SCEE President: “We Don’t Have Anything Against EA Access”

Despite not bringing it to PlayStation, Jim Ryan says the company doesn’t hate EA’s new service.

Posted By | On 18th, Aug. 2014 Under News

EA Access

When EA first announced its Access program for the Xbox One, there was a fair amount of skepticism for players considering the price already being paid for Xbox Live Gold (not to mention effectively renting games that you could purchase easily). Sony also didn’t help the publisher’s case when it revealed that it didn’t support EA Access for PlayStation platforms since it didn’t offer enough value.

SCEE President Jim Ryan has clarified the company’s stance on the same to Metro Game Central, saying, “We don’t have anything against EA Access, we just need to position it…these sort of offerings they’ve got to fit into the framework of everything we do and everything that we offer.

“And we’re just not quite comfortable with how it sits within the whole ecosystem of our digital offering, including PlayStation Plus.”

EA did smooth things over a bit by announcing that games that went into the Vault stayed in the Vault and that you only required Xbox Live Gold for multiplayer. Stay tuned for more information on how EA Access pans out.

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    Letter to Sony, stop comparing EA’s subscription service to PS+
    PS+ is more comparable to games with gold from Xbox live gold,
    You say that EA’s subscription service isn’t a good value for PlayStation users but with PlayStation Now you charge consumers insane prices to rent/stream last-gen games

    Sony you guys are hilarious

    • demfax

      PSNow will eventually have PS4 games, which makes more sense.

    • bardock5151

      What’s the point to ps now though, who is it aimed at? This service would suck on my connection I know that for sure, I cant stream HD movies with out massive picture quality drops even points where it has to buffer. Even 720p from youtube is questionable at times.
      Apparently I’m not alone with a sub par connection, well according to certain people on this site anyway. So if there is alot of people with poor connections out there how big of an attach rate can this service expect. Prices aside of course.


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