Report: PS2 Classics Won’t Be Compatible With PS4’s PS2 Backwards Compatibility

If this is true, kiss your digital library goodbye.

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ps2 emulation on ps4

When Nintendo announced their backwards compatibility plans for the Wii U, they ensured that you would be able to play all of your purchased Wii games, physical, digital, or Virtual Console purchases, on your Wii U right off the bat, without any catches, for free. When they ultimately started enhancing their Virtual Console games for Wii U functionality, they did charge a minor upgrade fee (usually a dollar per game), but it was optional, and honestly more or less fair. Keep in mind Nintendo did this without having the much vaunted proper account system.

When Microsoft announced their backwards compatibility plans for the Xbox One, they promised and ensured that the compatible games would be available for Xbox One owners for free, without any catch, with both the disc and digital versions being compatible.

Sony, the company that proclaims it is for the gamers, however, has not done this. According to the leaks obtained by NeoGAF (which are what leaked the PS2 BC for the PS4 in the first place, I remind you), your disc based PS2 games, and your PS2 Classics that you have already purchased on the PS3 before, will not translate to the PS4. I can live with the PS2 discs not being compatible; the PS2 is, after all, two generations and 15 years ago. But why are my digitally owned PS2 games not compatible on the PS4? Why do I have to rebuy them? 

Even if it is a new emulator that Sony has designed for the PS4 (which it almost certainly is), there is no technical limitation preventing them from enabling players to play already purchased PS2 games on the PS4, as and when they get made available- all that is needed is a license check. Instead, we have to rebuy these games again.

I’d have taken something like the Wii U solution on the PS4, if the argument Sony will make here is that the PS2 emulator on the PS4 will enhance the games with major new features! I’d have paid a small upgrade fee, then! It would have been better than having to buy another goddamn copy of a game I potentially already bought at least twice before a third time. But no, now I have to purchase GTA: San Andreas for a third time.

It is a scummy and anti consumer move, and goes directly against Sony’s stated ‘4ThePlayers’ mantra. I really hope that the official announcement clears this up to be a misunderstanding.

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  • Starman

    Like I said , TRASH !!!!!

  • GHz

    SMH -___________________-

  • Robert

    Sony’s Logic

    “Re-purchase the games you already bought on PS4 via PS2 Emulator”

  • Mark

    Dam, Pramath you went in on Sony haha

    • Rodney Patrick

      The truth needs to be told about Sony,they are a bunch of crooks.people need to start waking up and see them for what their truly are

    • Anthony

      Why did Xbox One not have backwards compatibility in the start Phil Spencer?

    • Rodney Patrick

      It don’t make a difference they have now ,and it’s a free I just told earlier go dry your tears

    • Anthony

      So you’re a hypocrite?

    • Rodney Patrick

      You sound stupid right now,this news about Sony got you all messed up…….LMAO

    • Mark

      The prevailing reason is because the X1 CPU architecture (X86) is different than the 360’s (PowerPC). So emulation was actually considered “impossible” by alot of gaming geeks (see Beyond3D forums) and people in the software field. Mike Ybarra recently said it took them “an engineering year or 2” to achieve BC on the X1. So reasonably, here we are…

    • Both the XBO and PS4 were rushed to market and incomplete at launch. Lot’s of things that existed on previous gen consoles was not available at launch; like external drive support. Backwards compatibility was not a priority, nor should it have been.

    • Riggerto
    • Truth™
    • Riggerto
    • Truth™
  • XbotMK1

    Another dumb article from Pramath.

    It’s no suprise after Sony stated, “The PS4 is not backwards compatible”. Backwards compatibility was never confirmed but as always the media goes full force with their click-bait bullsht articles.

    Just because they released a new emulator, doesn’t mean the PS4 can play PS2 classics. Emulation doesn’t mean backwards compatibility. The emulator the PS4 uses is different from the emulator the PS3 used because the emulator has to be modified to run on the each system. The way the PS4 emulation works, games probably have to be tweaked and modified which requires labor and resources.
    Since the games have to be modified to run on the emulator anyways, then they feel they might as well upgrade the resolution and framerate in the process which would explain the Star Wars games in the Battlefront bundle. Nobody knows yet.

