Some New Killzone 3 Gameplay & Details Featuring The ‘Field Medic’ On New Map

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Now with a beta and a demo out a lot of you have gotten the chance to see Killzone 3 in action, but the Playstation Blog has posted some new details as well as gameplay of the Field Medic.  The Playstation Blog makes the Field Medic sound like an invincible mad scientist bring people back from the dead.  On top of that the gameplay is all on the previously unrevealed map ‘MP7 MAWLR Graveyard’.

Killzone 3 producer, Aryeh Loeb stated that “A fully upgraded Field Medic can call on the aid of a Medi-Droid that will hover near the Field Medic and provide cover while he revives other players”.  Loeb went on to say that “He can even attain the ability to stand up after getting fatally wounded, a perfect opportunity to surprise the enemy after they’ve left you for dead.” Damn, I mean does the Medic ever die and watching the footage below might sway you to play as a Medic even if you have never don’t so in a game before, but this is my kind of Medic. Killzone 3 is out February 22(US) and February 25(UK) exclusivel for Playstation 3 as well as being fully Move compatible. So pre-order those Sharpshooter Gun Peripherals along with the game too and of course make sure you have a PS Move with both Move Controllers(Wand & Navigation).

News source via VG247, via Playstation Blog

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  • Rival_31

    I;ve seen this., I’ll miss the medic from part two.
    Using the defibrillator as a weapon was fun.

    • aquaman22

      kz3 is going to be great. Kinda disappointed with reviews but who cares? Better than cod, and sharp shooter looks sick!!! have not played much with medic, i really enjoy the tac and engineer.

  • Thatruth86

    lol i forgot you was able to do that agghh ill definitely miss kz2

  • dh4645

    i’ve played the closed beta and open beta. i mainly use the engineer and marksman. i love sniping peoples heads as you can see.

  • joey_kangaroo

    For some reason, I don’t play as well as I do when using the other classes when compared to being a medic. Although getting up after being killed was useful.

    • dh4645

      yeah when i first saw that happen with a guy i killed i was like WTF just happened. hah. i’ve learned to shoot or melee a dude once they are down but not out. that fixes that revive from the dead zombie issue. ha

  • Shadow-Man_4

    Playing as a field medic in the Killzone 3 BETA rocks! I’ve tried it and had a blast.

  • Shadow-Man_4

    I also enjoyed the addition of the new attachments to weapons, hope there are more hidden things for us to explore in the retail version though. =)

    • dh4645

      yeah, i agree, there are a bunch of things to unlock, but i am hoping for more also, but i doubt there have added anything more than what we have seen in the betas

    • aquaman22

      I’m sure that they’ll be something up their sleeves because beta testing is just that BETA. they want to see if the game is running properly or if there are any networking code problems. i had one or two days where the beta was down for me. They said they had some issues on a tweet post im hoping that will be smoothed out pre launch, the reason i liked kz2 online was because it was awesome of course but also because servers ran smooth as hell. Aqua Out!!!

  • Bone_Apart216

    ahaha. Invincible mad scientist is a good description. Dr. Frankenstein on the battlefield!
    Medic is probably the toughest one to kill.


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