Star Citizen Arena Commander Module Now Available

Now dog-fight to your heart’s content!

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Though it faced a short delay to iron out some bugs, Cloud Imperium Games has announced that the Arena Commander module for its space sim MMO Star Citizen is now available. Backers can head to the Hangar module and simply update it to receive the same.

Arena Commander is the dogfighting module for Star Citizen which we got a sneak peek of at PAX East this year. You can check out the launch trailer for the module to get a better idea of its current state.

The full commercial release of Star Citizen will be out on PC in 2015 and will include an MMO universe for pilots to fly against and with each other across open space. There will also be a single-player campaign called Squadron 42 that looks to embody the spirit of the Wing Commander series. What are your thoughts on the progress of Star Citizen thus far? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Tufao

    The curious thing is that when it is to explain delays, CR and others claimed that they are “releasing the game in modules, but this is the game, that will grow in time and will be always under development”… They also said that people would get something much more above a pre-alpha state, when explaining a new delay, and that they would get a game “akin” of a full game like World of Tanks.

    And finally, after constant new delays and bugs, he started to say again that it is pre-alpha or alpha.

    It sounds to me that Star Citizen always have an excuse ready for everything that they do. And their fans buy that and spread these excuses around the internet.

    Meanwhile, ED is released in Alpha or Beta state, in a great state of fun and quality, no missing deadlines and showing respect to the clients, even getting almost 40 times less money than the CIG team got.

    Now, in who you will trust? In who delivers, or in who tell good tales depending of the occasion and situation, sometimes one tale contradicting the previous tale.


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