Sony Looks Bad In The Public Eye Following Hack Controversy

Sony’s public image is taking a severe beating according to research service YouGov.

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Now whether you like them or not, objectively speaking you need to admit that Sony has been in much better shape. Nowadays most people only really think of the PS4 when they think of Sony, which is a shame. Well it would appear that their popularity is at its lowest in six years in the wake of the recent hacking controversy.

According to a research conducted by YouGov, users were asked “If you’ve heard anything about the brand in the last two weeks, through advertising, news or word of mouth, was it positive or negative?”

The results are graded from “1oo” to “-100” with “100” meaning absolutely positive, “-100” meaning absolutely negative and “0” being a perfectly neutral position. Sony started out at 13, falling to 11 on November 24th when Sony’s hack was first revealed to the public.  From there, in the wake of move cancellations and the leaking of personal files and information, things only degraded further for Sony. They dropped from 11 to 3 by December 19th, putting them at a six year low.

Thanks, Gamespot.

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  • The hack could have happened to any other Fortune 500 company, so that’s not an issue imo. What is a clear demonstration of their lack of creativity and inability to understand character is their take on the Spider-man movie franchise. Absolutely horrifying that they can’t understand what makes the character fun and great…

  • d0x360

    Its not shocking, Sony has a history of horrid IT practices. First was the rootkits their music CD’s installed on customers computers which in turn opened those computers up to malicious attacks. Then the psn breach which was absolutely massive and now the same kind of breach but internal data was stolen instead of customer data.

    Time and time again Sony has proven they cannot he trusted to secure their networks or customers. That’s why my psn account is tied to a debit card with zero money in the account and money is added as needed. Its also why my psn account doesn’t share an email.address with any other online account I have. Its ALSO why the phone # Sony has on file for me is a burner number through google voice. Nothing of importance is entrusted to them nor should it ever be.

    They will be lucky if they don’t go bankrupt in the next few years. their refusal to devote proper resources to IT is well known in the industry and NO this wouldn’t have happened to any company.

    Yes anyone could potentially be hacked the difference is sony is known to run outdated software with active exploits, they are known to ignore signs of intrusion, and they are known to not properly monitor server logs. They are stuck in the mid 90s and either can’t afford to get out or refuse to do so because a proper IT team is expensive.

    How many lessons do they need to be taught before they message actually hits home? How many millions upon millions of dollars need to be lost? How much personal information needs to be stolen? They are negligent. It’s that simple.

    • John Doe

      You’re an idiot LOL

    • d0x360

      Yes indeed. Care to elaborate probably not because everything I have said is fact so there you go.

      Take care.

    • Mark

      That’s the thing man, possibly next year, or after, I’ll buy a PS4. But I’ll have to make some good choices when joining PSN. I think now, they HAVE to take their security more importantly.

    • d0x360

      The issue I and anyone else who takes security seriously has is that we all said they HAVE to take it seriously after the root kits and again after some ddos attacks and again after the psn breach and again after the FIFA social engineering..


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