Shameful reactions of Call of Duty players to Robert Bowling’s resignation

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Robert Bowling just resigned from Infinity Ward from his position of creative strategist at the studio, and while he seemed pretty displeased, the Call of Duty players sent a lot of vitriol his way.

I mean, all this over a game? What is wrong with people. Some of these comments are funny, for example, “Glad ur off the IW team cuz u single handedly ruined call of duty worse than cheeseburgers ruined Christina Aguilera,” but when you compile a lot of these comments, you realise what a bunch of horrific people these are.

Check them out below, they’re completely shocking.


@fourzerotwo Today I go out buy a sniper rifle kill you and your family sell you’re body to a convicted rapist that is also a necropheliac!

@fourzerotwo I hate you so much man, its hilarious, if you ever get another job, i hope its at the dump, cleaning up shit like yourself.

Yo @fourzerotwo I heard you got fired because one of the requirements for working there was that you had to have felt pussy before. True?

@fourzerotwo short story..they fired your nerdy douche bag lookin ass?

@fourzerotwo go kill yourself mw3 is a piece of shit I hope you fucking choke you stupid deformed head cunt

@fourzerotwo finally. they should of fired your dumb ass a long time ago, fucking shitty ass job you did with mw3.

@fourzerotwo bye fking noob eat some lag

@fourzerotwo So you ruin everything, and just LEAVE? Pussy.

@fourzerotwo Your a dumb mother fucker i hope you become homeless fucking faggot go to hell

@fourzerotwo aww is it because you suck dick and should kill yourself? is that why? yeah…just die…you suck as a person….go die now…

@fourzerotwo Bitchmade nigga. Kill yourself.

Robert Bowling / @fourzerotwo Is it possible to lag your way through the door so it won’t hit you in the ass? #MW3 #HappyTrails

So, yeah. Pretty sad. The CoD community is truly the worst out there.

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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  • charles2029

    Such harsh words for one of the people that helped create one of the biggest selling titles in gaming.

  • Kai-El

    Just shows you, if you want to build a massive community (Bioware’s cute little community of end haters), You will always get the degenerates of the world.

    • Evil The Cat

      Indeed. All of the REAL gamers are playing the games instead of bitching about them.

    • Matt

      In regards to Bioware… Yeah, raising $80,000 for charity is pretty degenerate. Moron.

  • Jackie

    Sigh. The internet should be less anonymous. These tards give gamers bad names.

  • Cod

    Really, this is pretty sickening but this kinda of crap can be spread around all the gaming communities, Minecraft, CoD, LoL/HoN/DOTA, BattleField and pick your choice of Blizzard games. People in general show their true colors behind anonymity gamers are even worse than most.

  • Baller


  • Hayden

    Yeah, we’ve known CoD players are the scum of the gaming Earth. It’s common knowledge.

    • Goofy

      Refreshing. I like that.

  • Musser64


  • CoD blows

    All of this is extremely pathetic. I am glad to see that Robert is not letting the thoughts of a bunch of virgins who live in their mom’s basements and don’t know how to talk to women bother him. Hey assholes, at least he had a job. He’s more use to the human race than any of you will ever be. Am I right IHuSsAiiNI and JamesMcMullen5? Honestly, people like you make me sad to be a part of the human race. Grow the fuck up.

  • George

    I hate kids like these. Hide behind your monitor and talk shit. None of them would have the balls to say that to his face. And anyway, they must not realize how much Bowling has done for the CoD community. Good luck in your future Robert 🙂


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