Sony Files Another Patent for PS4 Head-Mounted Display, Biological Info Sensor Included

Sony’s head mounted display for the PS4 could indeed be arriving sooner or later.

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After initial rumours that Sony was working on a head-mounted display for the PlayStation 4, as evidenced by earlier patents dug up when the console was due to release, a NeoGAF user has discovered another patent for the same. Interestingly, though the patent was filed on June 12th 2012 in Japan and March 13th 2013 in the United States, it was only published today. Various figures for the patent has also been included to give a better idea of what the HMD could look like.

Some rather interesting tid-bits highlighted by the user include: measuring the position of the player using a sensor akin to GPS; deducing information about posture, orientation and tilt of the user’s head; biological information acquisition sensor for gathering details such as body temperature, pulse, blood components, perspiration, brain waves, and cerebral blood flow; the inclusion of a camera within the HMD for capturing images of the user’s eye for detecting line of sight, pupil movement and blinking motions; and much more.

If you want to learn more about the patent, either hit up the original NeoGAF post or simply head to the USPTO database and search for document number 20130328928.

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  • Fear Monkey

    VR is interesting but as someone a bit older, who remembers all the hype of VR back in the day which the tech wasnt ready for, I remain skeptical. However, now we have John Carmack working on the Rift and the hype on it has been great, so maybe its finally hitting its stride. I think Sony should have worked with Oculus rather than do their own, but we shall see. I think with a properly equipped PC the rift might work great in its final version, but for a console with it’s limitations, I don’t know…….

    I’m just not sure a small screen with a 720p or lower res can do VR justice.


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