Sony Explains The Benefits Of Additional 1GB Memory In PS4 PRO

Extra memory, split between the OS and the games

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The PS4 Pro has one more GB of memory than the standard PS4- it’s nothing much, and it’s not even the high speed GDDR5 memory that the PS4 otherwise uses. However, it can be useful to the system, especially in rendering high resolution games.

“We felt games needed a little more memory – about 10 per cent more – so we added a gigabyte of slow, conventional DRAM to the console,” PS4 architect Mark Cerny told Eurogamer.

“On a standard model, if you’re switching between an application, such as Netflix, and a game, Netflix is still in system memory even when you’re playing the game. We use that architecture because it allows for a very quick swap between applications. Nothing needs to be loaded, it’s already in memory.”

“On PS4 Pro, we do things differently, when you stop using Netflix, we move it to the slow, conventional gigabyte of DRAM. Using that strategy frees up almost one gigabyte of the eight gigabytes of GDDR5. We use 512MB of that freed up space for games, which is to say that games can use 5.5GB instead of the five and we use most of the rest to make the PS4 Pro interface – meaning what you see when you hit the PS button – at 4K rather than the 1080p it is today.”

It’s definitely a sensible decision, and it also sounds like Sony are going about it in a way that will prevent fragmentation between the standard PS4 and the PS4 Pro. Hopefully it leads to games playing even better on PS4 as well.

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  • Gamez Rule

    “One of the features appearing for the first time is the handling of 16-bit variables – it’s possible to perform two 16-bit operations at a time instead of one 32-bit operation,” Mark Cerny said. “In other words, at full floats, we have 4.2 teraflops. With half-floats, it’s now double that, which is to say, 8.4 teraflops in 16-bit computation. This has the potential to radically increase performance.” * Sounding great so far*

    Also PS4-Pro has an additional 1GB DDR3 RAM to free up the GDDR5 RAM allowing more RAM for gaming and application functions. ( 9 GB of RAM ) is a bonus, and with higher bandwidth too *looking good*

    Just have a read here☺

    • Psionicinversion

      the double half precision sounds like its come from vega same as checkboard rendering seeing as it says it uses future AMD tech which can only mean Vega GPUs. I think AMD could of primarily developed checkerboard for VR and/or to help with GPUs pushing those higher resolutions without resorting to pure power. Checkerboard rendering is handled completely by the hardware so no api additions are needed but apparently devs can have some control but its primarily all hardware based.

      Cant remember when delta colour compression came in with amd, think it was hawaii (290/x), or maybe Fury. Either way it will of gotten better with polaris and better with Vega. Just depends which version of it is in ps4 pro. If its SIMD structure is the same as polaris then it will probably have the polaris version seeing as vega is completely revamped. Have a little read of vega and cant wait for the deep dive

      i think DCC gives about 40% increased bandwidth but not total bandwidth only on a certain aspect but i cant remember what it is, Look on youtibe or google nvidias demo of DCC and youll see what it does and how it works

    • Gamez Rule

      Good news knowing a little more on what PS4-Pro has. I’m gonna get the PP anyway ☺

    • Psionicinversion

      ill be getting the Vega 10 beast. Wonder if the gaming version will still have 16GB HBM2… have to wait and see

    • Nintengods

      Mark Cerny becoming MisterXMedia and claiming there’s hidden secret sauce because the prolapse is a garbage console that is already being price slashed on Amazon and only 10% of the games are actually 4K.

      kek. Sonycucks in complete delusional mode after Nintendo completely savaged them with a three minute video and a product people actually want.

    • Gamez Rule

      What’s the video?

  • Mr Xrat

    Pretty clever way of making best use of what’s available. I expect Xgimps to be very mad about this.

    • Gamez Rule

      Truth is the 16bit x 2 is a first to take place and at same time when used this allows devs to free up more half-floats in less space.

      Like I stated before it’s not all about TeraFlops as when using both 32bit and 16bit x 2 within a single 32bit it should allow for more TeraFlops as we knew it before ( when compared to something like on PS4 ).

      A half-float would take the same internal space as a full 32-bit float ( on PS4 ), but now you can use two 16bit half-floats in that same space within a register while using fewer vector registers ( PS4-Pro ). So thanks to the above devs will be extracting more utilisation from allowing more wavefronts to run at the same time.


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