Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Dev Wants You to Experience “Things We Can’t Predict”

Don’t count on gung-ho behaviour to get you rewards either.

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Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

Like many games going open world these days, including Faith Connors and her stunningly boring turn in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, CI Games’ Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 will be introducing an open world element to its gameplay. It’s not quite open world though – it’s more spontaneous and emergent than that.

Speaking to GameSpot, chief executive Marek Tyminski offered the example of knocking out a satellite dish to interrupt a target’s TV show, thus luring him to the roof and taking him out.

As for whether there would be more of these kinds of situations, Tyminski noted, “We can’t say, ‘Hey we have open-world gameplay here in terms of mission design,’ then give them only three options. We’re really giving them plenty to do, and maybe they may discover things that we didn’t think of. It’s a very clear decision you have to make when you design a video game.

“You can either allow for the unexpected choices, which causes some unexpected cool things to happen, or you don’t. We decided we are open to it; we want players to experience things we couldn’t predict.”

While stealth and head-on firepower is still an option, CI Games wants to maintain the essence of being a sniper. To that end, killing swathes of enemies won’t net you bonuses. “It’s not in the essence and spirit of being a sniper. It’s not in the spirit of you or the character to kill everyone just to get a bonus or some reward.”

January 27th 2017 is the day that Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 is unleashed on the world. Are you looking forward to it? Let us know below.

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  • Fatty

    If it is going to be as they say I believe we are looking at one of the best sniping games in 2017. Don’t know if the franchise is still a sniping series or is it becoming more like FPS. Ether way I am really looking forward to checking this out!

  • Rothen Kler

    I’d loved Sniper game. Now I hope everything will be looks on the game like they say. I agree with you Fatty. Now we can only wait for more information or another gameplay – I hope they shows something more before release date.

  • hooker

    I think this game will be one of the biggest surprises in 2017. This game will be unique! I’m obviously preordering!

    • Fatty

      Oh yes, I have already did that my friend! I mean we all know this is going to be a great game but with the pre-order you get a DLC with extra missions and you get to play as a female ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • hooker Have you seen this footage? These guys just love it! And let’s be honest – this is almost 1h of awesomegameplay. I think it shows how great is SGW3.

    • Clamp

      I saw that and its giving a nice look for new SGW game. Looks very good and promising. I think, that developer have some bugs to fix. premiere is 27.01.2017 so they have plenty of time to polish that title.

    • Noizy Bird

      Wow, this is what i call longplay. Its impressive what CI Games made within last year. They must fix bugs and everything shoudl go smooth.

  • Gobnik

    I’m no more waiting for this game. I was hoping they’d make it a true sniping game but I see that it is more like Call of Duty now. Sad.

    • Maldy

      I do not see any similarity between SGW3 and CoD. Both are FPS but other than that I see no reason to compare those two titles. It looks for me that this game will be a true sniping experience. I only hope the crafting system will give you a great freedom of choice.


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