RUMOR ALERT: Sony Suspends All Development on Playstation 4, There Will Be No Playstation 4

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Uh oh. Well, this doesn’t sound too good.

As TheSixthAxis reports, a Japanese website is stating that Sony Computer Entertainment has halted all development on the next generation Playstation home console, colloquially referred to as the Playstation 4.

Apparently, the Playstation 3, which only just became profitable for Sony last year, has bled the corporation dry, and they are now looking at keeping the system relevant for as long as possible. Also, it seems that Sony seems to believe that the future of non PC gaming lies in the handhelds, and not in home consoles, as they are, for all purposes, betting on the NGP to become the next ‘mainline’ Playstation system. As the quote says:

‘Hiroshige Goto says SCEI suspended PS4 development. They were working on a PowerPC based system at IBM Rochester after the Larrabee fall out, then shelved it. They are betting the farm on PSP2 as they expect handhelds to displace consoles.’

This, of course, raises several questions. Just what was the Playstation 4 going to be? A PowerPC based system developed by IBM? That sounds very intriguing. Why was development halted?  Were the costs of R&D too high for Sony to afford right now, when they just became profitable after so many years of sustaining heavy losses? Does this indicate that the NGP may just be named the ‘Playstation 4?’

What will also be interesting to watch will be how Sony attempts to keep the Playstation 3 relevant to publishers after the gates to rampant piracy were opened following the Geohotz leaks. As long as Sony can keep piracy to a minimum, publishers will continue to support the system, as they are fully comfortable with its architecture by now, and as the system itself is well designed enough to last well into the twilight years of the current decade.

The Playstation line of systems is the bestselling hardware line of video game consoles in history. The first Playstation, released in 1995, sold 100 million units, whereas its legendary successor, the Playstation 2, recently crossed the 150 million units shipped mark. The Playstation Portable, Sony’s first foray into handheld gaming, has sold 60 million units so far, whereas the Playstation 3 currently stands at 47 million units sold.

Whether the Playstation 3, and the conspicuous lack of Playstation branding on the NGP and Xperia Play indeed indicate an end of the most successful hardware brand in gaming history remains to be seen.

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  • Well, I wouldn’t want to buy a new console if this is true. I like it if there were hardware attachments to buy to upgrade the ram or whether to get more out of the PS3 like a PC! Read this through, with the library of games and exclusive games launching this year alone, there isn’t a good enough reason for me to move onto a PS4. Think about it.

    PS. The video game industry can’t keep secrets anymore, lol! Go Journalism!

    • aquaman22

      LOL that’s funny as hell but true. There are about 15 exclusive titles this year ALONE!! not to mention third party games! and although i do agree with you about upgrading the console, the money for them is in the software. Why spend money on trying to upgrade an outdated console when they can drown it with a plethora of games for a decade? besides i love the idea of a “next gen console”. how cool it would look and all that. Aqua Out!

  • noxtics

    The way the market is right now it would be very hard for people to justify a new console purchase. I think they are doing the right thing by shelving it for now. They need to focus on the services that surround the system and improve them.

    They have already a form of charge for their online system and as time progresses be ready because the “free” days of psn are going to dwindle to less for free.

    The overhead for the services that support todays consoles is so much that a free model is near next to sustain with any kind of profitability.

  • dh4645

    i dont see how this is totally true. maybe they’ve halted it for now, but i’m sure they’ll pick it up again in the near future. it would totally be devastating if there was never a PS4

  • aquaman22

    Okay the PS3 has been out now for about 4 years. It’s a bit too early to be talking about PS4 only because the PS3 has JUST started to see a profit. FUNNY but I did mention in one of the posts that developers would probably NOT want to work on titles or dedicate a lot of effort on titles and resources because of this geohot guy (douche); because of piracy. This blows man, this is going to be a historical year for Sony. If i were Sony, I do whatever it takes to keep Naughty Dog, Incognito now known as lightbox interactive, guerilla, sucker punch, media molecules and the rest of the EXCLUSIVE developers HAPPY. Because these great people is what is driving the sales of ps3. Can anyone PLEASE tell me who would NOT buy a PS3 when Uncharted 3 comes out?? I would sell my own blood in blood drives (I donate blood by the way) just to get a ps3 for this game so c’mon Sony focus on DEVELOPERS and SOFTWARES!!!!

