already a game that seems to be approaching photo-realistic graphics and now Remedy Entertainment is putting the title through an optimization process that at least one expert believes could lead to the title being able to put more pixels and objects on screen at one time. That’s good news for those hoping that the game might actually run at 1080p on the Xbox One, as opposed to what has almost become the standard 720p.

Petri Häkkinen recently tweeted out that he was doing a consulting job for Remedy and that he was helping with the optimization of Quantum Break. Some gaming fans were even surprised that the title would actually go through another round of optimizing, considering how good it looked to them at Gamescom, but that was when Häkkinen pointed out that more optimization would fit more pixels and items on the screen and might eventually help the company meet it’s goal of hitting that 1080p mark.

The company announced at Siggraph, earlier this year they had that goal and there have been plenty of people that doubted whether or not even a game like this could hit that benchmark. It’s pretty clear that if Remedy comes up short, it’s not going to be for a lack of trying. The firm also delayed the relase earlier this year, moving it back to April of 2016. At the time, Remedy’s creative director Sam Lake said the development team was going to take the time to polish and fine tune. The work Häkkinen has been called into do on Quantum Break seems to fit into that category.

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  • Mario Zaccone

    720p standard? Really? Come on now. Please don’t make comments without knowing what you’re talking about. Definitely looking forward to this game though.

    • Grifter17

      Was about to say the same thing … I can think of only 2 games that shipped to XB1 at 720 P

    • doplerradar

      I can think of more but nearly all of them are launch titles. The rest are 900p to 1080p.

    • Mark


    • Michael

      Are you surprised. Gaming journalism is the worst and these so called journalist know exactly what they’re doing.

  • Kfal Balli

    There are more 900p and 1080p games on Xbox One than 700. Terrible journalism.

  • Orion Wolf

    That’s pretty cool to hear. Hopefully Remedy delivers another great game, which, by the looks of it, they have every intention of doing.

    About the 720p:


  • Niko

    Guys don’t let the number of P get to you. Both consoles run games greatly, there isn’t that much noticable difference.
    Before you say anything, no I am not a PC gamer. 😀

  • lagann

    720p is definately not the standard for Xbox One games. I dont think there has been a single 720p game launched on the system after some of the early launch titles back in 2013.

    • Mark

      I do think BF Hardline is 720p lol. But these images are being upscaled to 1080p on our TVs output anyway. Although there’s debate about the differences of 1080p native vs upscaled, we aren’t looking at 720p quality in games on TVs, the same way it would be on a monitor….now that would be a huge, obvious difference.

    • lagann

      You are right. Completely forgot about that game lol.

  • Mark

    I didn’t know Remedy said they were trying to achieve 1080p at Siggraph? Lol. Petri said nothing about reaching 1080p. Someone correct me, but last I read about it, ploygons doesn’t = pixels on a 1:1 ratio. Polygons are the triangles that build the characters and objects. Pixels I thought sorta fill them in, or even overlap them.

    The way I read Petri’s tweet wasn’t about 1080p. I saw him saying that they’re gonna be simply adding more objects and items on screen, not simply making objects sharper, which is what targetting 1080p is about.

    Petri Häkkinen
    Petri Häkkinen – ‏@petrih3

    @A3rnout @MikkiRMD @remedygames If nothing else, optimizing allows having even more polygons and objects on the screen 🙂
    5:44 AM – 23 Sep 2015

  • heima

    I’m baffled. I can’t believe what I’m reading in this so called article.
    First of all nobody at Remedy has ever talk about reaching the 1080p goal, nor the guy on Twitter ever said a thing about resolution. He was talking about more polygons and more objects on screen thanks to the engine optimization he’s going to do with/for Remedy.

    PS: and the “720p standard”? Really? I mean, seriously?

  • Michael Mullis

    “That’s good news for those hoping that the game might actually run at 1080p on the Xbox One, as opposed to what has almost become the standard 720p.”

    Umm, do you guys actually have real journalists on this site or do you just spew whatever bullshit you can and hope people believe you?

  • Noel

    Games “journalism” at its absolute worst.

  • Hans Olo

    Interesting Article…….me and Chewie just blasted a Chad Warden Troll on the Kessell run for interfering with the XBOX ONE’s Hyperdrive

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