Spencer On Xbox Scorpio: ‘I Try Not To Really Talk Using The Term TFLOPs’

There is far more to a console than just the TFLOPs.

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xbox scorpio

The Xbox One Scorpio is going to launch next year, and with a 6 TFLOPs GPU, it is primed to be the most powerful console ever made. But according to Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, there is so much more that makes a Scorpio as powerful as it is, other than just the GPU.

“Well, I try not to really talk using the term,” Spencer said in an interview with Stevivor. “It’s like a car — you wouldn’t describe how fast it goes using only one characteristic. But I guess it’s like a teraflop is like horsepower — you’d probably have in your head what 100 horsepower could do, or 200.

“But it’s much more than that — there’s other things that dictate how fast the car goes. A transmission. Its weight. It’s the same with Scorpio; it’s not just the number of teraflops that makes it powerful.”

It being as powerful as it is is because it is a culmination of decisions years in the making, Spencer revealed. “We had to make decisions like 4K — to run games in 4K natively — years ago,” he said. “We thought it would be like the jump to HD with the Xbox 360. Obviously, it’s different — that was from a 4:3 ratio to 16:9 — but it’s still the same idea.”

So with how big of a jump the Scorpio is, by his same admission, is it a next generation system, or a current generation one? Spencer won’t reveal, with the only thing that he said being “I just consider it as part of the Xbox family.” I notice he didn’t say ‘Xbox One family,’ which he was very careful to say during E3, this time.

The Xbox One Scorpio is due to launch in Holiday 2017.

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  • crazy_black_man-

    Still nothing about the price of this “fast car” in this article. Just more advertising for a paper console that is a whole year away. Lame.

    • quantum

      No point moaning about the price a year out, Sony didn’t announce the PS4 PRO price until one month before launch. It will cost alot I imagine. But if you aren’t going to buy one why do you care so much?

  • quantum

    I’m not bothered about the pro because I’m happy enough with my ps4 and I don’t care for VR. But I don’t see the point of spending all my time bashing something that I know nothing about. When I know more about it I will decide then if I’m going to buy it.

    • efnet

      Some people just live for the drama no matter what the subject is…
      This dude even went as far as to mimic my gamertag in order to get me to talk to him lol
      That god for that block button.

  • Luke Skywalker

    Hmm. Everyone keeps asking the same questions so the will always get the same answer

    • Mark

      Exactly, and this is why we’re hearing the same old Scorpio news…..the media keeps asking same questions. I’d rather hear more of what the devs say, or, just leave it alone till next yr

  • Riggybro

    Just wondering…

    Why would you get a Scorpio if you have a decent PC rig? Living room convenience?

    • efnet

      Why buy a pro if i have a gaming pc? Or ps4 or xbox one and xbox one s????
      Xbox is my platform of choice so getting the best hardware they have to offer would be in my best interest as a xbox gamer

    • Riggybro

      I got a Pro for the PS exclusives which are not available on PC.

      All Xbox (“Windows 10 family” etc…) games will be released on PC. So… was just curious why you would double up on a Scorpio if you already had a PC. That’s all.

    • kma99

      Ps now is on pc. If you simply wait a while u can get all Playstation exclusives on pc also. So why own any console when eventually you can get everything on pc? Console gamers simply want consoles.

    • efnet

      It’s apparent you’re not a fan of the xbox which is why you’re even asking me such a silly question in the first place.
      Let me break it down for you,
      The xbox is literally my central hub in my game room, tv,gaming,music,and movies.
      Also its where ALOT of my friends play so sure i could play a handful of play any where titles with them via pc/xbox one but what about the other games we enjoy playing together?
      Im a social gamer and i prefer to game with my friends, so xbox is where i predominantly game,where as my pc i use for campaigns like gears, Quantum break,recore
      But multiplayer its all on xbox.

    • Riggybro

      Thank you for the non-silly answer to the silly question.

    • Aenea

      But you bought a Pro, didn’t you?

