Spencer: Old And New Games Should Show Xbox Scorpio’s Worth, Talks About Backwards Compatibility At Length

Old and new games have to combine to make a strong library.

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Xbox boss Phil Spencer has been answering fan questions on his Twitter account, and in the process, he has spoken about backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One, 4K upgrades for the former, and the Xbox Scorpio’s lineup.

When asked if some old games, like old games that came out for the Xbox 360, were in like for something like a 4K upgrade, Spencer said that that would be tough to do, since 360 games do not usually have 4K assets, as opposed to more recent games for current gen console that have 4K assets from their PC versions.

Whilst talking about backwards compatibility, he said that several titles, such as sports games or music games and the like, are not included in the library of backwards compatible titles since licensing for them can often be an issue for publishers. Later, when asked Microsoft doesn’t make all Xbox 360 games playable on the Xbox One, like with the 3DS and the DS, Spencer said that there are often some technical issues, like Kinect support, while also saying that they have to get publisher approval as well.

Finally, when asked if the strength of the Xbox Scorpio’s lineup would be more in old games for the Xbox One or completely new releases, Spencer said that both of them “have to show why someone would choose Scorpio.”

We recently posted an opinion piece on the state of Microsoft’s current first party lineup and why we feel it is several steps behind its direct competitors Sony and Nintendo. You can read all about it here.

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  • Living While Alive

    . . . release the console already, please take my money!

    • crazy_black_man-

      Fanboyism found here.(^) No Mister go away. . .

  • Direct-XbotMK1 Elite

    I have doubts about honesty of Phil’s PR tweets.

    If Scorpibone has different RAM and a different CPU architecture from the original Xbone, how is that going to affect games and developers?

    The reason why the PS4 Pro is so seamless for developers is because it has the same CPU, RAM and GPU architecture from the standard PS4. The only difference is they increased RAM speed, CPU clockspeed, GPU clockspeed and they literally cloned the PS4 GPU allowing half the GPU to be turned off/on at will. The architecture is almost identical to the base PS4 when half the GPU is turned off so base PS4 games run flawlessly on the PS4 Pro and developers don’t have to put much effort into updating games to take advantage of the extra power in the Pro. This also ensures that the Pro isn’t held back by the base PS4.

    If Scorpibone transitions from a DDR3/Esram architecture to a GDDR5 architecture, it is a greater change. How will existing games that are coded for DDR3 and Esram run on Scorpibone? It will also require more work for developers to ensure games can run on DDR3 and Esram while also running on Scorpibone. This can also cause Scorpibone to be held back by the original Xbone. Same thing applies if the Scorpibone has a different CPU and GPU architecture. The original Xbone GPU had far less ACE units than the PS4.

    It doesn’t appear to be as straight forward as the PS4 Pro. This is why I think Scorpibone was originally intended to be Microsoft’s next gen console to replace the failed Xbone. Scorpibone launches four years after the Xbone similar to how the Xbox 360 replaced the failed original Xbox after four years.

    I think the Scorpibone was going to be pitched as Microsoft’s next gen console with Xbone backwards compatibility but the PS4 Pro rumors caught them off guard. So Microsoft announced Scorpibone almost two years early and changed their message to pitch it as an upgrade when it isn’t really an upgrade like the Pro.

    Another reason why is because Microsoft is forcing developers and consumers to invest in a whole new more expensive Xbox if they want VR. They’re leaving original Xbone owners behind and they’re relying on unsupervised 3rd party VR because they don’t have their own. Proving that they’re just copying PSVR.

    Despite Phil claiming he is being transparent, he isn’t really being transparent. His tweets aren’t very specific and often dishonest and misleading.

    • Living While Alive

      Fanboyism found here.(^) No Mister go away. . .

    • Luke Skywalker

      man your thoughts are so scatter, you blast from one thing to the next….

      anyway, Microsoft knows how to do Backwards compatibility sometimes through a 256k update (og xbox to 360) or game download (360 to xbox one) while sony must have the original processor in the console to be able to do BC: the ps2 had the ps1’s MiP processor, the ps3 a whole ps2 in it, ps4 had no BC because sony couldn’t figure out how to get a whole ps3 into a ps4. the ps4pro is using the same cpu as the ps4.

      Microsoft have proven that they can transform x86 games to run on PPC processors (og xbox to 360), then they turn around again and did it again transform PPC code to run on x86 processor (xbox 360 to xbox one). I say that to say this: don’t lump Microsoft and Sony into the same department when it comes to BC.

      anyway, we don’t know what has been changed between the two consoles so we’ll have to wait until E3 to find that out. if it’s different cpu, ram and gpu I have full confidence that Microsoft’s tools will make the transition easy for developers.

      you can believe what you want to be about the console but one things for sure Microsoft started talking about a “continual” xbox before playstation neo was rumored.

      also, can you point to which tweets have been dishonest and misleading or you’re just being dishonest and trying to spread some FUD?

    • crazy_black_man-

      “also, can you point to which tweets have been dishonest and misleading or you’re just being dishonest and trying to spread some FUD?”

      From who? Phil Spencer or Donald Trump?

    • Holeybartender

      It seems to me that a jump from a console that struggles to get games to 900p to a console that is “supposedly” capable of native 4k games would be inclined to have major differences between the two. Why do they keep talking about backwards compatibility and not a lick about the difference between Scorpio and Xbox One games? Where’s the tech demos they were so proud of doing in the past? Or are they just showcasing the one strength they had with XB1 fans to entice them to accept that the Scorpio will have games the XB1 won’t?

      I think they are pushing backwards compatibility as a means to gradually make their fanbase accept that there will be Scorpio specific games.

    • Luke Skywalker

      well they keep getting asked those questions about BC. so it’s only natural that they answer accordingly. i’m sure in a couple months we’ll see the difference between the xbox one and scorpio and other platforms. but maybe you can post a question to phil on twitter and hear what he has to say on the matter.

    • crazy_black_man-

      “but maybe you can post a question to phil on twitter and hear what he has to say on the matter.”

      That is hilarious! He will probably say something like “you will need to own an Xbox One if you want to play Quantum Break”.

    • karlton d

      If PC/Windows is hardware agnostic, why question if Microsoft/developers can pull this off? Xbox platform is basically Windows at its core. I do see it being difficult to transition up and down the chain at this point.

    • Rubytharper

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  • crazy_black_man-

    Phil ain’t saying a damn thing anybody wants to hear. Same old run around. He ain’t got no good games lined up and is still trying to resell old games on a new console just like he did with the Xbox One. Why would you still be talking about old stale console games that people played already when you’re debuting a brand new console? He’s so desperate that he’s bringing lame pc games to the new console instead of creating exciting new IPs to show off, and distinguish the console from the competition. Scorpio ain’t gonna be nothing special. But it’s looking like it’s their last card in this deck to play before throwing in their hand. Sony sure spanked that a ss real good this gen.

  • Mr Xrat

    Fallout Shelter at 4K, guys.

    B E A S T

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