Spencer: Xbox One Scorpio Marks The Beginning of Gaming Beyond Generations

The end of console gaming as we know it.

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xbox one scorpio

The Xbox One Scorpio was finally confirmed at E3 today, marking an end to the months of speculation we have all had about upgradeable consoles. And unlike what we know about the PS4 NEO, this isn’t just an iterative upgrade- it’s a beast.

The best part is, it won’t break hardware continuity, either. As a matter of fact, this upgrade does exactly what we said it would months ago, when rumors first began to break of these upgrades systems’ existence- it marks the end of console generations. In his keynote speech, Phil Spencer said as much.

“Project Scorpio will be the next addition to the Xbox One family and it ultimately is the next step in delivering our vision for the future of gaming beyond generations,” Spencer said. “When it ships next year we believe it will be the most powerful console ever built. With 6 TFLOPs of power, this is hardware built specifically to lead the console industry into true 4K gaming and high fidelity VR.

“True 4K visuals without sacrificing quality for VR experiences without sacrificing performance, putting greater graphic fidelity in the hands of the world’s best developers. Xbox One, Xbox One S and Project Scorpio will all be compatible. All Xbox One games and accessories will play on all three. No one gets left behind. Project Scorpio is a serious inflection point for team Xbox and we are announcing Project Scorpio today to gives our developers and partners to take advantage of that ability now in order to realize their visions for the future and deliver even more great games for you. Today marks the beginning of gaming beyond generations. A future full of choice. All future where can all play without boundaries.”

It’s a bold and ambitious vision, and a dramatic change from how console gaming has been so far. We can’t wait to see how it all pans out.

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  • red2k

    No reasons to buy that. PC is fully upgradable now and Xbox titles will be on PC that’s why the best option is start a PC rig for the future.

    • Mark

      I hear u. But consoles have always been the best plug-n-play gaming experience. Add to that competitive price. So I just feel there’s always gonna be a different device for everyone, for different reasons. The problem is people get stuck on this notion of “THIS IS THE BEST WAY”. I respect ur opinion, solid point, but PC isn’t for everyone, including many people I know. Having a console perform on a mid-high end level, is a DAM DREAM FOR ME. Lol

    • Hvd

      a 4k gaming pc at 4k/60fps for $2000-$3000 vs a $500-$600 console with native 4k ill take the console.

    • Sir slippy

      I believe you are a victim of your own misconception. First, in what world would a $600 console compete with a $3000 PC. Also, the programmers for the 4k capable console will only need to program an option for 3840×2160 resoltion but, keep the same…limited graphics quality. I personally have sony 4k, 4960k with a 290x (CPU/GPU cost me $430)…and with the same limited settings, I could get console quality graphics at 4k 60 fps. To finish this response, I’d like a source to your 4k console price.

    • Hvd

      it will be 4k native gaming for around $600 or less and yes it takes a $2000-%3000 pc to get 4k/60fps.the new gtx 1080 for $700 cant even do 4k/60 it will take 2 which means $1400 just for 2 gtx 1080’s to push 4k/60fps for afew years…lol

      ill still take a 4k native console over spendig $2000 for 30fps…lmao gmaes will always be made for consoles first.

    • Sir slippy

      You should try reading my post again…not that you’ll be judged by to many here at gamingbolt. I believe you may have a severe mental condition…inserting an LOL after your own non-sense, thats an oxymoron if you intend to be taken seriously. One more time for the slow kids…you can change graphical settings to help achieve 60 fps at 4k….your 4k console will be low graphical settings with 4k resolution “AT 30FPS…AT BEST”. GTX 1080 is almost achieving ultra 4k settings. You clearly havent used a PC for current gaming.

    • Hvd

      and how much is the gtx 1080 $700.the xbox scorpio will be anywhere between $500-$600 for 4k native gaming.the xbox one s will have hdr which means it will up scale to 4k gaming for only $300 not a bad deal vs a $2000 pc…lo

      no point for a pc now with 2 consoles coming up that can upscale 4k and be 4k native.ill be gaming in 4k on my xbox

      you better upgrade you pc to beat consoles by next year…lol

      oh your trolling is bad.whats your next line do you speak english.you pc gamers need to get some new shi* …lol

    • red2k

      I don’t beleve in the idea of a Scorpio playing games at native at 4k 60fps with 6 teraflop. Isn’t the first time that marketing lies.

