Shenmue 3 Won’t Release at Retail on PS4

Backers who donate $60 will receive a physical PC copy however.

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Shenmue 3

Sony may be helping Ys Net and Yu Suzuki in creating Shenmue 3 for the PS4 and PC but don’t expect to receive a retail release for the PS4 version. According to the updated FAQ on the project’s Kickstarter (which has already surpassed the original funding goal of $2 million), Shenmue 3 won’t be released at retail for Sony’s console at this point and time.

It’s worth noting that players who back the project at $60 will receive a physical PC copy for the game. However, those interested in buying the game for PS4 will have to do so through the PlayStation Network. It is fairly early in the project’s life-cycle for no retail release so you never know – plans could change down the line. Heck, the project’s Kickstarter even says that, “Other platforms have not been decided yet.”

What are your thoughts on no retail release for Shenmue 3 on PS4? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Starman

    First of all , XB1 owners are donating to the cause , they didn’t say exclusive kickstarter to ps4 and pc , stop the fkn false hope GB this will be a multi-plat Sony has no exclusive rights to this …STOP RIDDING SONY’S NUT SACK ! and lying for them …

    • Austin Jarmusch

      Read the Kickstarter page. Does it say anything about XB1? No.

    • Guest

      Read it and the article,”Heck, the project’s Kickstarter even says that, Other platforms have not been decided yet.”

    • jent

      Sony is backing this game with millions of dollars. The $2 million Kickstarter is just a hype generating machine. Sadly this machine will struggle to maintain the hype needed in the development time of this game unless they are much further along than they imply. I have heard this game is made using Unreal Engine 4, so in reality it would be a rather simple matter to put it out on Xbox One. However I would not expect it to be multi-platform because I think Sony is backing it. If Sony is not actually backing it then I really feel sorry for Sony folks because…
      1. If it really will be developed for ~$4 million dollars it is gonna royally suck and in no way meet the fervor it has generated.
      2. It will not be an exclusive at all.

    • jayflow

      Why would it suck for Sony folks? They basically get the digital download for $29. It’s not like you’re paying $60 for a AAA game that fails to deliver.

    • jent

      I suppose that would be a great thing. If it happens that way.

  • Gamez Rule

    As long as I can play the game on PC or PS4 I’m happy☺

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