Star Citizen Dev: Consoles Couldn’t Handle Star Citizen

Cloud Imperium discusses why their upcoming Star Citizen is PC exclusive.

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Star Citizen is PC exclusive. That’s sort of always been taken for granted, and though there’s been some grumbling about it from the usual console fanboy quarters, no one has ever actually questioned the exclusivity of the upcoming next generation space sim. However, Cloud Imperium’s Eric Peterson tackled the question head on regardless, discussing why the game was not coming to consoles in an interview with Italian game site PC Gaming (translation via Worlds Factory).

“First and foremost, consoles couldn’t possibly handle a game like Star Citizen,” he said. “Chris and I grew up with PC games and in the last few years we had the feeling that PC had been pushed aside, with most games coming out as mere console ports with graphics that didn’t really exploit the power of PC. Gaming PCs right now are formidable, with powerful CPUs and GPUs. Even next generation consoles cannot be compared, their internal components are already older than what I could add to a gaming PC today. We wanted to create a game that showed everyone the capabilities of PC, for those that have fun building configurations with double GPUs and liquid cooling, who no doubt were frustrated to not be able to fully use the potential of their machines.”

So it sounds like a mix of the practical reasons- consoles simply being unable to handle Star Citizen- and the more idealistic- the developers loving PC gaming, and wanting to craft a showpiece for it.

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  • Graeme Willy

    Developers say things like this a lot, and then it’s not uncommon to find them released on consoles. There’s a number of reasons for this. First reason is usually because the developer is taunting the hardware manufacture to give up more locked down console resources, in order to make things possible. Enough developers complained and Sony wound up unlocking an additional 2 or 3 Gigabytes of the system’s reserved memory for gaming. Microsoft did the same. Both console vendors also eventually unlocked an additional processing core that was reserved. Microsoft also unlocked more GPU that was allegedly reserved for Kinect. It’s not uncommon for a hardware vendor to skimp on the hardware in the beginning. The reason they do it is to see what the developers can get out of it, with minimal resources and to really maximize the code and efficiency of said code.
    The second reason a developer hurls these insults is if they have a track record of being PC dominant and proud. An arrogant PC supporter. They eventually get bought by Sony and Microsoft and voila! they’re not talking sh*8 anymore. Sell outs. PC Gung-Ho PC enthusiast and supporters no more. Say what you will about consoles, but when over half of the world is playing them, you can’t choose sides. The money speaks. Like it or not.


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