Square Enix DirectX 12 Tech Demo “Witch” Showcases Massive Leap in Polygon Rendering

Renders “six to 12 times more” polygons than DX11.

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Microsoft continues to hype up the power of its next big graphics API DirectX 12. At the Build 2015 conference in San Francisco, Microsoft technical fellow John Shewchuk showcased a Square Enix tech demo called “WITCH – Chapter 0 [cry]” running on DirectX 12. Of course, many will recognize this as Agni’s Philosophy which ran on DirectX 11 not too long ago. Check out the video above.

The demo was running on a quad-SLI Nvidia GeForce Titan X PC set-up. Shewchuk stated that, “The thing that’s really incredible about what you’re seeing is just the density of data that’s involved in this.” Each scene rendered 63 million polygons in real-time, which is “about six to 12 times more than we could do with DX11,” and the demo shows the camera moving in real-time to illustrate that it is not in fact pre-rendered CG.

The textures were 8K by 8K in resolution and “every piece of hair is being rendered as a polygon – this isn’t surface map stuff. I think it’s an incredible example of just how far people are pushing big data.”

DirectX 12 will ship with Windows 10 which is expected to be out this Summer. Stay tuned for more details.

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  • d0x360

    We have been stuck in an odd place since the og Xbox. Ever increasing poly counts were great but to render good models with enough Poly’s meant no left over power to light, shade or texture them. So a workaround was devised and normal maps using pixel shaders were brought to gaming via pc and xbox. Normal mapping used shaders to make a low poly object looks like it was much higher resolution than it was. We still use that trick today because hardware could draw the massive number of polygons needed with effects.

    Dx12 gets us past that hill we have been on for 15 years with a massive boost in draw calls and other tricks. Keep in mind that demo was running on 4 friggen titans and it was scripted so it wasn’t doing AI or a lot of physics or realtime lighting. However it shows potential. It shows where games could be 5 years from now if we continue seeing a new generation of GPU architecture every year on PC.

    We are at a time of evolution. This means great things for movies as well. It will be cheaper to make virtual films of insane quality in real time. Just…don’t expect too much too fast. Games aren’t going to change overnight. We won’t see any meaningful results until 2016. We need engines and games written from day 1 to be based on DX12. No hacked in code and cross compatible nonsense. We MIGHT see that on upper end pc games in 2016. Might. Until then the only benefits will be small visual upgrades, simple things or maybe some slightly better frame rates from older hardware.

    • Mark

      I hear u and agree. I kinda feel people r gasing themselves out, impatient, expecting CGI graphics asap. But, if we just calm down, take in some of the great looking games coming this year (Witcher!), we can have so much fun THIS YEAR. These new APIs are just being released, but it’s good to know we already have great games coming. It’ll take time man.

      This will be my first Witcher, and it looks unbelievable. Not just the lighting thru trees, and the gorgeous shadows, but the combat seems to be twitch based, very fluid. Hopefully there’s minimal controller latency……..Dragon Age has a TON.

  • You Are Flat Out Wrong

    PC’s shaming consoles yet again.

    • Mark

      Lol. I have an Xbox, but that ish is incredible, real time. Would u ACTUALLY BUY 4 DAM CARDS TO RUN THIS THO?!


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