So you think YOU’RE a hardcore gamer?

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There’s hardcore gaming, then there’s HARDCORE gaming. These guys are definitely the latter.

Not to be stopped by a simple flood, these three lads from the Philippines are hard at work on what appears to be either Starcraft or Warcraft 3.

Those are some sweet rigs too by the looks of things, but all the zooming in the world won’t tell us what’s under the hood.

I sure hope that’s muddy water they’re sitting in.hardcore

Source: Imgur

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  • Hahahahahahahah XD

  • saminseattle

    WOW! O_O Now that’s hardcore! respect.

  • mike

    umm they arent gaming they are working, aka gold farmers, i would hardly call theose hardcore gamers by any means

  • kaya

    I lived in the Philippines for 2 years, and it probably floods like that there every rainy season. Believe me, they’re always prepared for things like that. And no, lol they don’t farm gold over there… Just play hard.

  • steph


  • Speaking of floods, my country Bangladesh is one of the lowest lying land in Asia. You would wake up to see your bed under water, but that’s mostly in the sea shore areas to the south. 😀 Just last year our capital city roads were flooded and it was fun lol.

  • tarbis

    I’m from the Philippines but I never was addicted like they do that they can damn ignore the damn floods. O_O

  • pedo

    That is one of the funniest things I’ve seen. That is some serious gaming. Poor Philippine bastards and all they have to look forward to is rice and rat meat. Ha ha ha !!!!
    How funny would it be if they got electrocuted. Now that would be funny. LOL !!!!!!

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