Sony Happy With Gamescom Conference, Not Interested in Timed Exclusive AAA Games

PlayStation Europe head Jim Ryan says the publisher has enough “powerful” first party studios.

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Rise of the Tomb Raider

Microsoft may have made the biggest news at Gamescom with its announcement of timed exclusivity for Rise of the Tomb Raider but Sony isn’t worried. PlayStation Europe head Jim Ryan told CVG that third party partnerships with publishers like Activision for Destiny and a large network of studios insured the publisher wouldn’t need to procure exclusivity for third party titles.

“When you complement those two things we think that gives us a pretty complete position in the market. So do we feel the need to go out and buy outright exclusivity? Probably not.

“You saw last night [at Sony’s press conference] that before the media briefing we showed updated videos of games that we had revealed at E3. That’s because we wanted to keep the show itself full of new, fresh things. We think that gave us a good, strong, convincing portfolio of exclusive stuff and we’re happy with that.”

What are your thoughts on the matter, especially since Sony only really showed off indie titles at Gamescom? Let us know below.

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  • Starman

    Stop kidding yourself … it’s permanent …lol

    • Agent_Blade

      Cant tell if your trolling or not but It’s not permanent…they already confirmed that.

    • rodney patrick

      only thing that was confirmed is that ms don’t own the ip meaning that square enix can make other tomb raider games for anybody eles but,it`s going to be just like how mass effect was ps4 will not see the rise of the tomb raider until the next part for that one come out and that won’t be until another 3 to 4 years by then who will care about rise of the tomb raider

    • Mark

      My thoughts too Rodney. Phil has actually stated for a “duration of time”. But how long? It could be for a couple years, as he later stated something that no one’s picked up on “I don’t own EVERY ITERATION of Tomb Raider”. He could be very well saying that the next Tomb Raider will be Xbox exclusive, as MS has said all along. But that the next one after that may not. We saw this deal between MS and Bioware (their publisher before EA) with ME1. It was a full exclusive. But not the franchise.

      I think people assume there’s another version in the works along the Xbox versions. Microsoft’s been saying “timed exclusive” since PVZ (Plants vs Zombies). But people r assuming this is the same deal, and that MS is deceiving us. In fact, Darrell (Boss of CD) is still saying Exclusive, not timed.

      Imo, both parties could be employing a strategy, where they wait n see Tomb Raider’s numbers. If huge, Microsoft could seal up another deal. It happened with Saturn having Tomb Raider, then never coming back after the Sony acquisition. Now I don’t wish for PC and PS4 players to go thru hurt because they can’t play this, or anything like that. My point is that people r assuming things, and in turn, declaring MS deceived them.

      Look, even if Tomb Raider drops for PC, it will likely not even come to PS4, and still then, it’ll probably be a year for a PC port. Look at DR3 and Ryse. Microsoft the Devil. Lol

    • Even Square said that the PlayStation got the other two iterations tomb raider definitive edition and temple of Osiris not rise of the tomb raider.

  • rodney patrick

    love how sony always got somthing to say lol,first off sony you don’t have the money to buy anything,so please do us all a faver and stfu

  • This_Games_hero

    Sony has enough “powerful” 1st party games… Where? I just saw a bunch of indie games that should belong on a $99 Ouya rather than a $400 “next gen” system.

    Sony going down:


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