Sea of Thieves Will Look Great No Matter What You Play It On, Says Rare

It’s good to hear that they are trying to not alienate any piece of hardware.

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Sea of Thieves marks many firsts for Rare- it is the first multiplayer game they have made. It is the first game they have made using an external engine. It is the first game they have made for PC. But in spite of all of these firsts, Rare still wants Sea of Thieves to look great for you- no matter what hardware or system you are playing it on.

“So for us, it’s like, I’m a big fan of Phil [Spencer’s] vision, which is: we want people to play Sea of Thieves regardless of their device,” Rare’s Craig Duncan said to AusGamers recently. “For us, it’s really about making sure it’s amazing on Xbox One S, making sure it’s amazing on Xbox One X, making sure it’s amazing on PC — whether you’re a high-end PC gamer where things like FOV and all those things that matter, right down to, “Hey, I can run Sea of Thieves on my Surface. So I can go into Redmond — and we’ve been play-testing weekly cross-play as well – and so last time I was in Redmond, I was playing on my Surface, with people playing on their Xbox One back in the UK. ”

I am personally glad to hear them adopting that approach to their game- after all, one of the biggest fear that many had when the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X were first announced was that the lower tier hardware would get worse versions of the game.

Extending that same line of thinking to Sea of Thieves, it is good to see that while Rare is committed to maximizing and leveraging the unique benefits of each piece of hardware it puts its game on, it is also committed to ensuring that all systems get an equivalent experience with its game regardless.

Sea of Thieves launches exclusively on the Xbox One, and on Windows 10 PCs, early next year.

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  • Sp4ctr0

    We live in word without “console generations” so all games and consoles will be forward and backward compatible like on PC. Of course details on older hardware will be low.

    2013 XBox One and PS4 is like a GeForce 750 TI
    2016 PS4 Pro is like GeForce 960
    2017 Xbox One X is like GeForce 1070

    • Xbox One X unlocked

      That’s with our agreed upon lockouts still in place.
      Mistercteam has proof we have more than 6.0Tflops as well.
      The team found Vega features that we asked for been included but not talked about.

    • Psionicinversion

      Mrcteam the ones that found a 2nd unused gpu in the xbox one 4 years ago hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    • Xbox One X unlocked

      Yes, and we agreed it was best to keep the NDA in place and help Sony with recovery sales.

    • Jacky

      They will never recover.
      A company run by morons.

    • Psionicinversion

      xDMA has nothing to do with vega. xDMA first came in with hawaii (290/290x) and is primarily used in communicating across PCIe for multi gpu usage but AMD still has problems with micro stutter and stuff with it

  • Mr Xrat

    Xgimps in comments as delusional as they were in 2013.

  • Jacky

    Best looking game with most promise and huge replay value. Crushes Sony’s 3rd person singleplayer games that are dead and forgotten 2 weeks after release.


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