Sony President Andrew House Expresses His Views On The PlayStation 4

The big man himself has something to say.

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It’s really no surprise that the PlayStation 4 has proved to be as successful as many of us predicted it would be. It’s a powerful beast of a home console that comes close to matching the capabilties of a gaming PC which, for a console, is a very impressive feat indeed. Not only that, but it’s supported by a vast library of games and add on apps. But what does Andrew House, president and Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, have to say about the PlayStation 4?

Well, House views the PlayStation side of Sony as “sitting in between” both the electronics and entertainment demographics that Sony caters to. Which makes sense, the console does mix the best of both worlds and does so in a way that makes it affordable.

Like many developers, publishers and creative minds, House admits that there has been a rise in the price of development for what he calls “really cutting edge” PS4 games. But with the architecture that’s being used in the PS4, they are able to get sort out their Research and Development costs, keeping things profitable for the most part despite going through ups and downs. He called this, rather humorously, the “Rollercoaster”.

But what do you objectively think of the PlayStation 4?


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  • Psionicinversion

    lmao comes close to a gaming PC well that is true, it is on par with a750ti which is probably the lowest graphics card you want to go for a gaming pc. An amazing technical achievement!!!

  • Starman

    Comes close to PC and a vast library of cutting edge games …DON’T MAKE ME LAUGH… and a balance between games and entertainment and apps REALLY ? …after they said they’re not interested in media ,TV, voice commands ETC ETC … but yet , they’re trying hard to step into that market …once again …”Another save the Playstation article”

  • Mark

    It is good that the PS4 is easy to develope for, so no need to do massive optimizations on it, cutting potentially extra work. All around it’s a good system imo. Waiting to see what they have lined up for next year.

    • MrKmal10

      Yeah moreover with the SDK developpers will more easily tap on the potential of the PS4 which wasn’t the case with the last one 🙂

  • GHz

    As long as Sony holds its head above water, we’ll always have great games to look forward to. In regards to that PC remark, I believe em. It all depends on the game you build, especially if it’s specific to the PS4.


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