Resident Evil 7: 10 Features That Capcom Needs To Work On

Here is how Capcom can reinvigorate the fading franchise.

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Resident Evil 6 was released on consoles last year and on PC  this year and while it was highly anticipated, the game unfortunately failed to “wow” many of us. While the game design isn’t bad and the character models certainly look good RE6 was plagued with certain design choices that made it very difficult to get into. We here at Gamingbolt have heard rumors about a potential Resident Evil 7 that’s working it’s way to us. While Capcom is staying close-lipped about it all and there is no mention of it being revealed at E3 this year, it’s probably a pretty safe bet we’ll be seeing another RE title.

There are a few things that would be good for Capcom to look into for the seventh Resident Evil title and while the recently released Resident Evil Revelations appears to have made a few better choices, it ultimately was received by gamers in the same way. There are a few things that would be good to see in the future of the series, our hopeful Resident Evil “7.”

Too many characters:

Resident Evil 6 had too many characters, with three pairs of characters we played throughout the game it ended up making the game feel fractured. Even with it’s length, which some thought was too long it felt strangely incomplete by changing characters rather quickly. While the stories are connected and our characters do cross one another’s’ paths this only increased the disconnected feeling from one campaign to the next. While this works nicely for other games, and in multiplayer environments I just don’t think it how gamers see Resident Evil. Having one or two characters through the entire game creates some attachments. With a mixture of old and new characters you may find yourself picking favorites or playing through sections of the game you’re not particularly fond of.

Unnecessary crossover:

What the hell is with the Left for Dead 2 crossover in Resident Evil 6? The gruesome four from L4D2 are characters that can be played in Resident Evil 6. I just don’t see why this was something the developers had to do. Not only did they include the playable characters, but a few of the more signature monsters as well, like the Witch and The Tank or “Mini Tank” as he is call in RE6. I am not sure why there was this much trouble made  including characters who already have their own zombie killing game. Plenty of people who like killing zombies own L4D2, if we wanted to play as them we would be playing Left 4 Dead. Showcase your own player characters, or not-characters. Get creative with the multiplayer options and let me run around in a Big Bird Costume, but don’t use things that already exist in another game! Let’s keep it in the Realm or RE, guys.

Get rid of unlimited ammo on weapons:

Yeah I know, this is something you only get on the second play through of the game, But RE is supposed to be a Survival-Horror series. When you finish the game on hard you shouldn’t be getting rewarded for it in that regard. The game should get harder! You’re reward should be the ability to take your previously collected equipment from your former playthrough then do it again, but with an increased chance of dying! That’s sort of the point of a Survival-Horror title. Once you’ve got infinite ammo for some or all guns you really have nothing to worry about.

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  • RE_FAN

    The Last of Us is a wayy better……. RE is a Dead you must get over it

  • There’s nothing wrong with unlimited ammo. It’s at the end BUT you have to have enough points collected to get it. There’s plenty of uses for it so there’s no need to wish it away.

  • Yusei Shimura

    what a horrible critic you are saying RE6 had way too many characters RE6 was a amazing game which is why it sold 10 times as much then revelations which is what people like you are saying is true to the re series

    • Oscar Luján

      A game that sells more than other is not necessarily a good game, but always it´s “a game that sell more than another” ….. Wii Sports sold 113 million (aprox worldwide)…Chrono trigger sold 3.53 million (approx worldwide)… so: Wii Sports is a better game than Chrono Trigger… that´s the kind of comparison you are doing

  • Dakan45

    You know i actually Played RE6 and i liked it more than many other games. Leon campaign is fine. Chris campaign has alot of action but you can easilly run out of ammo even on normal and in the end it had more memorable encounters than bioshock infinite repettive gunfights, which had no idea what variety is.

  • Kanji

    This guy have a point but. no need to criticis the game because developers wan’t the other player to experience something new. i know that there is no need for the crossover and the unlimited ammo. but come on stop complaining about the game. the other player are satisfied for this new twist.
    i know that resident evil 6 isn’t scary like they use to be.
    but its fine with me because its a great game. and why should i complain i can not even make a game can u? so stop complaining,
    enjoy the game and have fun..

