Skyrim: 10 Things We Want To See In Dawnguard DLC

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It’s surprising that we haven’t had any Skyrim DLC yet, considering the immense popularity of the game, yet Bethesda have recently popped the bubble of suspense by announcing Dawnguard. Bestowed with the vague release of “summer” on Xbox 360, it won’t be long before we get even more content for Skyrim. Bethesda aren’t always particularly generous with their DLC offerings however, so below we’ve listed ten things we think they really ought to offer in Dawnguard.

High Production Values

Bethesda will have to pull it out of the bag to beat mods like this

A rather obvious point, but Dawnguard is unlikely to get off the ground without some serious polish. Maybe console users will be happy for any kind of content but, considering the high quality third party mods that the PC version of the game has been subject too, Bethesda will need to bring their A game to the development of Dawnguard. After all, it would be pretty embarrassing if they were shown up by their fans.

A Meaty Set of Quests

Considering the time we will have waited for Dawnguard, it would be a total let down if it’s anything less that a “full” expansion pack. Small tweaks and a handful of quests isn’t going to cut it. We’ll be wanting a proper new quest line with a solid story, proper continuity with the game’s lore and new characters and factions.

A New World

Of the two expansion packs released for Oblivion, The Shivering Isles was much more impressive than The Knights of Nine expansion. Why? Simply because The Shivering Isles offered a completely new setting, while the Knights add on generally re-used locations within Cyrodil. Let’s hope Dawnguard takes us to a new world as, whilst I love Skyrim as much as the next guy, a change of scenery would be nice.

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  • M. Tulli

    This article has such a pitch that it made me ponder if an angry primary school student wrote was behind its composition.

    The desires are legitimate, but there is an undeniable sense of unreasonable entitlement in every suggestion. “They better do this because… wouldn’t it bad if… let’s hope they don’t totally let us down”

    I agree we deserve quality in return for our purchase, but Bethesda hasn’t made a habit out of ignoring its fans or releasing shameless expansions. They’ve been kind to us, why can we not be kind to them?

    • will

      Bathesda are a company, what makes you think they do what they do out of the kindness of their hearts? they do it for money, and only money. As a customer, you must demand what you want and tell the company what it must deliver for your money. Im sick of people like you acting like huge game companies are our friends who make us games because they like us. Get a grip and pull your head out of the clouds.

  • Shin


  • jeremy

    Why is everyone expecting bethesda to just jump straight into making a new world for their dlc. Think on the developer level with this, correct me if im wrong but if you look back bethesda told us that they started working on skyrim right after oblivion and that was in 2006 i believe . It took them about 6 years to make skyrim and thats all on account of skyrim being so huge and advanced. Now let me ask you, given that bethesda probably started working on dawnguard since skyrims release what makes all of you think that bethedsa can pull out some huge expansion out of their asses in

  • jeremy

    Sorry accidentally posted. But ya what makes everyone think that they can just pull some huge expansion out of thair asses in a mear 6 months. Im sorry if i burst anyones bubble here but expect some kind of dlc that takes place within the world of skyrim for this first one, that doesnt mean it will automatically be bad though, broken steel was arguably the best dlc for fo3. Remember guys its bethesda theyll give us a great dlc regardless of where it takes place especially for their masterpiece skyrim

    • IOSXthings

      Ever heard of shivering isles?

  • Bob Loblaw

    Implore does not mean employ.

  • robotdickens

    Bethesda has to beat out mods? You obviously haven’t been following Skyrim and what Todd Howard has been saying. Skyrim is like a cake just baked. Its hot and ready but anyone who wants it immediately is going to be burned. So we each get some of it and wait for it to get better over time. Todd Howard said he loves mods and wonders why other games don’t use them. He likes how people can make the game better if they want to. To force people to have high res stuff in the game and then make it so their game is really choppy if they haven’t installed it to the hard drive or have a beast of a PC is complete BS. “Well I want the best looking game ever.” Fine, that’s what mods are for. Yes the visuals would be a lot nicer but they’re nice and fine right now. I don’t like hearing my 360 buzz and whir which is why I installed it to my hard drive. People like you are why I really stay away from PC gaming. Make everything look pretty and you make me mad because now I have to buy a PC to play it at the best settings to see the “prettiness” of everything and then I’m going to be even more pissed off later because someone decided that game could have been prettier and makes a game with insane graphic requirements.


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