Robert De Niro In Uncharted Movie?

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Director David O’ Russell, the man behind Three Kings, I Heart Huckabees and The Fighter, was penciled in by Columbia Pictures for a film adaptation of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune back in October 10th 2010 with Mark Whalberg being confirmed to play Nathan Drake shortly afterward. Rumours have been flying around for quite some time that screen legend Robert De Niro will also be involved in the project. Speaking to MTV recently De Niro said he was open to the project, though had not read the script and was basing his judgment on O’ Russell’s other work. A few days later he told IGN it “potentially could be something.”

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  • DirectingChaos

    I would love to see De Nero back on form as personally I think his recent comedy films are not a patch on his earlier work. It could really be a perfect match with Wallberg as their acting styles would certainly work well together.

    As for the Uncharted movie regardless of who is finally confirmed for it I think I will definitely end up watching it because the plot of the games are extremely well written and put together, if the movie is even half as good as the games it should be brilliant.

    • PilarVIRUS

      What’s going to make this movie, is the cast. If De Nero can produce the right cast with the comical wit, it will be a success. No matter the budget.

  • berrytastic

    As always – it sounds good on paper but the translation of games-movies movies-games is always destined to fail

    • DirectingChaos

      True there has always been a strained relationship when it comes to videogame movies, on the other hand its like WWE filmss a lot may not work but occasionally you get a great movie out of them (knucklehead), let hope this is that latter.

    • aquaman22

      I just fee like they do not keep to the game’s story or what have you. Directors always, ALWAYS want to take a video game storyline and make it their own, and it just doesn’t work. Take for example this Uncharted film, the director is ALREADY talking bullshit about a family film and all this other jazz, I mean HIS plot or premise has NOTHING to do with the movie, and to pick Mark Walberg to play Nathan Drake??? I mean don’t get me wrong, I really like Walberg but he is not the right fit to play a cocky, cunning, funny, sarcastic hero that is Nathan Drake. Furthermore, if there’s anyone out there that can play the part of Sully, I believe it to be the man who played Jameson in the Spiderman films, the man is a genius! He played that part EXACTLY like the character from the cartoon! He was mean as shit, funny as hell, and sarcastic, and didn’t give a damn about anyone but himself, and hated, absolutely HATED SPIDERMAN! So I think he can really play sully, he even looks like sully! Chaos, hit me up on the PSN today please! Aqua Out!!!

  • shastyxmcnasty

    Robert DeNiro would make an awesome Sully, Sully practically looks like he was base on DeNiro anyways. I realize that people are gonna hate on this game for many reasons, like video game movies always suck *cough*doom*cough* and that for some reason people are harsh on Mark Whalberg. As far as video game movies go, as long as Uwe Boll isn’t attached to it ill pay to see it. And Mark Whalberg can be an amazing actor if hes given the right role, (the fighter, shooter, the Italian Job), if you think about it, his character in the Italian Job is very similar to Nathan Drake

  • doub7

    I have great respect 4 Russell as a filmmaker but evrythin I have heard regarding this film adaption is wrong. Wahlberg is a talented actor but is a totally awful casting choice for Drake. The story has nothing 2 do w/ the games, there has even been mention of the Drake family being the “treasure police”. Uhh…do u remember the games where Drake was the 1 looking 4 the treasure? Guess not.

  • jbg0623

    You think he’s gonna play Sully or some obscure roll that doesn’t even pertain to the game or movie?


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