Sony Purchasing Third Party Deals, “Market Share Doesn’t Make Exclusives Less Expensive” – Phil Spencer

Xbox boss says its third party publishers that ultimately determine how expensive these deals can get.

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Both Sony and Microsoft have been having their share of third party deals, exclusives and timed exclusives but the former seems to be more dominant in that area. It currently has deals with Activision for Destiny and Call of Duty, bringing Final Fantasy 7’s remake to PS4 first and exclusivity of Capcom’s Street Fighter 5. However, Xbox boss Phil Spencer says that these deals aren’t coming that easily.

When asked by GameSpot if the Xbox One is having a tougher time getting third party content compared to Sony, Spencer said, “So, they [Sony] don’t ‘gobble’ the deals up. They buy them.

“You know, I read the same things you do, and I know some people think it’s somehow less expensive to sign third-party exclusives if you have a bigger market-share. I can tell you, it has nothing to do with market share.”

So as popular as the PS4 may be at 25 million units worldwide, it’s not the one deciding the market value of different third party titles as much as the respective publishers are.

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  • d0x360

    Sony is in desperation mode right now. Yes they have the #1 selling console but it isn’t making any money. Microsoft by comparison has sold half as many units but the Xbox division is making money hand over fist.

    When Spencer said he was investing in first party exclusive content the kid inside me jumped for joy. First party content is always the way to go.

    Either way this fight going on benefits gamers so I’m glad I own both.

    • Cypher-Unknown

      Your first paragraph seems both confused are inaccurate. You are comparing the Xbox Division to Sony as a whole and have drawn the conclusion that the One is profitable (I’d like to see you source that confirms its making money “hand over fist”) whereas the PS4 isn’t.

      Sony’s profits are up threefold due to strong sales of the PS4 and camera sensors, so to declare that Sony and the PS4 is not “making any money” is fallacy. There are still divisions within Sony that need work as they are losing money but the myth perpetuated by fanboys (I’m not saying you are one) that Sony have no money and that Microsoft will grant unlimited funds to the Xbox Division has long run its course and should be dispelled.

      That aside, I agree with you that investment in new first party IP’s is to be commended.

    • d0x360

      Microsoft’s earning reports. Look them up. Sony’s earning reports. Look them up. Sonys market value look it up. Sony’s liquid assets look them up.
      At current pace Sony will be bankrupt in 7-10 years at best.

    • Cypher-Unknown

      What you say is strange as analyst predictions and Sony’s own forecasts look positive. By no means are they out of the woods but the whole bankruptcy scenario (just how long have people been saying this?) seems more distant at this time. I guess we’ll see how it goes in the years to come.

    • d0x360

      Please don’t misunderstand me, i want Sony to do well. I want them all to do well not only because I own all modern gaming systems. But because it leads to a more healthy industry overall and competition breeds innovation I just happen to get upset with Sony because I own their stock I also own stock in Microsoft just so you have full disclosure.

      Im a gamer through and through, no fanboy silliness just genuine concern.

    • itsmeeee

      LOL, Sony have assets of 150 billion dollars which is around the same amount as Microsoft and Microsoft’s last earning report showed that they lost 3.2 billion dollars. Also Xbox loses massive amounts of money.

      Where as Sony made a profit of 676 million dollars, triple from last year and also have 10 billion dollars in the bank.

      There is only one division which loses money and that is Mobile. Sony have forecasted a profit of 1.1 billion dollars this year and 2.7 billion in the Fiscal 2017. Sony are also now looking for growth and are now looking to acquisitions and mergers.

      Now let me address your last point you deluded but-hurt Xtwat. If Sony were to lose a bililion dollars a year they would still be around for nearly 100 years due to their assets and cash.

    • jayflow

      But Xbox fanboys say that Sony is broke. How are they able to buy 3rd party exclusives? Even their lord and savior Phil Spencer says they’re buying them. How can this be? :p

    • Michael

      They’re using you’re ps plus subscription money… lol That pretty obvious.

    • jayflow


    • d0x360

      Sorry they are broke. . Look at their stock reports to.

    • jayflow

      This dude presented you with sources, but we’re suppose to take your word, based off of what? Come on dude.

    • d0x360

      My sources are simple to look up. Come on dude! . I have far better than to do with life than Google search and post links. If you really care you search… And prove me right

    • jayflow

      Obviously you don’t, cause we don’t see them. It takes you 5 minutes to prove your point. It takes you just as long as it took for you to respond to my comments.

      That last time Sony was said to have a 79% chance of going bankrupt was January of 2014. Is this what you’re talking about?

    • Gamez Rule

      An old saying…Put up, or shut up….

      So yes I agree with you. One has shown proof, one has backed out so what do we go by☺

    • michael

      You’re delusional. Sony has seen a billion dollars since

    • ThePokeMaster

      Every Sony studio is making first party exclusives for PS4.
      We’ve been over this with the PS3 before. Why haven’t people learned anything.
      And if they were broke, they wouldn’t be able to fund all of those projects including 3rd party deals.

  • XbotMK1

    Microsoft is in desperation mode right now. Microsoft has allways bought 3rd party exclusives to compensate their lack of innovation but now that Xbox is dying, Microsoft has to fall back on first party exclusives because Xbox is losing money.

    • GHz

      Shut up! You loose! Gamers win!

    • *Also On PC

      “Sony is making a billion a year on the PS4.”


      They made less than Nintendo and even a billion won’t save Sony, John Derp. You are hilariously deluded as usual.

    • ThePokeMaster

      I’m pretty sure I heard the “Sony is doomed and can’t be saved” narrative when the PS3 came out as well.
      Every Sony owned studio is working on PS4 exclusives.
      We’ve been over this before and some people haven’t learned anything.

    • Michael

      Spoken like a delusion pony as usual…lol

  • PS4 & Xbox One are both releasing & developing great games as we speak. Frankly an exclusive is powerful but only if there is fan base behind it. Couldn’t either company simply make more new development studios?

  • Gamez Rule

    Cypher-Unknown, looks like you have been flagged as inappropriate, and your comments are pending? Same for itsmeeee…Unless you agree or like xbox you’ll be flagged by some members..


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