Shadows Of The Damned & Child Of Eden Flop In US

Posted By | On 16th, Jul. 2011 Under Industry News, News

Adding fuel to the contradictory bonfire that gamers cry for originality and then don’t buy the titles that try for it, Shadows Of The Damned and Child Of Eden have, predictably, flopped sales-wise, despite massive critical praise – Shadows Of The Damned selling a measly 24,000 copies on the PS3 and Xbox 360 combined, with Child Of Eden faring a little better with 34,000 copies sold. That’s still not great mind. Duke Nukem: Forever is still selling surprisingly well though, even if not as well as had been predicted. Just thought I’d chuck that in there…

Thanks to Gamesradar for the info.

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  • Originality doesn’t mean it’s automatically good, nor does good reviews mean a hit. I think more and more people are getting sick of sites like 1up and IGN and their very played out cycle of

    hype hype hype hype, game releases if it’s not MW, Crytek game, GTA, Halo or Uncharted give it a bad or mediocre review citing flaws that are very apparent in their “top reviewed games. It also doesn’t help that these reviews are very amateurish for “professional” reviews ranging from babbling fan boy or moral high horse hipster gamer to getting facts about the game completely wrong. I do LOVE PC reviews mention 360 or PS3 features.

    Personally I read NeoGAF, this site, Yahtzee and Gamecritics being the only HONEST review (And after thought) about LA Noir I read.

  • @TheSabi – A-men! 😛 There’s this shift going on where, most ‘pro’ reviews turn out to be garbage because they people behind them are being forced to give scores that an audience would like to see – thus improving traffic to the site and thus making false reviews. It’s exactly as you say, the CoDs and GTAs get perfect scores, yet contain may flaws and other games get mediocre scores and end up being better titles that those above…. it’s lunacy.


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