    The hilarious part is how all the Microsoft sht pushers like Mark,GHz, Robert, and Starman are crawling out of the woodwork even though these frauds didn’t give a sht about backwards compatibility until E3 2015. Nobody gave a sht about backwards compatibility until E3 2015 even when the Wii U had it in 2013. Everyone was like, “Oh well”. Where were these articles in 2013 Pramath?

    The gaming media logic:

    – The PS3 was backwards compatible with PS1 and PS2 games = nobody gives a sht.

    – The Xbox 360 wasn’t backwards compatible with OG Xbox games = nobody gives a sht.

    – The Wii U was backwards compatible with Wii games = nobody gives a sht.

    – The Xbox One and PS4 were announced with no backwards compatibility = nobody gives a sht.

    – Microsoft adds backwards compatibilty to Xbox One after claiming nobody cared in 2013 = Sony is the bad guy.

    You gaming news sites are an absolute joke.

    • Truth™

      PCSX2 = Free
      PS2 on PS4 = Not Free

      lel. Sick meltdown John Derp

    • XbotMK1

      One of the dumbest comments here.

      PCSX2 requires a BIOS which crosses legal boundries. But great job explaining why piracy makes PC a cancer in gaming.

    • Rodney Patrick

      Stfu and go dry your tears,you sonyfangirl

    • Truth™

      Poor john derp lost in his tears. Anyone with an old PS2 is completely legally entitled to download a BIOS file for their region

      But now Sony confirmed no disc compatibility, you will be backpedaling like Don Matrick on crack :^)

    • Clint Hoffman

      LOL. Loved that last line!
      Couple of edits for you though.
      Xbox360 was announced with backwards compatibility with the OXbox. I played Halo 1 & 2 straight from disc on my 360. Compatibility was later dropped as more real 360 titles came on board.

      PS3 only had PS2 compatibility as long as it was original huge console. In the hardware revisions shortly after the first they started dumping the actual PS2 chips that were inside the PS3. I think the audio hardware went first (resorted to software emulation) then they dumped the ps2 video chip and poof…no compatibility.

    • XbotMK1

      Microsoft added OG Xbox emulation to the Xbox 360 years after the Xbox 360 launched, probably to combat how the PS3 was backwards compatible.

      But it was poorly supported probably because Microsoft realized it wasn’t effecting sales and nobody was using it. That is probably why Microsoft neglected adding backwards compatibility to Xbox One all together in the beginning and stated in 2013 that backwards compatibility was a waste of time. It wasn’t until after Sony announced PlayStation Now that Microsoft did a 180 and pursued backwards compatibility.

      Now everyone pretends to care about backwards compatibility and is fabricating stories simply because the Xbox One has semi backwards compatibilty through emulation and the PS4 doesn’t. Its a giant joke.

    • Starman

      “Another dumb article from Pramath.”
      LOL ….. always dumb when it doesn’t seem like the article favors Sony … what a joke you are ….oh , almost forgot …STFU !

    • Rodney Patrick

      LMFAO,now you’re mad at gamingbolt? Hahahahahaha you’re the joke

    • Mark

      Uhh, I voted for Black Ops 1 and Ultra SF 4 for back compat. Yes I do want it.

    • Urps4isjunk

      HAHAH! get mad sonypony…. ENJOY!

  • Truth™

    PCSX2 is free on PC and runs PS2 games at actual 1080P. Meanwhile you pay for 720P “upscaled” games on PS4. LOL

    rscottycuck and John Derps meltdowns have been glorious today. Keep it up, cucks. See you for the *Also on PC conference tomorrow :^)

    • XbotMK1
    • Rodney Patrick

      I thought I told you to go dry your tears

    • Mark


    • Truth™

      So you are saying PS2 emulation has been available for 13 years for free on PC while Sony are charging for it on PS4


  • Rodney Patrick

    For the gamers,by gamers yeah okay Sony wherever you

  • Anthony

    not sure why Xbox fanboys and PC fanboys are here. Xbox One is trash and PC is infested with game thieves. didn’t Microsoft say fk you to backwards compatibility in 2013 and wasn’t the Xbox One not supposed to have backwards compatibilty in the beginning?

