Quantum Break Was Delayed To Space Out Xbox One’s Lineup, Remedy Reveals

‘We were happy to take the extra time.’

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Quantum-Break 10

Quantum Break was originally due out some time last year, before it, like so many other games this generation, was met with a delay,and ultimately dated for Spring of 2016. Now, in an interview with MCV, Remedy’s creative director Sam Lake has revealed that the delay wasn’t because of any development issues that the game had run into- rather, it was a case of Microsoft wanting to space out their Xbox One lineup better.

“[The delay] came from Microsoft’s end,” Lake revealed. “It was looking at its portfolio of upcoming games and were feeling that it would be foolish to have all of these bigger games come out at the same time, essentially fighting among themselves for the audience. So it wanted to stagger them out.”

That said, Remedy was ultimately more than happy to get the extra development time.

“Certainly we were happy to take the extra time and really happy to have that extra time as these are really challenging, complicated projects always,” he said. “In a big game like this, the polish phase is absolutely essential. We were more than happy to take the extra time. That mainly resulted in much a higher level of polish and iteration and fine-tuning of the experience.”

Quantum Break launches on April 4 for Xbox One and PCs running Windows 10. You can check out our review for the game here.

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  • Graeme Willy

    Makes sense, but it sort of went without saying. You couldn’t have it release on top of Halo 5. Although, it turned out they should have, given, Halo 5’s story was a complete wash, and that the “Call of Duty effect” as been the only thing keeping it afloat, by, sadly, a rather impressive margin. Meaning, most people don’t care about depth of story and lore anymore. They just want good gameplay and a chance to shoot faces…hence, the COD effect.

    As for exclusives, I’d say that about 2-3 a year, spaced out over each season would be the sweet spot.

    • Mark

      I don’t know Graeme, 2-3 exclusives a year? They’d better be triple A, then yes. But we could still have 2-4 double A solid games too. Also, I feel what u mean by the COD effect. I think some studios are prioritizing gameplay over story no doubt. However, I think Witcher 3, Dragon Age and a few others show we still crave great stories. Man just wait till ME4 drops, thing’s gonna sit near the top of sales charts for awhile…..hell not to mention UC4 has huge hype.

  • Riggybro

    Meaning – initially we were more than happy to release it broken and fix it with patches later.

    • Mark


  • Mr Xrat

    Would be meaningful if it weren’t for the fact QB is the only release MS has for the first half of the year. Then again cancelling Fable Legends and delaying everything else didn’t help.

    • Joyce Williams

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    • Mark

      Yeah I have no clue when anything’s comin this year, outside Gears 4! Us Xbots are left in the dark lol. People have to agree that Microsoft should’ve announced atleast 1 other darn title release date. Ahh whatever. All in all, I’m still havin a blast on the One. U gettin the PS4K? I see people complaining about it but, if it will run even most games at 60fps, man that’s sick imo. Would love The Division at 60 framed..

    • Truth™ PSVR 960×1080®

      Ruggarell what happened to Uncharted 4 not being 1080P in both modes? What happened to games on the PS4? There are none 🙂

    • Dotcum22

      you are such a sad person what does all of this have to do with UC4?

    • Truth™ PSVR 960×1080®

      QB is coming out on PC so it will look better than any consoletrash

      Why does the PS4 still have no games? 🙂

    • Michael Norris

      Yup its installed and works wonderfully.

    • Dotcum22

      It has games saying anything else would be ignorant. Because you don’t like them even thou a lot or on pc too does not make them not exist. Grow up ignorant salty tool. You are so full of jealousy it’s clear to notice and fun to read


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