Silent Hill producer crushes rumours of a multiplayer SH title

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The rumours of a multiplayer Silent Hill title for Xbox Live Arcade are not true according to Downpour producer Devin Shatsky.

The rumour was scraped from an interview with SH: Downpour art director Radek Marek. Shatsky has said though that “whoever that Italian interviewer was either took Radeks comments completely out of context, or it was lost in translation. As previously mentioned, we were (many moons ago) investigating a separate Multiplayer mode, but that was quickly extinguished when we costed it out and determined how much resource time it would detract from the core singleplayer experience.”

A multiplayer SH certainly sounds intriguing, though I’m not too sure how it would work exactly. Maybe it’s for the best that this rumour won’t be coming true.

Thanks to Hell Descent for the info.

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  • PilarVIRUS

    Thank god! Because I heard about it. I was like they’re driving this franchise even more into the ground. I’m happy they are not making a multiplayer mode. Also, I hated Homecoming; worst game in the franchise, it made me sick and it made no sense.

  • tareq salah

    i wonder how the multi-player was going to work in this title. i mean was it going to be humans vs monsters like dead space? or make silent hill like the crazies movie and have people running around killing monsters?

  • The way the economy is nowadays, if developers aren’t putting out titles with online multiplayer or free downloadable content, then the games should be worth less. They pale in comparison, and no one wants to pay full price for what seems like half a game when compared to most other modern games.

    • not that multiplayer is necessary, but at least downloadable content. There’s really no excuse for having not having these types of things now, both the PS3 and Xbox have hard drives on top of the 50 Gb on the bluray discs. Red Dead Redemption not only provided a great single player, but also an awesome online and downloadable content. If they can do that then other developers should follow their lead.

    • PilarVIRUS

      Games that don’t need multiplayer, shouldn’t have it. As for free downloadable, alot of games should. I mean, but not every developer can manage that kind of burden.

    • shastyxmcnasty

      I agree with Pilar, mp has no right being in some games, like dead space and Batman, there is nothing that turns me off from a game more then when a game throws in online mp just to increase sales out of the gate.

    • Well half the games that do, do so beacuse the game itself lacks in one way or another. Batman and Deadspace have pretty good graphics are decently long. It they weren’t, I’d expect MP.

  • shastyxmcnasty

    I feel like sports, fps, fighters and rts games should have an online component. However I do not thing horror or 3rd person action titles like resident evil and silent hill should be concerning themselves with adding in an online component. I feel like it cheapens the single player campaign which is really why we buy these style games in the first place.

  • doub7

    Yeah glad 2 hear this was false. Don’t really even c how mp would work in Silent Hill. I don’t think evry game needs MP, there is room for AAA SP games like Arkham & Bioshock. No1 missed the MP in those games.

  • doub7

    I have 2 admit tho I really like Dead Space MP. Its like a prettier & creepier version of Versus in Left 4 Dead. I like jumpin around as a demon baby & a pack of engineers walkin down a hallway obliteratin evrythin in sight is just badass.

  • lee

    Silent Hill definately does Not need Mp. I had a hard time playing resident evil 5 with that hot big booty broad blocking half the screen. And taking away from the experience. If I want online multiplayer, I’ll play an action shooter at best. Not silent hill. Please don’t drive the series any further into the ground


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