Should The Elder Scrolls 6 Include A Skyrim Remaster?

An argument for why Bethesda should offer their most popular game for free with their next title.

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The last thing that Bethesda need at this point is help selling their games- both, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout 4 were massive, record breaking successes, breaking all manner of sales records, and becoming veritable cultural zeitgeists in the process. So, including a remaster of a popular game like Skyrim in the upcoming inevitable The Elder Scrolls 6 isn’t something that is, strictly speaking, necessary- whenever the game is announced, it will sell itself to the legions of fans that Bethesda has at this point.

And yet, one might as well wonder if Bethesda should go ahead an offer a remaster of their defining game anyway. Of course, a lot of this rhetoric is derived from the fact that, by Bethesda’s own admission, they have a port of Skyrim, developed internally to get them familiar with current generation tech, up and running- when a remaster already exists in one form, why not polish it further until it is fit for retail release, and then offer it to your biggest fans as a goodwill gesture, or as part of a more expensive edition for the next entry in the franchise?

The big argument against this is that Bethesda will naturally want to sell their biggest game to an updated audience- and earn some good money in the process. Why offer it for free, when you can sell it, after all? But there will be a part of me that will continue to hope on some level that when The Elder Scrolls 6 is inevitably announced, there is an edition of it that comes with a remaster of Skyrim. Maybe they can sell it separately, too, if they want. That seems to be a good compromise.

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  • d0x360

    Genius idea for your weekly article about a game that won’t be even announced for years.

    Yes let’s waste the budget for the next elder scrolls game by remastering the old game…something PC modders have already done and Bethesda can’t use.

    So if you want a proper modern skyrim build a proper PC and install a bunch of enhancement mods don’t call for Bethesda to waste potentially millions of dollars on a project that’s been done better already by the community

    • Alan

      lol, that was savage my friend.

    • d0x360

      True but here’s why. For 2 years before fallout 4 was even announced they posted at least an article a week about it where they would just make things up or speculate or sometimes repost an older article slightly reworded.

      The day Fallout 4 was announced they started doing the same thing about elder scrolls. So now we are treated to weekly articles about a game thats not announced instead of them being creative and using their talents on something good.

      I’m not mad I’m…disappointed. I see potential in a lot of the people who write here as they come and go and its wasted on crap like this or some article written just to start a comment fanboy war.

      This site could be amazing if they wanted but the leadership doesn’t seem to care. Short term ad profits are more important to them than long term readership. IGN started just like this site and through quality writing they grew. Quality brings you loyal fans and a community. All this site has done as of late is….this crap!

      I shouldn’t even care but I do because like I said…the potential exists it’s just being wasted. Its a shame.

    • Klpire123

      I’m not sure being compared to IGN is a compliment, though I see your overall point: speculation on TES6 is *just* speculation and a large waste of time.

    • Well Meaning

      they also spend time speculating on whether or not elder scrolls 6 will be in a new place or if it will be skyrim 2.

    • Uh, isn’t there a Modern Warfare remaster bundled with the Legacy Edition of Infinite Warfare? Answer is not NO. :/

    • d0x360

      If course they could and yea it would sell…to console owners, maybe.
      Why waste the budget on a game that’s already been nodded to look better than a lot of games that come out today and have had hundreds of free quests added by the community? Bethesda can’t hope to match the quality of the community upgrades so only a fool would pay them for an upgraded version.

      Wouldn’t you prefer the budget go into a new game?

    • Deep One


    • William Bertram

      I honestly think they could remaster Skyrim and all it’s current DLC, add a few new DLC and it would sell by itself regardless of what the modding community has already done. Throwing all this in with TES6 pre-orders would probably make it the bestselling game ever before it’s even released.

  • Michael Lee

    Wow. Does this author have any idea how the industry works? Look, the entire PC/console business model is built upon brand awareness and developing sequels. When they build a game, they are always thinking about putting their best foot forward in order to sell the NEXT game. Because that is how they get to make payroll.

    It would be a TERRIBLE strategic move to maintain Skyrim or introduce an updated version because it means cannibalizing ES6’s success; Betheseda would literally become its own worst enemy.

    If this happens, their flexibility of their portfolio would decrease, jeopardizing the chances of an ES7 or better yet, an entirely new game franchise! So no, I don’t want another Skyrim, I want a new game, and even more new games after that. -_-

  • Good Guy

    Nope, It shall include Oblivion remastered and/or Morrowind remastered.

  • Fraser Hawkins

    Erm, I missed the part where this article made an argument outside “wouldn’t it be nice?”

  • Pete Madrona

    Pretty useless to include a remaster when fans are still playing the original today


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