Sony on PS Vita: Our Focus Is Now on PS4

‘Vita? What’s a Vita?’

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Two years ago, Sony released the PlayStation Vita, although you wouldn’t know it from the way they treat it. Completely ignoring it, marginalizing it, sabotaging it, and generally not caring about it at all except to maybe have a cursory statement about how it fits into the larger PlayStation ecosystem as an accessory for the PS4 (…a $250 accessory), they have so far gone out of their way to ignore the handheld, in favor of the PS4 and even their eight year old PS3.

That is not about to change. Today in an interview, GameReactor asked Michael Denny, vice president of Sony Worldwide Studios Europe, what the plan was for the Vita. Here’s his response.

“For us Vita’s still the best handheld dedicated gaming device out there. If you want quality handheld gaming, the Vita’s for you, and there’s a large array of content already out there for it, and more digital content that’s coming. I mean Borderlands 2 is still to come to the platform…”

Of note: Borderlands 2 is already out on the Vita. Yes, the Vita is such a great device, and Sony cares for it so much, that one of their own highest ranking executives can’t keep track of the system’s biggest launch in a while (which in itself was a poorly done port of a two year old game to begin with).

He continued:

“You marry that with the remote play experience that people can get on PlayStation 4, I think it’s really still a great system for people. In terms of the focus of Worldwide Studios, I think you’ve clearly seen that’s going to be more in terms of PlayStation 4 going forward now.”

Right. So that’s the extent of the support the Vita can expect from Sony then- Remote Play functionality. Oh, and there was also this:

“So, as you said, there’ll be cross-play titles, there’ll be titles that are going cross-platform as well. There’s some big third-party titles still coming, and there’s lots of great, innovative new indie titles coming digitally to the platform.”

So basically, there are some ‘big’ (as in niche localized) games still releasing via third parties, and indie games in the Playstation ecosystem will be compatible with it. Otherwise, congratulations, you just spent a lot of money on a glorified PS4 accessory.

I like how Sony has handled its consoles, but the way they are handling the Vita is leaving a very bad taste in my mouth.

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  • Lhomity

    Sony definitely needs to do more to expose Vita to the mainstream. At present, there are a lot of excellent games on the system, and many more quality titles headed to it – as long as you’re not expecting AAA console-ish games, that is.

    Vita’s future appears to be entrenched in Japanese and indies titles, and for perhaps the most frequent, loyal, PS Vita users, that’s a good thing. People who use their Vita frequently are playing JRPGs or games like Spelunky, Rogue Legacy, Terraria, so it looks like that’s what the Vita is getting more of.

    I spend more time gaming on my Vita now than I do on my PC, PS3 or PS4, and I’m pretty happy. Of course, I would like to see more stuff like Unit 13, Golden Abyss, KZ: Mercenary; and I still long to see something big like a Syphon Filter reboot, for example. Of course, I admit that this is pretty unrealistic at this point.

    Sony did AAA for Vita. It didn’t sell the system. So they delivered more. Still didn’t sell the system. And again. Still nope. It’s not hard to see why they’re reluctant to make any big investments for Vita now.

    Even after pouring a lot of money into a lot of games, the system has continued to under-perform, and the old “Vita has no games” line is still a complaint that pops up from time to time (A rather ignorant complaint, at that). If more gamers had adopted the Vita early on, the software sales might have told a different story, and we wouldn’t be in this mess.

    Now, nobody in their right mind wants to fund big budget games for a handheld – not Vita, not even 3DS. Sadly, I still see gamers say they want AAA games on Vita – but I think most would rather play those games on console or PC anyway, and are in denial of that fact.

    TL;DR version: Sony poured money in to a lot of AAA games and most of them didn’t sell enough. All along, gamers demanded AAA on Vita, but never followed-through by actually buying them. Sony got burned and gave up. Vita is for indies and JRPGs now. Gamers will write angsty blogs about it.

    P.S. I don’t get why some people are hating on indie games. I see it frequently on the interwebs. People trashing indies simply because they’re indies. It’s like saying “I only play games from large corporations with massive $10million+ development budgets”. Sad.

  • bardock5151

    They gave up on vita I think because of Nintendo’s dominance in the handheld arena. Sucks for people who bought it on the implied support for the system Sony gave it, maybe if they release another handheld they’ll give the support the product deserves.

    • demfax

      Sony hasn’t give up on the Vita. It has a huge upcoming library, and steady Japanese developer support.

      This month in August 2014 there are no less than 13 new Vita games launching, 4 of which are true Vita exclusives. If you were paying attention you could name them.

  • hiawa23

    When they made the Vita a PS4 peripheral that should have told Vita owners they were done with it. With very little game support for the Vita, Sony being hush hush on it, the writing is on the wall..


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