    • Hvd

      they are using vega so it will be 4k native DF released a video on it.i dont think after the xbox power issues they would lie.

      it may not be 60fps or it may be 60fps but i dont think they would lie about 4k native.

    • WisniaPL

      4k is useless unless you have above 60″ LCD or OLED.

  • SpeakTruthAlways

    99% of gamers does not care about specs.

    • Hvd

      lol thats all the ps4 lived on was its specs.now its about the games….damage control..lol

    • WisniaPL

      Like PS2? PS4 success is in popularity of PlayStation.in Europe console=PlayStation.games help too.

    • Hvd

      lol the xbox one s can upscale to 4k while the sp4 and the ps4 neo cant..lol here is phil after e3.

    • WisniaPL

      Cool it can but I’m not looking forward to 4k.i would rather have better graphics and lower resolution then using resources on 4k if we talk about native.upscaling is shit.most new tvs does that.

    • Hvd

      xbox one s entry to 4k gaming and xbox scorpio native 4k gaming.the ps4 and ps4 neo cant do either.still tho $300 to get a 4k gaming experience inst a bad deal for right now then get the xbox scorpio later.

      personally when a new console launches i wait a year till all the bugs are worked out soi can still experience 4k gaming while waiting to get a xbox scorpio a year later ill still game in 4k.

    • WisniaPL

      If you will connect current X1 to 4k TV you can already have upscaled 4k gaming.as I said.native 4k means worse graphics than full HD game using this power for more details,better models etc.im not buing half gens.i will wait for next gen in 2019.

    • Hvd

      if you connect you n64 to a 4k tv you get 4k gaming to…lmao

    • WisniaPL

      If TV has 4k upscaling than yes.that’s why upscaled resolution is shit.only native makes a difference.

    • Hvd

      i dont think up scale res is shi* you still can barley tell the difference between up scaled and native on most games today.xbox one has had better looking games up scaled from 900p then the ps4 native 1080p.

      the ps4 andthe ps4 neo wont upscale in 4k hdr gameing but the xbox one s which is even pore powerful then the xbox one will for only $299.

      if you just own a ps4 i would pick up a xbox one s.

      ps a game in 720 or 900p out puts to 1080p which is up scaled and still looks good.

    • WisniaPL

      You can have upscaled 4K gaming even on xbox360.you should read how this works first.the thing is upscaled resolution doesn’t give you more details or better textures.I can turn on PS2 game on 4K TV.turn upscaling to 4k ON and this will be playing in upscaled 4k resolution.it changes nothing.

    • Hvd

      you are talking about just hooking up a console to a 4k tv and playing.4k hdr is different its real 4k up scaled

      heck you can hook up a n64 to a 4k tv and play it ..its not the same thing and sadly people are not to bright and think it is..lol

      unless you have a 4k tv i wouldnt worry about the xbox one s but if you do you can game in 4k(upscaled) until the xbox scorpio launches


  • Hvd

    sony did it first with the ps4 neo.we will no longer have launch titles with these consoles which im fine with ill take 4k native gaming xbox vvs the 1080p ps4 neo.

    remember SONY did this first.

    • Jaxon Holden

      Why is it so important to you that “Sony did this first”

      Sound like a fanboy.

    • Hvd

      because the media is spinning it like xbox did it first im just letting the TRUTH be known.sony started it and xbox scorpio finished it.

    • GotNews4Ya

      Except there is absolutely nothing known about Neo.. Sony can completely change its configuration.. and make the Neo just as good.. Which I EXPECT THEM TOO.. They have had the most powerful console this whole gen.. They aren’t about to stop now.. They also aren’t in a hurry to rush their console out.. They will make the best decision for their company.. Just watch..

    • Hvd

      its to late contracts have been signed production has begun its coming out in oct-sept it to late to change anything.

      the ps4 neo is coiming out under powered and they cant change it and what are you going to do since you expect them to change things and they wont?

      its to late in production for them to change you either deal or get xbox scorpio.im sure where the ps5 launches it will be 4k gaming like xbox scorpio but thats years off.


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