Resistance 3: 10 Reasons Why It Deserves More Attention

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As we now enter that final push before the Holiday rush starts to infect development cycles, we see the hype surrounding various upcoming titles reaching boiling point. There’s no real surprise there, with fans anticipating the release of yet another entry in their favourite franchise later on in the year. With all this hubbub though, some games seem to be unfairly forgotten. One such game is Resistance 3, a trilogy closer that seems to be dipping below the radar for many at the moment. This seems like a rather unfair fate for a game like Resistance 3, and here are ten reasons why this is the case.

A brand new protagonist

So, who's this again?

Nothing gives the feeling of thematic progression like a new hero. The semi-Chimeran antics of Nathan Hale end with Resistance 3, with the game offering us a new perspective in the form of dishonourably discharged Sentinel Joseph Capelli who, having lost all hope of combating the Chimeran menace, is given a reason to venture through the wastelands of America. It seems set to offer us a new take on the Resistance world, and that alone should be reason for excitement.

It’s getting a beta phase

It's only a matter of a time

Want to know what’s better than a really fun online shooter? A really fun online shooter that has been tweaked to perfection. All FPS games with strong online components benefit hugely from an open beta test, and Resistance 3 is no exception to this rule. Public betas allow huge amounts of qualitative and quantitative data to be collected, that can then be used to iron out all sorts of balancing and coding issues. Long live the beta test and the myriad of improvements it introduces to shooters.

It’s one of the defining PS3 exclusive franchises

As a launch day title, Resistance has always seemed to be a defining series for the PS3

Sony have generated a very loyal and dedicated following with the PS3, and this community normally gets very worked up over the release of big PS3 exclusives. Why then the community seem to have forgotten about Resistance 3 is beyond me. Killzone 3, Little Big Planet 2, Starhawk; all these game have gotten, and are getting, the fans excited, but there seems to be bad blood remaining between PS3 owners and the Resistance series. Regardless of this, it’s still one of the defining Playstation exclusives (it was a PS3 launch title after all), and is worthy of your attention because of this.

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  • “but there seems to be bad blood remaining between PS3 owners and the Resistance series”

    Did you mean to say Resistance 2?

  • … Eh some of those are weak. 3D and move support are meh. R1 was good, R2 ehh…. was okay, RR was garbage.

  • n/a

    You gave us 10 reasons and now I’ll give you 1 why people arn’t as interested in this title, PSN Pass.

  • 1. New Hero is a tool, rather have Hale or the black guy.
    2. Resistance 2 was garbage you damn liar!
    3. PSN PASS
    4. Don’t care for Insomniac anymore.
    5. Your powers are gone. No one liked playing as Alucard when Death jacked his sweetness, you expect people to play without their powers?

  • Reasons to consider purchasing Resistance 3:
    – They got rid of a good protagonist with a terrible ending.
    + It’s getting a beta phase so we can see how the game actually plays and if there really won’t be head bob.
    – Probably no head bob and the game runs at 30FPS
    + It’s going back to it’s roots and bringing back the wheel weapon system instead of limiting us to 2 weapons.
    + RFOM was REALLY good.
    – R2 sucked and you know it. Don’t add the word also to the statement.
    + better graphics, faster graphics and smoothed out controls unlike R2
    – smaller resolution graphics
    + PS Move Support
    + It’s in 3D
    + Splitscreen co-op

    It’s not everything I wanted in Resistance 2, but at least it sounds fun.


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