Skyrim Visual Mod: This Is Not Photoshopped

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We have a fantastic new mod for Skyrim that changes the entire look of the game mainly because the thing that is important, yes the Sky has been changed to give a more realistic look. That feel of Sun in the face is one of the best moments you will encounter in the game. Of course, you actually can’t feel it, but the game looks so realistic after installing this mod that you will most definitely appreciate it. The mod gives the sky a HDR look and makes it more sharp looking. You can download the mod from here. The Sky is more real, blue, and a sharpness that looks like a “HDR”, gives an incredible effect! Noticed until the details of a small stone and improved over the sky = D can be enabled or disabled at any time by using SHIFT + F12. The installation is pretty simple, all you got to do is replace some files or use the Skyrim Nexus manager. There are very small files which you need for installation namely, one txt, dll, enbseries, d3d9.dll, etc. You can see all the screenshots from the mod above, and as much as we are impressed with this, you should be too. Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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  • lol i have this too i just turned up the color on my nividia console and installed fxaa and hdr lighting on skyrim it looks so pretty also the water is the best ive seen in a video game

  • ME

    Ha, you guys fucked that up. The first 4 are skyrim pics… then we get FFX, Killzone, etc…

    Oh and btw, wasn’t impressed by the skyrim shots… all I f’n see is retarded sun flare.

  • Is it better? I’ve seen better graphics on some of the dedicated PC games that’s 2 years older. The sun glare feels exagerrated. Bethesda needs to either ditch the Gamebryo engine or fix it fast. Crysis on medium at an open scenery looks much better and still smoother than Skyrim on maxed vanilla settings.


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