    • noxtics

      yeah i really hope they put a plug in the holes the hack uncovered ..there’s just so much banking on the integrity of the system much i want to actually see come out and to play! =-)

  • lukepc92

    the title for this one was a hell of a lot more worrying than the whole article itself haha i think sony and playstation will be around for a hell of a lot longer and besides microsoft arent exactly going to do anything fantastic to wipe them out anyways

    • noxtics

      i don’t think microsoft or sony would want to wipe each other out …as much as fans of either camp paint pictures of one or the other looking to beat the other down …im sure the story is totally different if you were to talk to the people at both companies.

      the competition they provide each other helps them make better products and to some degree i wouldn’t be surprised if they help each other out in certain scenarios.

      all and all im glad we have all these choices in systems and each system really provides its own unique experience.

  • Thatruth86

    1st off the will definatly be a ps4.. Im glad they stopped bc ps3 has a long life right now n so great games are being made. I can live with a ps 3 for another lets say 6 to 8 years.. So im not worried they stopped. Yea the title made it seem like there not making a ps4 but i know what it is lol.. N for the other systems dont really care sony will last forever

    • yodathe3rd

      agreed truth i believe that sony really hasn’t hit its peak yet for the games they are getting there but for how open sony really is they could just update it someday and im guessing sony ps3 will go for the 10 years like they announced at e3 when they said they were coming out with the ps3 so all in all the system is still going to be ticking for a while and this year i think some units are really going to sell well considering all the awesome exclusives coming out.

  • Totally sensationaist bull crap


    Its good this happened they just got into a good place as far as the ps3 goes so a new system would be a slap to the face to all ps3 owners

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  • Thatruth86

    yea since with all the updates those can make the ps3 better so im happy about that. and i know theres people that still havnt got there hands on a ps3 that want one so why dish a ps4 when sony knows ps3 will sell last a long time

  • dh4645


    “The PlayStation 3 came out in 2006. That doesn’t matter, people want to know about the PlayStation 4. Thing is, Sony’s still focusing on the PS3. Oh, and the NGP.

    From the get-go, Sony said that the PS3 will have a ten year lifecycle. That doesn’t mean, Sony can’t or won’t release the inevitable PS4 during that time span. Heck, the PS3 is out, and the 11-year-old PlayStation 2 is still selling.

    Sony Computer Entertainment boss Kaz Hirai reiterates the PS3’s ten year life cycle in a piece on website PC Watch. “We’re not even at the halfway point,” Hirai says, adding that compelling titles are coming out from Sony’s game studios and third-party studios. “Every year, we reveal and release new features,” Hirai adds, pointing out that this is the bring the PS3 to its full potential.

    “That’s why, we’re not deliberating on a PS4 or a next generation machine, whatever you call it,” Hirai adds, underlining what Sony’s been saying for years. There are rumors that R&D for a new console was put on ice, but shifted to the NGP.

    But for large electronic companies like Sony, R&D is constant and endless. They don’t suddenly decide one weekend to start work on a new machine — that would catch them flatfooted. Even Nintendo concedes that it is continuing working on new products. It’s not whether these companies are developing new machines, it’s if and when these new machines hit stores. So for the time being, enjoy your PS3 and look forward to the NGP or maybe even that rumored tablet.”

  • there is no way that they can honestly believe that a hand held will be able to surpass what a home console can do… The Playstation 4 has been rumored and pushed back a couple of times, I have been following along closely at its amazing how many concept designs and such have been submitted to them… there is also a survey asking gamers when they expect the Playstation 4 and most think it will be announced in 2012

  • aquaman22

    lol did you actually post something here DH or you just copied and paste something from a previous article??? lmao Financially speaking it would make NO SENSE to do this now. They’re not ready to take ANOTHER HIT like they did with the ps3. It’s amazing when you think about it. It took sony about 4 years and like 2 price drops to be able to finally make profit, oh and of course the production of a more conservative model in the ps3 slim (which is more cost effective to produce). So there’s no way they’re going down that road again, or else jack tretton can kiss his ass good bye lol. Aqua Out!!!


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