Results Of The Video Game BAFTAs

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Here are the winners from the video game BAFTAs earlier today:

Action: Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood

Artistic Achievement: God Of War III

Best Game: Mass Effect 2

Family: Kinect Sports

Gameplay: Super Mario Galaxy 2

Handheld: Cut The Rope

Multiplayer: Need For Speed: Hot Pursit

Original Music: Heavy Rain

Social Network Game: My Empire

Sports: F1 2010

Story: Heavy Rain

Strategy: Civilisation V

Technical Innovation: Heavy Rain

Use of Audio: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

BAFTA Ones to Watch Award in association with Dare to be Digital: Twang

GAME Award of 2010: Call Of Duty: Black Ops

The results were taken from the BAFTA website.


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  • DirectingChaos

    I must admit I don’t understand how Assassins Creed 2 couldn’t win many awards but brotherhood has, don’t get me wrong I am a big Assassins Creed fan but Brotherhood has no where near the massive a jump in quality, gameplay, graphics etc as there was between the first 2 games.

    • PrivatePyle

      I was just as shocked when I read the first winner.
      It’s nonsense.
      Maybe the multiplayer was intense to play, but AC2 should’ve won something if it’s add-on game did.

    • DirectingChaos

      I agree Assassins Creed should win awards but for them to award Brotherhood rather than AC2 will probably result in more of these reduced content full prize games which could eventually put the franchise in question like happened recently with Guitar Hero.

    • shastyxmcnasty

      I disagree with most of the winners in this list. How the hell could AC win over the likes of Red Dead Redemption, AC cant even touch the scope of Red Dead.

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  • PrivatePyle

    Black Ops gets GAME award but not the Multiplayer one?
    I thought that’s why you everyone bought the game…
    Medal of Honor should’ve gotten the Use of Audio. Granted, both MoH(multiplayer) and BFBC2 were made by DICE, my intense Battlefield senses don’t tingle for that award.

    • DirectingChaos

      I agree with you on Black Ops, I have several friends that have that game for months without having even tried the single player but are on the multiplayer mode constantly, maybe that award should go to online based games like Left 4 Dead in the future.

  • PilarVIRUS

    I’m confused? How did Black OPS win the Game Award?

    • DirectingChaos

      It was probably to do with the shear amount of copies of the game sold, it sold 7 million copies in the first 24 hours and more than 18 million by the end of last year, to put that in perspective Modern Warfare 2 sold 20 million copies in its lifespan and Black ops has almost eclipsed that within the first month of sales. With numbers like that it was bound to win awards because it has managed to out preform the last Call of Duty game which was never expected and done that in a recession.

  • shastyxmcnasty

    How did NFS win multi-player game of the year, if you ask me, this list seems highly “influenced” if you know what I mean. I think there are some light pockets after these awards.

  • jbg0623

    I was disapointed with GOW3, wanted them to incorporate the playstation store a lot more than they did. I knew after playing Heavenly Sword that with the PS3 if you want their best graphics, you have to sacrifice the length of the game but I wanted a long epic strain of events like the last two. It seemed to me like this one was over too quick. Not really that the story lacked anything, because the game itself was perfect but there isn’t a whole lot of replayability to it. They should have used the GOW universe as a basis for some sort MMO where you make your own character. I’d like to see a game like that with the GOW name slapped on it, but they’d have to have graphics just as good as GOW3 with extremely intricate customization to the characters. A lot like Warcraft with an extremely expansive world and character customization/classes, but with fluidity to the RPG aspect as seen in all GOW pause menus.

    • shastyxmcnasty

      I agree, I felt like as soon as I was really getting into the game it was over, I hope they have plans for GOW 4, I feel like there is so much more I want to do in that universe. I also want to see where they take the franchise now that the gods are dead

    • DirectingChaos

      Was 3 not the final one for the PS3 which is why they took out another GOW title on the PSP. If they did another GOW game they would certainly need to set it before the last one but don’t think they will as I’m sure they were adamant that the series is over for all intense and purposes.

    • jbg0623

      well see the thing is there’s soo many directions they can take the story, God of War is just it’s own world; it’s ours. Greek mythology ties in heavily with this game so they could always bring out something we never saw coming. For instance, Kratos had a brother that was killed and sent to the underworld, you learn about that by beating GoW 1 so they could take it in that direction. Then there’s always the direction of the child that Aphrodite gave birth to that no one knows about (I’m making that up) but it’s completely plausible seeing as how you knock boots with her in GOW3 and in those days the closest thing they had to a trojan was a bodybuilder in a tartan skirt and funny helmet. There’s alot of directions they could take this game in and I’m sure they will. Kratos can’t continue forever as the main character of this world but he can be a close tie in. Personally I’d like to see his world brought to modern day just to see what kind of unbelievable destruction a havoc you can reek on present day cities. For me, the ultimate God of War game would be where they bring Kratos to modern day but you have a full map of the entire earth to explore like a GTA game but with an entire planet to explore instead of just a map. I’m hoping for something like that on the PS4 but we may have to wait for the PS5 for something like that. I’d need graphics better than 3 for that to make me completely happy.

  • stephanielynette

    I’m very happy God of War III won a award!

  • doub7

    I really need to get on Heavy Rain, this reminded me. Have had it 4 ages & it just sits there. Even got the Move patch & still didn’t play it.


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