Sony Job Ad Looking For Engineers To Maximise PlayStation’s Potential

Sony looking to “drive innovation on the PlayStation platforms.”

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If a recent job ad put up by Sony is anything to go by, then it looks like Sony aren’t going to rest on their laurels after their recent success in the hardware market, and that they’re looking to innovate and advance in the console and the handheld market even now. A job ad posted by Sony is looking for a Staff Developer Support Software Engineer, who’s main role, according to Sony, will be to lead his team to “drive innovation on the Playstation platforms.”

Sony is looking for a man who is “a systems expert on the PlayStation® platform with an in-depth knowledge of our platform architectures” and can “come up with resolutions to complex problems that our licensed developers encounter.”

What’s more, Sony isn’t just looking for someone to further the advancement of only the PS4. One of the requirements for this job is an “understanding of low-level PlayStation 3 system, PS Vita system, and PlayStation 4 system.”

So Sony are looking for a Shigeru Miyamoto. Or a Gabe Newell. Well, props to them if they manage to find someone who’s talent is on a similar level of awesomeness.

You can read the entire job listing through the hyperlink above.

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  • Psionicinversion

    yeah would be good if they didnt have to lod scale textures instantly cus it doesnt sound very next gen to me.

  • Kevin Kirby

    LMFAO!!! Sony just conceding that they are threatened by DX12

    • Surging

      Sony fear the xbox ?. that’s a bit funny considering the problem with xbox is its hardware is weak, dx12 will only make games easier to optimize on xbox one that is about it, nothing can give xbone more shader cores or a better gpu.. and kevin your on my turf, I have seen you around on these boards and dont like your xbox fanboyism it annoys me.

    • Kevin Kirby

      Oh no I’m on Surging’s turf what am I to do LMFAO!!!

    • Surging


    • You are flat out wrong

      Yep, that’s Kevin for you.

  • Osbook

    Seems more like a job for someone to help developers code their games to ps systems, like some indie devs and some other devs have claimed they do

  • Johnny

    There you go coz, gamerulz, flatoutwrong and the rest of you resident self proclaimed experts on alll things console and gaming. Opportunity is knocking if you are half as smart as you claim but we all know you will be here tomorrow the day after and the day after that because your not and have never written a single line of code in your life. Good luck!

    • You are flat out wrong

      Why don’t you apply? Your application can be that tiled resources video you like to spam.


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