Sony Discusses Revenues From PS4’s Online Services And Launch In China

Also discusses launch in China.

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Sony has made a remarkable turnaround as far as their online offerings go- from PSN being a joke at the beginning of the PS3 era, to the widely publicized PSN hacks, to PSN now widely being considered the gold standard for console online services, just as Xbox Live once was, Sony needs to be commended for this turnaround.

Apparently, this has also been accompanied by a rise in the revenues that they get from their online offerings- a whole lot of this has to do with PS+, to which half of all PS4 owners are currently subscribing.

“Our forecast included investment in networks. As you know, currently we have almost 52 million users and as you may know PS4 has social networking features that double or triple total traffic and sessions. That requires the network investment to handle those kind of sessions and traffic.

“As for the progress of the investment, we have been investing, but we are forecasting significant increase in the later half of the year, during the year end season in November and December, so investment in the network services will be increased in the latter half of this fiscal year,” said Sony in a briefing to its investors.

Sony also talked about the launch of the PS4 in China:

“I recognize that one of our competitors has begun business in China and we also recently made a join venture with a Chinese partner and we’re going to release a game business in China. As for the actual sales timing we haven’t decided yet,” they said.

Hurry up, Sony! If China turns out to be as important a market and battlegrond for this round of console wars as so many are speculating, then your lead may yet be reversed!


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  • Mark

    “Hurry up, Sony! If China turns out to be as important a market and battlegrond for this round of console wars as so many are speculating, then your lead may yet be reversed”!

    Wow. I know u want Sony to be successful but I think comments like that should be held in check by journalists, authors etc.

    • rodney patrick


    • Guest


    • bardock5151

      I think calling psn the gold standard should be held back untill they have a good stretch without any problems for at least a year.

    • Mark

      Lol. People think simply throwin games in for added value makes for the “platinum status” or something. It was done as a reaction to the epic PSN hack. Anyway, I’ve always had a better chat, friends access, and lagless experience on Live than PSN. Oh well

    • Guest

      And i’ve always had better chat, friends access and lagless experience on PSN than on Live, not to mention losing connection on Live more.

    • Mark

      And I think I can fly. Hey is that u? Atleast make a name for yourself, so I can follow ur history.

  • Cigi

    Yes they have made and economical turn aroud – this was an investor meering !!! And why, could it have anything to do with that you have to have PS+ to play online on PS4 – just asking – and if so does that result into a better GOLD service for the consumer – LOL

    • demfax

      PSN has greatly improved from the PS3 days.


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