Sony takes jabs at Microsoft

But this time was contrived and nowhere near as epic as E3

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Remember when Sony ‘won’ E3 based on the potshots it took at Microsoft at the end of its E3 conference? That was so epic, wasn’t it? Well, they tried that again today, and they failed in my estimation, because their words just rang hollow. However, for those of you who are wondering what it was that Sony said, it was basically about Microsoft changing its plans for the Xbox One all over the place while Sony was consistent.

“While others have shifted their message and changed their story, we were consistent in maintaining policies and a model that is fair and in tune with consumer desires,” Sony Computer Entertainment CEO House said, reports Gameranx.

Yes, that’s all well and good, but what happened before doesn’t matter any more, House, what matters is what’s coming ahead. Microsoft may have made a mess of the Xbox One, but at least they were receptive to the feedback they got before launch, unlike a certain other, $599 priced console selling company I can name.

More importantly, moving forward, Microsoft seems to be securing true exclusive content. What is Sony doing? ‘Console exclusives’ indie games, and timed exclusives at that?

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  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Pramath, when Sony released PS3 it was already selling at a loss at launch because of the amount of investment in R&D they made for the console so they had no choice but to make consumers wait for a price drop and make as much money as possible until costs went down for them, unlike this time around where it’s mainly AMD doing their handy work so PS4 is only $400. But I think it’s better they went through that so they can learn from their mistakes and make PS4 an even better console for gamers AND developers alike, as the latter had it worse. Maybe it’s destiny that they made that mistake so they would be humbled by that setback and come back firing on all cylinders and not sell gamers short like they initially did with PS3. Just saying but the Sony then is different from the Sony we have now-mainly because of Ken Kutaragi and his involvement with creation of PS3-so we won’t see Sony trip into the same pitfalls as last gen. Not trying to patronize you or anything at all man, but just thought you should know that info so it doesn’t seem like Sony was totally the bad guy then; Ken Kutaragi is as Mark Cerny illicitly stated at GamesLab in Barcelona a month ago and now that Mark Cerny is the head of hardware, that is a thing of the past.

  • Shadow

    I sense the author is biased.

    • Chris

      Actually, even if he is biased, in my opinion being biased toward sony is how every gamer at heart should feel. No matter how you spin it, sony is a truly awful company wall to wall.

    • Shadow

      And Microsoft is the shining gem in the darkest night?

    • Phillyblunz

      Your right twho does Sony think they are giving use top of the line AAAA exclsuive games which are actually exclusive and not also on pc.

      Who are they to stretch the boundaries of what is possible every single console generation.

      I never said i wanted the best graphics possible on console and yet they force me to buy Uncharted and the LAst of US and every time exceed my expectations.

      I’m fed up, I want middle of the road quality games and graphics, I want next gen to be the same as ps3 current gen, and so i’m getting xboned!

  • Phillyblunz

    What a fool this guy is. What kind or article is this?

    I have seen pr spin before but how stupid is this?

    MS makes a bunch of stupid decisions and people hate them for it, then MS changes everything they said because they couldnt besell a xbone 180 for their lives, then Sony makes clear that they are standing by their original terms and will not flip flop because what they decided in the beginning was correct and the fans agree.

    So MS was stupid and now a sheep, and Sony is like a rock of dependability.

    And this author is trying to make it seems Sony has done something wrong?!?!?! LMFAO.

    Oh and if you wanna talk about the last gen console launch does anyone remember a 30-50% failure rate in the first year for Sony’s console?? Nope.
    What about ms’s? Uh yeah in spades.

    By the way the 360 failed at launch because ms forced it out the door knowing it was improperly designed and as such could not fit a correct heatsink and as such was doomed to be super loud and have a huge failure rate. Sony makes good products with small failure rates.

    Obvious fanboy troll is obvious.


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