Sony Dev On Santa Monica’s Canceled IP: Hype Alone Does Not Decide Game’s Completion

Some games just aren’t made on hype alone, according to the developer.

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New SCE Santa Monica PS4 Game

Much controversy is being generated from the latest round of lay-offs at SCE Santa Monica, especially considering that the reason for the same comes from a recently cancelled IP.

There is a strong conviction from both gamers and developers like Jonathan Blow that a new IP should take precedence. With Sony’s success and with for PlayStation 4 in the past few months, surely it could have afforded a risk like this?

But sometimes, it’s not about just hype. As NeoGAF user DemonNite, who works as an employee at Sony, says, “Hype alone does not decide if a game should be completed or not. If a game isn’t working out it’s not working out. Releasing a game based on ‘hype’ is suicide and would cause more damage in the long term.

“I’m a gamer as well and would love to see games make it through to the end but sometimes I understand why some are canned for business reasons. Everyone using TLOU as an example have to know that something special was seen very early on in development and it paid off. If a project fails to impress after years of work… well.

“However, another option for some projects (like Until Dawn) is to give it to another pair of hands with a fresh new look. But I don’t see that happening here.”

On being told that sometimes, a new IP will be far more preferable to yet another sequel to an already established franchise, DemonNite said, “New IP or not new IP, if the game isn’t impressing the right people it will not be worth finishing, from their point of view. No one is confirming if they will all work on GoW now. What if its trying out another stab at another new IP?

“…And of course Sony do know what hype is surrounding their projects. Devs and other people will know what is going on.”

Do you agree with the man’s views or not? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Name

    From the comments on similar posts around the web.. no one actually wants another GoW game ( Some still want, but the majority doesn’t ), they want new IP’s .. SONY should listen to the gamers!

    • Anon

      I’m one of those people that doesn’t want another GoW game. I think Ascension showed that people are getting tired of that series.

    • shinitaru

      I was tired of it after the second one. But that doesn’t change what this man is saying, I want new IP’s just like you guys, but I don’t want bad new IP’s

    • Car_trouble

      You, sir, are correct!

    • datdude

      I think people say they don’t want another God of War, much the same way they say they don’t want a new Gears of War. But God of War will sell regardless. And many of the people claiming they don’t want these type games again will see them in motion and be impressed enough to put down money for the game. God of War is a safe bet for Sony, if in fact it turns out to be the game or one of the games Sony Santa Monica (if they’re still called that following the move) is working on. Sony takes plenty of chances elsewhere and gives their developers and indies plenty of opportunity and freedom to make the games they want to make. I think when a game gets cancelled, more often than not it’s a case of crunching numbers and anticipating sales against the cost of seeing the project through to completion. If it’s determined that it’s going to cost more money than it’s going to produce, no company can sustain that in the long term. Sometimes you have to cut your losses and move on. Nobody likes to hear about people losing their jobs, but it happens in every industry and game development is a business like any other. Sometimes difficult choices have to be made. I only hope in this case the difficult decision is the right decision.

    • Styles Varies

      I think they should have showed the people a demo or game play and let the people judge.

    • Devin Runyan

      The majority want a new story like God of War but during Norse or Egyptian mythology..

  • one thing that annoys me is that once a game is cancelled, it’s cancelled for good! Dev or Publisher will NEVER go back to that cancelled game. They can’t even give the game to other publisher to finish the damn game.

    I can understand whatever reason Sony had to shut this game down. We have too much sci-fi man and we don’t even know if it’s 3rd person ro FPS.

    I want more GOW, after GOW3:) but not for Ascension>:/

  • Luis Almeida

    Well, I really like God of War and I want a new game in the series on PS4, but I want the Santa Monica Studio first launch a new IP!
    Not a matter of being fed up of God of War, but the Ascension was a huge disappointment and we note that the production team feel the need to do something without being God of War!

  • MReprogle

    Like he said, if it wasn’t working after years in dev, it’s hard to blame them for canning it. Who knows what they’ll do next. Maybe another GoW, which I think would be stupid, but they also could be working on a new IP and just wanted a fresh set of eyes going forward. Who knows, they might take some elements out of what was already developed, and blend it into something new.

  • joe

    exactly. we dont know the details. we havent seen the game. but the people who made the decision did and maybe, maybe it looked like crap.

  • Jason Brody

    As a artist I can understand how they felt. Artists like to take pride in their work and like to see all their works of art eventually become a masterpiece. However sometimes that just doesn’t happen no matter how much you try and fix it. This game probably wasn’t even canned for technical reasons, it could be that they weren’t liking the art direction, or maybe the story line was tame. For all we know they game probably would have still turned out to be good to someone, but it obviously wasn’t turning out to be that master piece they originally envisioned.


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