Rockstar Clarifies Its Stance on GTA V Mods

Cosmetic mods, at the very least, are not a bannable offense.

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Rockstar has been running foul of a very passionate subsect of the PC gaming community lately, thanks to perceived notions about the company’s stance on mods for Grand Theft Auto V, which finally launched on Steam last month to great success.

The company finally clarified its stance on mods in a recent email sent out to a concerned user. In that email, Rockstar confirmed that cosmetic mods are not bannable offenses in GTA V.

‘Cosmetic bans are not a bannable offense,’ they said. ‘However, if you require technical support after installing a mod, you will need to uninstall the mod, as we do not officially support mods.’

GTA5 mods

That said, FoV mods (remember, FoV mods leading to bannings is what set this outrage off in the first place) might not be considered strictly cosmetic mods, as they do impact the gameplay to some extent.

Why Rockstar did not simply make GTA V and GTA: Online separate for the PC version of the game, I will not understand.

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  • It’s all about the money. Wall Street analysts demanded “sustainable revenues” from Rockstar, so shark cards were born. Rockstar isn’t going to allow mods to affect shark card sales. The only way to accomplish this is to ban mods altogether.

  • Arrow Smith

    The only way we can fight this is to not give them another penny of our hard earned dollars. We all know the only reason we bought this game was for the endless possibilities of modding, but this is exactly what R* doesnt want. Why would you buy a DLC when there are mods that do the same thing? Well thats the wrong mentality to have considering you are the richest video game programmers in the world and most of us bought the game twice. If R* wants to fix this All they need to do is program their servers to kick anyone with mods installed… not ban them! Today you lost a loyal customer rockstar.. Repent for your sins!!!!


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