    • anthony

      Well I think that they should put sheva-jill and Claire I mean your right man resident evil 6 ain’t bad its just. it confuses why they didn’t put them on the 6th RE well all I have to say is is that there doing good with the combat and the guns and stuff its just where were they they really need to reunite all the characters that had survived and just have an all out war against the infected and have more mercanaires levels

  • Jim Grape

    The infinite ammo thing shouldn’t go away. I like the reward of going back in after finishing the games hardest difficulties and show that I’ve earned something. It brings something extra to the game but should only be a reward for hard work not like here ya go you finished the game on easy.

  • Anthony G

    I really am sick of hearing that leaving the zombie character was good…look at what resident evil is now because of it….WHo cares if theres games out with zombies theres probably a hand ful of zombie games made that will be remembered…if they just make a scary ass resident evil game like part 1 remake with todays grphics slow sulvivor horror…with it now being on every system it will shit on resident evil 4 and finally put resident evil where it should be in horror…and story….on top…they are just letting everyone take over…and thats just not smart…if they want to make action horror go ahead just make another game a call it something different…people will buy it and they will do something different like you said

  • Rodrigo A. Diaz

    Let’s be fair. Revelations was criticized for Rachael’s character looking too risque even as a mutant…but it was a Hell of a lot scarier than RE 6. That being said, I’ve played every entry, even the side-tracked one-offs like Survivor and Dead Aim, and they ALL have their charm. I keep coming back for the characters and even the small bits of tension and frightful atmosphere they still manage to throw in despite the action aspect. Leon’s scenario and parts of Ada’s are a testament to that. The first time out fighting that Chainsaw creature was a prime example for me, but then again, I faced him on Professional.

  • jeremy

    all the resident evil are great but i like Re6 way better but resident evil rev. is so scairy in my opin

  • TMAC

    BRING BACK CLAIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why is it that she has like fallen off the face of the RE universe? Or at least give some explanation as to why she disappeared like “she went into a depression when Wesker took Steve” or she just couldn’t take it anymore, give us something.
    And this is a horror suspense series, not action adventure. RE needs to stop trying to compete with Left 4 Dead. The continual addition of characters and monsters needs to stop. The beauty of the original games was that you had the ability to develop with the characters and gain an attachment. That did not happen in this last RE game, while I appreciate the return of Sherry the addition Piers and Helena were unneeded. Its getting to the point where they are just too focused in developing new characters that it feels like many are becoming forgotten such as Claire, Jill, Barry, and Sheva. Finish some of their stories before you start introducing others. Jake was good because he was the replacement for Wesker even though there are many rumors about a possible return for him others might know more about that than me. They need to bring older characters back because that would make many older fans happy in my opinion. But I’m just an old crazy fan why would the multi-millionaires at Capcom listen to me?

    • Dylan Pelaez

      They actually said i believe in the end of resident evil 2 when leon and sherry went to search for help claire said she needed to find her brother chris and she will return then she went into the forest in search of her brother

    • TMAC

      Yes you are right but I think you are forgetting Code Veronica where Chris and Claire find each other. And after Chris beats Alexandra they fly away on the jet. Since then Capcom has almost completely left Claire out of the story.

  • rehunk

    hope hunk is in this game.
    who ever made made R.E. O.P.Racooncity on xbox 360 sucks because they never
    put offline 4 players in Campiagne mode just stuck with single player plus the rest
    of the modes they put in only online total fucking sucks I had it with online bs crap.
    online needs to be destroyed on xboxone and xbox 360 I like how 4player arcade games back then where fun.
    if Capcom thinks of making part 2 of ResidentEvil Operation Racooncity 2 game in
    future they better have co-0p 4 players offline misson mode so that family & friends can join in & out at any time. for free while the game is still going on.
    and new weapons & infinite ammo & more Charcters that we can switch & swap to
    different one that not a medical or other things in the game.


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