Report Claims Xbox One One Has Sold 5 Million and PS4 9 Million

PS4 extending its lead?

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The next generation console wars always do seem to boil down to one thing- sales numbers and performance. With the PS4 currently leading (at last count, it was at 7 million units sold; Wii U was at 6.2 million, Xbox One was at 5 million), it’s fascinating to see these three consoles duke it out.

Well, there’s a new report that claims that the PS4 has already sold 9 million units worldwide, while the Xbox One has sold 5 million (the previous 5 million figure was just shipments- actual sales to customers were probably lower than that). This would mean the PS4 has extended its lead over the Xbox One even more. Interestingly enough, this report does not mention how much the Wii U has sold, which is a bit of a shame, as all signs point to Mario Kart 8 and E3 having led to a bit of a revival for Nintendo’s console.

Phil Spencer, however, has clarified the original story, pointing out that the 5 million units figure is the shipment figure that Microsoft shared back in April for the console, and not updated sell through data. However, this still leaves the question of the PS4 sales, which if true, are highly interesting.

Regardless, we will learn the updated sales numbers for all three consoles within the next few weeks, as Sony, Nintendo, and Microsft all share their quarterly statements.


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  • Mark

    I meant to say, for anybody, usually fanboys, why do u argue with sales in mind, rather than features, goodies, etc? Is it to win an argument? Or does it enhance ur gaming experience? I mean atleast 1080pee is a more fun and educational debate than sales.

    • Антон Иванов

      You have the point BUT: I want Sony to sell as many consoles as possible because PlayStation is the ONLY profitable Sony’s division. If PS4 sales underwhelm then it may result in funding cuts of every Sony developer like Naughty Dog and Santa Monica which will result in incomplete gaming experience. If Xbox sales are poor, Microsoft doesn’t lose anything – they’ve got Office, Windows, Explorer and much other stuff. That’s why I care. I want Sony to sell as much as possible so we can’t lose the studious that gave us ICO, Shadow of the colossus and The Last of Us. Now what do you think?

    • Not_true

      Sony has several profitable divisions.

    • Антон Иванов

      You know what I am getting at. Aside from it I don’t really care. I just want to play games. But I prefer to play on PlayStation not because Xbox is bad of something – I like Sony’s games more than I like Microsoft’s games, I like Uncharted more than I like Halo, but of course it’s just my opinion, nobody will change my mind

    • Not_true

      Sales have an effect on a console’s game library. Obviously a more popular console gets more publisher attention.

    • Mark

      Well in reality, all that really says is that u hope, Sony is making the best out of its publisher partnerships, right? If people are expecting Sony to start dropping 12 exclusives (AAA) a year, while MS releases 6-7, then I wouldn’t hold my breath about that. I mean isn’t that the meaning of “publisher attention”? Exclusives? Even with that in mind, Sony’s gotta pay for exclusivity anyway. Right? Again, what does this mean? I see PS4 already being the lead console of choice, overall better performance on multiplats, and Sony getting DLC, but even then they pay for DLC. And even with the multiplats, that is more of an Xbox developement thing than just lead PS4 optimizing. As we’re seeing more parity (Wolfenstein, Sniper Elite, UFC, Destiny etc.). Faster SDKs. I think Sony may get the benefit of partnering with someone of its choice over MS right now. But again, Sony’s gonna pay for the exclusive (no free lunch), and fans will have to confide in them to partner up with an awesome game………same with X1 owners. And that’s why we bought our respective systems.

      To me, I don’t see the point of the sales argument, as if it solidifies one console to get much more titles from 3rd parties than the other. Exclusives cost money, and even proper PR and advertisement, which usually means they’re given space to release apart from another. Inconceivable to think either company to will drop 10 or more exclusives a year (AAA). So again, I’d have to be convinced that “publisher attention” WILL result in Microsoft giving me more than the competition, with that being the only way possible to do so, so that I’d use sales in an argument.

  • Rubix99

    Integral Kinect!!!!
    We will go on a journey….a journey of Integral Kinects!


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