    • Rodney Patrick

      LMFAO look folks we have another one.LMFAO and oh yeah by the way STFU!!!!

    • Truth™

      PC has more paying customers than PS4, cuck

      Stay mad paying for backwards compatibility :^)

    • Mark

      Or, the mature way for a PS4 fan to respond to this news, is to say Sony messed up…..but this gen, that’s asking for too much.

    • Anthony “didn’t Microsoft say fk you to backwards compatibility in 2013 and wasn’t the Xbox One not supposed to have backwards compatibilty in the beginning?”

      No they didn’t. They actually said it may come down the road utilizing their Azure cloud servers.

  • Rodney Patrick

    I’m truly starting to believe that xbotmk1 works for Sony,he or she is always on doing damage control for Sony LMAO

    • Anthony

      Do you work for Microsoft?

    • Rodney Patrick

      Why are you worried about it,go dry your tears son

    • Anthony

      You’re really angry aren’t you?

    • Urps4isjunk

      do you work for sony? Or do you just cry for them all day?

  • archfiendx

    That crushes my optimism. Well, if the games are at least improved graphically and have better framerate and trophy support, I’d definitely buy a few depending on the price. I don’t have any of my PS2 games anymore. I think I might have a couple but they’re lost somewhere.

    • Rodney Patrick

      At least someone on here is keeping it real

  • Truth™
  • Terminator

    “It is a sc*mmy and anti consumer move, and goes directly against Sony’s stated ‘4ThePlayers’ mantra.”

    No wonder TrollBotFailMK1 is so but*hurt and in full damage control mode.

  • Brandon Devore

    If the supposed pricing was $5 flat for all of these upgraded ps2 games it would be fine. $10-15 is pricey for a dated game even tho it isn’t that expensive. The ONLY reason this backwards compatibility movement is even relevant is because Microsoft is falling behind song by almost double this gen. So Microsoft had to do something to catch up. Backwards compatibility was the choice. Which never mattered before now. Backwards compatibility for only last gen. Microsoft hasn’t made any OGxbox title available on the Xbox one. I for one favor the idea of upgraded ps2 games IF they were priced better. This is still better than PS now…

    • Mark

      Microsoft listens to user feedback for suggestions and features, company wide, not just Xbox. BC is only available, as a result of us making it #1 on the feedback site. Here’s a link to their Windows and apps user forum. And since they’re moving more toward services, they have to take into account customer satisfaction.

  • Mr Xrat

    Pity. Could have been a real killer app with full disc emulation, instead it ends up being Xbone “BC” tier. Will pass, sorry.

    • Truth™

      Rscottycuck being completely BTFO before the *Also on PC conference and can’t even call out Sony for trying to wring every dollar out of its fanbase with $15 emulated games that aren’t even 1080P as advertised since they are 1292×896 upscaled.

      Outright hilarious how much of a cuck you are and how much you deflect to the xboner. Meanwhile PS2 games run 1080P and better than PS4 emulations on PCSX2 and PS2 discs can be used. Yet Sony shills with defend it.

      Stay mad :^)

  • Gamez Rule

    I still have the PSOne / PS2 / PS3 up and running to enjoy whenever I want BUT I have to say that Sony resold gamers PS2 games on PS3 and now they’re reselling PS2 games again on PS4 ( even when people bought those games digitally from PS-Store )

    No excuses that is taking the pi*s.

    I have XBOX / 360 up and running like shown above, but at least MS allows FREE downloads of 360 games you own already on Xbone. It don’t matter how people explain *why this why that* as that is how it is. Shame on Sony & hats off to MS in this case.

    • Mark

      +100. I spoke out against MS lying about Kinect. Let’s keep it real on the bs.


    Sony says PS4 is for the gamers but their corporate greed proves otherwise


    Xbox One has free backward compatibility with Xbox 360 games including physical discs and pre-owned digital support

    PS4 has backward compatibility with PS2 games no physical discs support nor digital pre-owned support

    But Sony still claims that they’re for the gamers



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