Spencer: Xbox Aiming for Best Gameplay Experience, Not Playing “Catch-Up” With PlayStation

Xbox boss talks about where he sees Microsoft in this generation.

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Xbox One S

Microsoft has had its work cut out for it this generation. Despite some fairly strong exclusives for the Xbox One in the past few years, sales are pretty much dwarfed by Sony’s PlayStation 4. There has been plenty of improvement though – sales are up thanks to the release of the Xbox One S and Project Scorpio, due in Holiday 2017, has somewhat of a better reception around it than the PS4 Pro thanks to being able to render games in native 4K.

Speaking to NZ Gamer, Xbox boss Phil Spencer talked about where he sees Microsoft at the end of this generation and whether it will actually catch up to the competition. Spencer noted that, “The thing that’s probably most important to me and the team is not a direct competition with Sony and PlayStation in terms of catch-up. And people question whether I’d say that if we were in the lead, but I honestly kind of believe that. We don’t drive our program, thinking about how that’s the primary goal.

“I want to be the best platform for developers and gamers. I want gamers to feel like they’re best gameplay experience is on an Xbox – from an Xbox Live performance standpoint, from a feature set like cross-play and mods, and game previews and stuff like XPA that we’ve been adding.

“So I’ll say at the end of this generation – and I don’t think you and I know what that is yet – but I’ll say I want Xbox to be seen as a great consumer, gaming brand. Where gamers feel like they have the best experience from the capability of the hardware, all the way to the service. And developers see it as the best platform for them to deliver their best work, and make the most money.”

Will the Xbox One actually achieve that? We’ll find out in the coming months and year especially with so many exclusives like Gears of War 4, Dead Rising 4, Halo Wars 2, Scalebound and more on the way.

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  • J.j. Barrington

    “I can play Dark Souls 3 if im looking for that type of game.”

    Not the same game. At all.

    “cant hold a candle to anything Forza.”


    “GT isnt king any longer”

    Only Xbox fanboys think like that, but hey.

    ” ive played more than enough Ratchet”

    Of course you have. And you’ve got an excuse for every game. Whatever it is, you have some “reason” why it’s not quality. Which is exactly what an Xbox fanboy- or any fanboy would do. Yet, despite doing EVERYTHING fanboys do, you claim you’re not one.

    ” i can play Ryse or Sunset:OD, or Quantum Break”

    Thought you were talking quality, but you mentioned those games? Should I dismiss them as you do other titles?

    “Plus Halo 5 still best Multiplayer shooter to me”

    Funny how many fanboys for Microsoft’s console have to be specific about which part of Halo 5 is good.

    ” even my wife laughed as things like this are comical to me”

    Good for you.

    • ShowanW

      Dark Souls and BB arent very different at all. I own Bloodborn (once again check my handle) and to say its very different to DS is to intentionally be blinded

      Tell me that last good GT game thats even better than Forza Motorsport 6 or Forza Motorsport 5 for that matter… I’ll wait, just like Polyphony is making fans wait for a quality GT.

      Driveclub decent doesn’t compare to Forza… GT? Where u at tho

      I never said its not quality. But I can honestly play something on Xbox that fills the gap. Those games are quality because i own them (not new Ratchet amd Clank but the PS3 variant)

      We can talk Halo 5 campaign.. the story sucks but the controls and still top notch.. sad part is the story for Halo 5 campaign sucks and yet its still miles better than KillZone Shadowfall. hasnt killed Halo yet, but keep at it…

      I wouldnt have purchased some of those games for PS3/4 if i didnt like the product.

      But there is still not a game that says go buy another PlayStation. Not even Nathan Drake…

      Horizon:ZD is the most drool worthy thing Ive seen from Sony camp in awhile

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