    • efnet

      Please try and pay attention to the contex of the conversation next time.
      I was asked why would i buy a xbox scorpio if i have a gaming pc already, and i replied ” why would i buy a ps4 pro or ps4 if i have a pc or an xbox one or xbox one s ???”
      Which meant that obviously just because i have a pc don’t mean im not going to buy a certain console, every console has a purpose in my home , some more than others but a purpose nevertheless.

    • crazy_black_man-

      His life is unfulfilled. He buys every new thing he sees to make up for it.

  • Mr Xrat

    Uncle Phil with even more backtracking. Go on, break some Xgimp hearts!

  • Eric Higgin

    He doesn’t want to anger any XB1 gamers that think its to early for next gen, or will be to expensive for them to upgrade right away. He also doesn’t want to anger those same gamers by putting out a mid gen refresh, that some will find as a waste of time.

    If Scorpio’s price was announced now, and was lower than anticipated, then it would greatly hinder XB1S sales for the rest of the year. If its more expensive, then it will just anger XB fans and gamers that can’t afford it and it’ll be a year straight of damage control for Phil. If its in the same price range we think, that logically makes the most sense, then it doesn’t really matter.

    XB doesn’t really want PS to know what exactly they are doing. Phil had to let the cat out of the bag at E3 so Pro sales didn’t completely devour the available market for the entire next year, because that would have put Scorpio in a horrible position at launch.

    The sooner PS knows exactly what Scorpio is, the sooner they will have to lock down PS5 specs and plan from there, which would only help PS continue their dominance.

    • crazy_black_man-

      Boom! I like your reasoning. Even though Sony ain’t even considering the Xbox as competition any more, and rightfully so.

    • Gamez Rule

      Sony ( just like MS ) will already know the best time for a next gen console release, BUT I will state this, MS IMO will release early where possible to beat Sony’s next gen release date to try and get a lead on console sales. ( 360 & PS3 all over again? ) when looking at P-Scorpio & PS5?

      But IMO Sony will release PS5 when good and ready.

    • crazy_black_man-

      Agreed. I know I’m in no rush for the next console. Im feeling like the PS4 is still a new console.

    • Gamez Rule

      Same. Been playing games on the KS7000 and it’s really good playing the PS4-Pro at 4k.

  • Graeme Willy

    I’ll get the Pro, sometime early 2017, maybe even sooner than later, as my big thing is Zero Dawn in HD! After, I’ll save for the Scorpio when it releases this time next year, or just build another gaming PC that’s more powerful and for less money at that time LOL As I will be able to build a 6+ Terraflop PC for a little less at that time.

  • Graeme Willy

    You know what I’ve never understood about consoles? You can build a less powerful PC and run the same game with higher graphical splendor. It’s always been that way. Back when Xbox 360 released, I was running 512mb DDR1(?) PC, with an ATI x1900xt and I could run all the same games as the Xbox 360 with much better filtering and resolution, and supposedly the GPU in that console was better…not to mention the 360 used a tri-core processors with 2 threads per core(6 threads), while I used a single thread, single core AMD 64 processor. Well, it happened again in more recent times, too. My PC had an equivalent of an HD7790 GPU, and 8GB of DDR3, all being pushed by an Athlon X4 and it’s running games better filtering and settings LOL

  • Gamez Rule

    “So with how big of a jump the Scorpio is, by his same admission, is it a next generation system, or a current generation one? Spencer won’t reveal, with the only thing that he said being “I just consider it as part of the Xbox family.” I notice he didn’t say ‘Xbox One family,’ which he was very careful to say during E3, this time.”

    IF the Scorpio was a current gen console why wouldn’t Phil just admit this?

    This is why I really believe that P-Scorpio is MS’s answer to a next gen console while cutting the Xbone generation short like MS done with their XBOX when releasing X-360.

    • crazy_black_man-

      Yessir. Sometimes I wonder if MS ever really have a solid plan or do they just figure it out as they go.

    • Gamez Rule

      I sometimes think that too.


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